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Last Updated: 3rd June 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United States


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Age Range
55 to 64

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I would approximate my years of experience as follows:
· 8 - years Oil & Gas (refining)
· 5 - years Food & Beverage (production, storage, packaging)
· 8 - years Power & Energy (power generation)
· 1 - years Alternative Power (biofuels refining)
· 3 - years Metallurgical (furnace & hydrometallurgical)
· 3 - years Pharmaceutical (chemical refining)
· 2 - years Government (NASA/Tinker AFB)
· 2 - years Information Technology (management of application development)
· 1 - year Strategic Planning Development (process improvement all departments)
· 3 - years Real Estate (broker)


Hatch Ltd.
Senior Planner

   Aug 2010
— Current

Oil & Gas (refining):
Aromatics & Isometrics Units at SOHIO Refinery in Lima, OH
Turnaround & Maintenance assignment at TOSCO Bayway Refinery in Newark, NJ
Merox Units at BP Oil Refinery in Louisiana
Turnaround & Maintenance support to Exxon, Conoco, and KOCH Industries  Holly Refinery - Distillate Hydrotreater
Holly Refinery - Mild Gas Oil Hydrotreater

Power & Energy (power generation):
Texas Municipal Power Agency 400MW Lignite-Fired Steam Generation Plant  Texas Municipal Power Agency Material Handling Conveyors & Unloading Syst
Xstrata/Glencore’s Koniambo Nickel Metallurgical Facilities in New Caledonia (4+Billion USD) including 2 CFB Power Stations, 2 CTG Stations & 2 EDG Stations
Scrubber Units for Virginia Power at Mt. Storm, WV
Cogeneration Plant at John F Kennedy Airport

Alternative Power (biofuels refining):
Lake Erie Biofuels Facility in Lake Erie, PA

Metallurgical (furnace & hydrometallurgical):
Aleris’ Aluminum Roll Facility in Lewisport Kentucky
Constellium’s Aluminum Roll Facility in Muscle Shoals Alabama
Anglo American’s Barro Alto Nickel Metallurgical Facility in Goianesia Brazil  Vale’s Nickel Hydrometallurgical Processing Facility in Newfoundland Canada  Polyus Gold’s Processing Facility northwest of Magadan Russia

Pharmaceutical (chemical refining):
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process Upgrades at Merck’s Georgia Facility  Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process Upgrades at Merck’s New Jersey Facility Grassroots 2nd generation bulk antibiotic process at Merck in Danville, PA

Food & Beverage (production, storage, packaging):
Brewery Modernization and Expansion phases at Anheuser-Busch in Newark, NJ Manufacturing Facility at Ambrosia Chocolate in Milwaukee, WI
Beverage Mixing and Packaging Facility at Ocean Spray in Hendersonville, NV

Indoor Firing Range Facilities for the FBI at Quantico
NASA (DOD) Vibro-Acoustics Testing Center for the Aries Program
Tinker AFB Consolidated Fuels Facility (with the COE)
Military Family Housing (multiple base locations)

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