Principal Consultant (Green Energy and Control Systems)

Last Updated: 17th May 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Bangkok, Thailand


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Thai


Technically very experienced with; PLC, SCADA, DCS, electrical and industrial engineering in control systems & instrumentation; CS&I; the design, installation and commissioning of industrial factories in production of wood products (MDF, Particle Board, furniture, saw mills), agricultural (rice, palm oil, sugar cane), food & beverages (beer, snacks, soft drinks, instant coffee) and industrial waste (RDF/SRF, toxic waste, municipal).

In management, very experience in; international business development; lead a control systems and instrumentation department (CS&I); joint venture and license agreement negotiations, setup and operations; regional office management.


Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Bacheor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications)

   Jan 1988
— Jun 1992


TTT Expats
PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT (Industrial Systems and Green Energy)

   Nov 2015
— Current

• Business development in automation, PLC, SCADA, DCS, control systems and Industry 4.0.
• Problem solving with CEO, business owners and employees of over 10 private and publicly listed companies in a few key roles;
     ◦ Evaluate and implement cost-effective upgrade and redundancy solutions to automation and controls systems in factories that can lead up to 95% cost savings from traditional solutions.
     ◦ Developing through leadership new market opportunities for companies accessing new countries in SE Asia, through a joint venture structures and cooperation.
     ◦ Creative solutions for clients by inspecting, advising and implementing solutions on their industrial machinery issues and on-going problems.

Vyncke NV

   Jan 2010
— Oct 2015

• Bringing global perspective to the monthly corporate meetings with the Chief Officers (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.) at head office focused on the overall strategy and management of the corporate goals.
• Executing and/or advising on solutions to a range of current problems and topics related to the corporate management of the company.

Vyncke NV

   Feb 2008
— Oct 2015

• Lead the international section of the setup, launch and initial growth of the Belgian/Indian joint venture in India in the renewable energy from biomass waste market.
     ◦ Beat the 5th year operating target by more than 10% by achieving order entry of 11M USD / year.
     ◦ Within the first 8 years of operations, we sold 76 projects totaling over 60 million USD
     ◦ Successfully sold to blue-chip companies; Pepsico, Coca Cola, Unilever, Carlsberg and BASF.
• Create and developing business and technologically successful Joint Ventures aimed at promoting and expanding the company’s market penetration in key geographical locations.
     ◦ Provide the foundation for the growth of the Thailand license business by double digits through 2007 (before taking global role) to 2009 and then support the retooling and refocus the business development for larger power plant projects after the Great Depression.
     ◦ Nurture the positive, dynamic environments between the Joint Venture companies and their employees in both technical and business related matters for the success of the joint ventures.
• Successfully renegotiate new license agreement in Thailand to replace original 10 year agreement.

Vyncke NV

   Jan 2007
— Oct 2015

• Execute projects in Thailand with the local project managers, ensuring budget targets are met and personally solving the complex problems;
     ◦ 45 MWth / 12 MWe Biomass power plant in Surat Thani (6 mill EUR)
     ◦ 55 MWth Biomass industrial plant for MDF industry in Rayong (2.5 mill EUR)
     ◦ 55 MWth Biomass industrial plant for MDF industry in Surat Thani (2.5 mill EUR)
     ◦ 43 MWth / 10 MWe Biomass power plant in Ayutthaya (3 mill EUR)
• Develop the regional workforce in coordination with the country managers in China and Malaysia.
• General Management of the regional office in Thailand incl. accounting, HR, legal and company.


   Jan 2002
— Dec 2006

• Achieve all management and technical project targets while based at the project sites around the world by closing within budget, on schedule and with enthusiastic satisfied clients.
• Won key contracts and successfully completed 6 advanced R&D projects in biomass to renewable energy;
     ◦ Solve all technical problems
     ◦ Maintain high client confidence in the company’s abilities
     ◦ Success in projects located in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and China.
• Lead the projects for installation, commissioning and hand over of over 10 industrial biomass based renewable energy projects through client management, site supervision, problem solving, project planning, erection and commissioning. Some key projects;
     ◦ 2003 – Commissioning of the biomass to energy plant supplying energy to the largest MDF plant in the world at the time. 59 MWth MDF industrial multimedia plant in China.
     ◦ 2004 – Erection and Commissioning of a 17 MWth coal-fired Cogen plant in Thailand.
     ◦ 2005 – Erection and Commissioning of a 30 MWth Cogen plant in Thailand
     ◦ 2006 – Erection and Commissioning of a 45 MWth MDF industrial multimedia plant in Brazil.
• Successfully complete projects in 9 countries around the world; China, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia (East and West), Thailand, Singapore, Belgium, UK and Germany.
• Lead the design, development and launch of a new IT online Content Management System (CMS) system for a company allowing employees to access and share confidential data globally.

Vyncke NV

   Jan 1999
— Dec 2001

• Slashed the development, programming and deployment project time of the control systems, PLC and SCADA (CS&I) by 70% through standardisation and modularisation of the system and renegotiations with manufacturing supply chains.
     ◦ Kick-on effect lead to 80% reduction in problems or modifications at site during commissioning.
     ◦ Same standards are still used today in the CS&I department at my former company.
     ◦ Created ISO compliant quality control testing procedures before shipment.
• Reduced product failure rates by over 50% through development of a quality controlling testing facility and implementing industry standard testing procedures (in preparation for the company ISO 9001 application).
• Managed 10 engineering personnel in 3 countries for the complete automation requirements for all projects globally.
• Managed all suppliers and subcontractors related to controls and automation.

Vyncke NV

   May 1997
— Dec 1998

• Created and built up the local electrical department for Asia
• Successfully managed site installation and commissioning of the Industrial systems to be delivered on schedule and in budget, while maintaining good client relationships.

BSC Engineering

   Jan 1995
— Dec 1996

• Created and manage the electrical department for the elevator installation and service company.
• Successfully implemented the first in-house standardised PLC program and multi-elevator logic control systems for the buildings up to 45 stories high.
• Handle all aspects of R&D, design, programming, installation and commissioning with a team.

BSC Engineering

   Jan 1993
— Dec 1994

• Successfully installed and commissioned the automatic baggage conveyor systems for the Malaysian International Airport at Subang.
• Install, commissioned and/or serviced over 60 elevators (over full period of 1992 – 1996) in Malaysia and Indonesia from 2 stories to 45 stories, working with home-grown, German, Italian and/or Australian technologies.
• Lead the R&D testing teams to work in partnership with a German supplier on the revolutionary new frequency converter driven AC elevator motors to replace the expensive DC motors.

Curraweena Software

   Jul 1992
— Dec 1992

• Design and upgrade the communication protocols between German machinery to the LAN system.
• Developed an advanced database system to be located at each optometrist shop for the automated ordering system through modem direct to the glass manufacturer plant. Working with Clipper v5.1.

Telecom Australia Pty. Ltd.

   Jan 1990
— May 1992

• Design and ordering of upgrade capacity at the telecommunication exchanges
• Design and upgrade backup battery capacity at telecommunication exchanges
• Database design for automated collection and processing of telephone usage data