Industrial/Constrocution/Opertaional Mananager

Last Updated: 20th July 2017 (over 5 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Portuguese, Spanish


DATES: 04-2016 / 02-2017
Production/Operations Manager C.V.Q. Baoding Ltd
(Baoding, P.R. of China)
• Managing all the operations and production ratios at the factory.
• Direct accountability over the managing of 250+ employees.
• Designing and implementation of actions plans to improve productivity and quality.
• Direct managing over the relationships and communications involved with our main clients.
• Overcoming and resolution of the major technical issues upraised in the factory.
Tools and IT environment: MS Project, Office, CRM, Wintel environment.

DATES: 07-2010 / 09-2015
Senior Project Manager AST Modular (Barcelona)
• Accountability and responsibility of all the ongoing t ur n- ke y projects in all aspects.
• Monitoring and controlling the building execution of critical mission Data Centers worldwide.
• Technical management of the ongoing projects, on electrical, mechanical, HVAC and control disciplines.
• Managing the resources, relationships and communication involved.
• Managing the project management team towards the company’s goals.
Tools and IT environment: MS Project, Office, CRM, ERP, MRP, Wintel environment.

DATES: 01-2010 / 07- 2010
Logistics and Technical Manager GTP Museum Solutions (Seville)
• Stock control on all the outsourced equipment to third parties.
• Management of the subcontracted Technical Assistance & and IT department.
• Management of the company’s logistics.
• Technical reporting, searching and evaluation of technical equipment.
• Follow up and control of technical supplies and providers.
• Creation and enforcement of stock control policies along the various area offices
• Technical supplies and goods buyer.
Tools and IT environment: CRM, ERP, MRP, SAP, PHP, mySQL, Wintel environment.

DATES: 06-2008 / 10-2009
Project Engineer A+ LGAI
• EMC & RF testing, analysis of results and technical reporting.
• R&D in internal and customer’s projects.
• Evaluation and certification of compliance with directives CENELEC, EN/UNE & ETSI.
• Business development and management assistance on Intelligent Transport Systems.
Tools and IT environment: SAP, CRM, ERP, Wintel environment, el ectrical measuring equipment, electrical wave
generators, power amplifiers and logo periodic antennas.

DATES: 06-2006 / 08-2007
EMC/EMI Engineer Intel Corporation (Swindon,
• EMC / EMI engineering and consultancy (Electromagnetic Compatibility / Electromagnetic Interference).
• R&D towards resolution of technical incidents within EMEA.
• Project development f or the implementation a n d integration of new technologies wi t hi n our business
partners designs.
Tools and IT environment: CRM, SAP, Wintel environment, electrical measuring equipment, electrical
generators, power amplifiers and logo periodic antennas.
DATES: 05-2004 / 02-2008
Technical Support and Maintenance Assistant Westminster City Council (London, UK)
• Technical maintenance of the libraries facilities.
• Incident resolution and technical reporting.
• Technical support to the maintenance of the IT and communication systems.
Tools and IT environment: Wintel environment, Linux, Putty, SShell, Scripting, Ethernet, LAN y

DATES: 09-2002 / 05-2004
Spanish and Portuguese tutor (Part Time) Talk Languages Ltd (London,
• Creation of study plans for tutees.
• Tutoring to groups and individuals.