Drama Teacher/ Theatre-Maker/ Acting Trainer

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level



I started her early career in theatre since 2007. After holding her higher studies diploma in theatre studies from the Lebanese University in 2009, and from a need of developing a common theatrical research, participating in an earmarked collective for condensed efforts outcomes. She co-founded Minwal Theatre Company in 2014. She develops the theatre training programs addressed to actors and non-actors. Her artistic practice is based on the role of the performer in creating a dynamic vocal and physical language that simulates contemporary artistic language. She presented her work in Beirut, Egypt, Tunisia, Uganda, Rwanda and Italy.


MINWAL Theatre Company
Acting and Drama Trainer/ Facilitator

   Dec 2016
— Jan 2020

The training programs in MINWAL attempts to shape the theatrical capabilities of youth groups residing in and near Saida, Lebanon. The program works on opening artistic doors that activate the role of youth in society while defending their right of access to culture. The program also contributes to the development of the participants’ performance skills through active participation in a cultural activity that is seldom available within their geographic environment.

War Child Holland
Psycho-social Trainer

   Aug 2016
— Apr 2017

Trainer of Trainers for local communities in Beirut and the surroundings.
I was in charge to Mentor, Monitoring, evaluation, and assessing when needed.

Makased- Houssam El Dine Al Hariri- HHHS
PYP Drama Teacher

   Sep 2011
— Oct 2015

Being a PYP Drama Teacher at Makased- Houssam El Dine Al Hariri (World IB school) for 5 years gave me an enhancement on how we can reinforce culture through creative exploration and expression, personal and social development, reflection, appreciation of drama in the society. In addition, to my expertise of planning and committing to teaching process for primary education, I was involved in HHHS in the process of exhibition proposing different themes and introducing different performing arts for the learners themselves and implement them. Besides, I designed a workshop "Arts Integration" that goes beyond including art projects in class; it is a teaching strategy that seamlessly merges arts standards with curricula to build connections and provide engaging context where teachers teach the content through art concepts. Students engage in learning experience from a painting, non-verbal expression, music or any kind of arts that make them improve comprehensively and long-term learners. Such experiences also encourages healthy risk taking, helps kids recognize new skills in themselves and others, provides a way to differentiate instruction, builds collaboration among both students and teachers and draws connections with parents and the community.

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