Senior Executive Growth and Turnaround Leader

Last Updated: 20th August 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United States


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Age Range
45 to 54

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Multi-faceted, internationally focused, Top Executive experienced in delivering rapid, sustained, and measurable growth fueled from objective performance, organizational development, organic initiatives, turn-around success, KPI development, and process improvement. An experienced Naval Academy trained leader, adept at leading teams through uncertainty and high stress to achieve superior performance by formulating strategy, ensuring organizational alignment, and driving efficient tactical execution. Highlighted by…
● Increased inventory profitability >20% by executing a procurement strategy improving gross margin >8%, vendor rebates > 35% (2009-2014, doubling performance in 2013 and 2014), and aging/discounts >1%
● Improved inventory performance by increasing turns by 1.9, raising service levels to >99.3%, reducing dead stock from >25% of inventory to


Naval Post Graduate School

   Jan 2002
— Mar 2004

Financial Management/Information Technology Management

Naval Postgraduate School
Master of Arts

   Oct 2001
— Mar 2004

National Security and Strategic Studies

U.S. Naval Academy

   Jul 1993
— May 1997

Economics, Japanese (Minor)


EBSCO Industries
Group President

   Oct 2016
— May 2018

President of manufacturing companies (>$160MM) within the EBSCO portfolio. Leading a full spectrum of manufacturing organizations producing products including high tech, software managed LED sign solutions, information packaging and presentation solutions, retail and CPG merchandising solutions, and steel joist/deck solutions for commercial construction projects.

● Focused on implementing Lean Processes in all manufacturing, sales, and customer service resulting improving EBITDA 200% over mid-year forecast
● Implementing salesforce effectiveness plan improving GM by 12% in 8 months through revised compensation structure, pricing strategy, and sales operations improvement
● Redesigned lean manufacturing processes improving throughput by more than 110% and reducing FTEs by 15% while improving quality, reducing raw material scrap, and raising on-time shipments 14%
● Manage customer relationships, manufacturing/design capability, and sourcing partnerships internationally (China, India, and Mexico) resulting in average cost reduction of 11% on raw materials, sale of over $700k of idle capital assets, and creation of joint partnership to leverage Amazon ecommerce channel
● Authored, championed, and implemented the company’s rotational leadership development program.

Ram Tool & Supply Co
Chief Operating Officer

   Oct 2008
— Sep 2016

Recruited to lead the supply chain through periods of economic uncertainty, organizational redefinition, rapid expansion, and process/systems development achieving consistent profitability and growth for a $300+ million national distributor. Charged with responsibility for the supply chain and operational functions across 35 businesses in 12 states.

● Grew EBITDA >25% per year between 2009-2015
● Designed and implemented processes resulting in ability to Receive, Fill, Deliver, and Bill orders within 4 hours at >90% rate – Best in Industry
● Managed an annual procurement spend over of over $120 million
● Standardized operations using Lean Distribution and 5S reducing operating expenses by 4%
● Reorganized supply chain organization reducing workforce 15% while maintaining profitability during 2009-2011 recession despite 40% revenue decrease
● Executive Safety Manager responsible for all OSHA and DOT compliance and programs resulting in reduction of BASICS scores as well as back to back DOT and OSHA audits with 0 discrepancies

Stryker Communications
Director, Integration Services

   Aug 2007
— Sep 2008

Reorganized the department across a national footprint which resulted in improved customer service, on time/budget project management, and robust service capability. Revised engineering sales support to improve delivery of customer value through translation of customer needs to product offering.

● Managed a $185 million budget across seven (7) P&Ls
● Merged two businesses with diverse product offerings adding >$30 million in revenue
● Reorganized department into regional structure improving local market performance and revenue growth >20% year over year
● Developed Service Product Offering carve out of traditional service support element
● Reduced operational cost lines 20% below same year budgeted amount

Lockheed Martin, Sippican
Senior Staff Business Development

   Mar 2006
— Aug 2007

Championed domestic and international business capture initiatives through effective partnering, customer management, marketing initiatives, and sales execution. Left to address family needs.

● Led business capture efforts resulting in the pursuit of over $86 million in new business
● Authored and implemented a market strategy with the goal of achieving 20% growth
● Established customer relationships and influenced program requirements resulting in the award of a program worth $173 million domestically
● Through both business development and joint venture partnering worked with international partners on solutions development in several theaters (South Korea, Pakistan, United Kingdom, France, Japan)

General Electric Supply
Six Sigma Blackbelt

   Dec 2004
— Mar 2006

Drove out waste and improved efficiency by leading cross-functional teams as an expert in the Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing/Distribution discipline.

● Trained GE Supply teams on Lean Distribution practices
● Executed 3 action work-outs resulting in between 25% and 300% increase in efficiencies
● Led a $850k truck routing optimization project with over $1.8 million in first year savings
● Taught Six Sigma Green Belt curriculum across then GE Consumer and Industrial footprint

U.S. Navy
Lieutenant, Submarine Officer

   Jul 1991
— Feb 2005

Fast track leader consistently tasked with the most difficult tactical and operational challenges.

● Consistently ranked the top performing officer amongst peers
● Served as quality assurance and diving officer responsible for critical ship maintenance; Ensured > 99% plant uptime during critical operations
● Collected key intelligence information to develop tactics/operational plans based on competitive analysis
● Qualified by DOE as Nuclear Engineering Officer, responsible for operation and maintenance of nuclear reactor plant, propulsion systems, and auxiliary systems
● Completed submarine qualifications in 9 months compared to an average of 18 months
● Managed several safety and quality programs such as HAZMAT, Radiological Controls, OSHA equivalent workplace safety, and DOE Nuclear regulatory compliance
● Operated in the Pacific theater engaging in several joint operations and Japan based missions

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