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Bob Champ is a highly motivated HR / Welfare / Recruitment / Administration Manager with more than 30 years' substantive experience in recruitment and personnel administration of mega projects for the international engineering, construction and operating industries including various oil & gas (onshore / offshore), petrochemicals, refining, associated infrastructure, energy, marine, mining, building, structural & heavy civils and more. Accomplished in 360 Recruitment Cycle process including candidate generation, networking, sourcing, screening, qualifying and closing candidates, coordinating interviews and follow up as well as salary negotiation, mobilization, induction and orientation. Remains calm under pressure and builds trust with HR staff, proponents and hiring managers at all levels.
• SAUDI ARAMCO's Offshore Maintain Potential (OMP) and General Engineering Services (GES+) design programs, Wood Group Mustang (2015-2017)
• SATORP (SAUDI ARAMCO TOTAL Refining & Petrochemical Co.) 400,000 BPD including manning of 126-man strong Maintenance team (2010-2015)
• MA’ADEN Phosphate Mining Project, Worley Parsons Arabia Limited (2006-2010)
• SAUDI ARAMCO's Offshore Maintain Potential (OMP) & General Engineering Services (GES+) design programs, WorleyParsons Arabia Limited (2006-2010)
• Middle East Oil Refinery (MIDOR), Alexandria - 100,000 BPD, Foster Wheeler (2001-02)
• SAUDI ARAMCO's Southern Area Oil & Gas Projects (Design + Construction) (1991–1993)


UPITN - United Press International Independent Television News - London and Frankfurt
Apprenticeship in Television Journalism

New College, Durham
OCR CLAIT, OCR IBT2, City & Guilds IT Units

Jul 2000


RG Recruit, Southend-on-Sea, UK
International Recruitment Business Consultant (self-employed)

   Sep 2018
— Current

Successfully providing exclusive recruitment services to major oil services, operating, consulting and engineering firms across MENA including Libya and Saudi Arabia.

Jabel Oil Services (JOS) / Shahat Oil Services (SOS) - Tripoli, Libya
Consultant HR/Recruitment

   Dec 2017
— Aug 2018

JOS was established in 1986 and is currently the leading and largest privately-owned Libyan company serving the Oil & Gas sector delivering Engineering, Construction, Maintenance and Technical Manpower Services.
• Headhunted directly from Saudi Arabia to urgently drive the company's diverse specialist senior level recruitment for leading operating companies and consulting firms including Engineering Design, Project Management, Exploration & Geological, HSE & Environmental, Fire Crew, Divers & Marine Crew, multi-discipline field technicians, etc.
• Resolved day to day operating issues and provided professional advice on proper HR policies and procedures.

Wood Group Mustang, Al-Khobar, KSA
Recruitment Manager

   Mar 2015
— Jul 2017

• Led the company's critical recruitment for vital Saudi Aramco's Offshore Maintain Potential Program (OMPP, newly awarded) and General Engineering Services (GES+) contracts plus several construction management projects across the Kingdom.
• Successfully managed the aggressive source, selection and mobilization of over 300 engineering design and technical staff through numerous recruiting resources from many countries, but mostly UK, Western Europe, Canada, USA, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines.
• Encouraged my team to recruit Saudi nationals as much as possible.
• Drove global mobilization process as the recruitment for both campaigns peaked, motivating the Mobility and Travel Specialists.
• Managed team of six multi-national staff including three senior recruiters.

SATORP (SAUDI ARAMCO TOTAL Refining & Petrochemical Company), Jubail & Al-Khobar, KSA
General Superintendent (Recruitment)

   Jul 2010
— Feb 2015

(Contract position via SRACO and GEGC)

SATORP is a world-class 400,000 BPD refinery which started operation in 2013. The $ 9.6 BN environmentally friendly Jubail Export Refinery is one of the most complex refineries in the world producing a high proportion of white products such as diesel, gasoline, LPG, petrochemicals, and jet fuels from heavy crude oil.
• Led global recruitment of Corporate (regular) staff for Maintenance, Finance and ICT as well as Operations, T&O, MSPD, HR, Training and other departments as required.
• Responsible for complete recruitment cycle from source and selection through mobilization, induction and orientation.
• Prepared regular recruitment workshops in India, Malaysia, Colombia, Venezuela, UK, Romania, Spain, Aruba, US Virgin Islands and USA.
• Participated in critical recruiting workshop in Malaysia for ICT, Operations and T&O Inspection.
• Participated in numerous KFUPM career days and other local recruitment workshops.
• Significantly achieved almost 100% manning of 126-man Maintenance department, which was commended by senior management.
• Sole author of SATORP's first “New Arrival Information & Guide”, a 24-page information booklet for new employees, which was highly commended by senior management.

Worley Parsons Arabia Limited (WPAL), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Corporate HR / Welfare / Administration Manager (3 years 8 months)

   Nov 2006
— Jun 2010

Administration Manager, Ma'aden Phosphate Project, Al-Jalamid (Mine Site), Northern Region (July 2009 – June 2010)
• Urgently assigned to this remote desert site to rapidly improve management of site offices and 100-man camp (accommodation, catering, clinic, recreation, maintenance and local procurement) for WP employees, Ma'aden staff and visitors.
• Efficiently and effectively managed site transportation and logistics for three regional airports, Saudi-Jordan cross-border travel, mandatory police-security escorts and WP's Amman apartment.
• Responsible for visas, rotational leaves, travel bookings, timesheets, expense reports, petty cash, payroll queries and much more.
• Prepared weekly construction MOM's for all contractors when required.

HR/Welfare Manager, Ma'aden Phosphate Project, Al-Khobar (June 2008 – July 2009)
• Duties and responsibilities essentially as for Corporate HR/Welfare Manager position below, but in project environment reporting directly to the Project Director and Corporate HR Manager.

Recruitment Manager, Manila, Philippines (Temporary) (April 2008 – June 2008)
• Dispatched by Country Director to urgently drive Company's recruiting activities in the Philippines, working closely with Company's approved agent and WP's Manila office.

Corporate HR/Welfare Manager, Head Office, Al-Khobar (Nov. 2006 – April 2008)
• Appointed by Country Director to rapidly improve critical welfare issues for the key Ma'aden Phosphate contract and to develop and motivate the HR team.
• Successfully managed critical welfare issues for 1200 plus multi-national staff including recruitment, employment contracts, visa allocation, mobilization processing, travel briefings, induction & orientation, accommodation, transportation, payroll issues, medical, schooling, etc.
• Managed urgent recruitment for Ma'aden Phosphate Project and Saudi Aramco's GES (onshore) and MPP (offshore) programs as required.
• Coordinated staff overseas assignments (China, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Spain) and business trips as and when required.
• Nominated to represent the company during several life-threatening staff medical emergencies, travelling to Australia, Philippines and UK.
• Instrumental in setting up company's first effective Accountability Register, which was highly commended by Risk & R3 Director - AME.
• Active member of the R3 Emergency Response team.

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