Instrumentation and Control - Plant Maintenance / Project Construction and Commissioning

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Filipino, Malay


A skilled Instrumentation and Control Specialist with 22 years of working experience in the following:
• Plant maintenance, Projects Construction and Commissioning, Plant Start-up, Shutdown and Turnarounds.
• Industrial plant exposure includes Oil & Gas, Offshore facility, Power & Energy, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical, Steel, Water Treatment, workshop.
• Equipment exposure includes Boilers, BFP, Steam Turbine/Generator, Electro Hydraulic Control (EHC)system, Turbine Governor Valves, Material Handling System, Pneumatic system, Air Compressors, UPM and Drilling Platform.
• Handled a position as I&C Technician, Supervisor, Engineer, Foreman, QC inspector /coordinator, Quantity surveyor, Calibration Laboratory Signatory, and deputy to department head.
• Use of specialised tools and test equipment e.g. calibration equipment and system software( BEAMEX) ,Hand Held tools for calibrations, vibration test equipment , electronic tools , CMMS software, SAP system , DCS , PLC.


Adamson University
BS Computer Engineering

   Jun 1987
— Oct 1992


ExxonMobil Development Company -supplied by Airswift KITCO
Instrument Commissioning Technician

   Jan 2016
— Jun 2016

HEBRON Topside Project - Utility and Production Module
HHI Offshore Yard, Ulsan South Korea

-Carried out Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.
-Prepared instrument documentations (e.g. Check sheets, construction drawings, ILD, P&IDs, IDLAY, IGQ) prior to loop checking.
-Carried out loop checks and functional testing of UPM field instruments (e.g. transmitters, control valves, shutdown valves, etc. )
-Carried out loop checks and functional testing of Fire and Gas system (e.g. flame detector, smoke and heat detector, deluge valves, annunciator, fire water system, manual call point, beacon, etc.)
-Carried out troubleshooting, repair and or calibration of faulty instruments found during loop test.
-Participated in Static and Dynamic testing with other disciplines, based on method statement procedures.

STEAG State Power Inc.
Instrumentation and Control Foreman

   Sep 2005
— Jan 2016

235 MW coal fired power plant
Plant Maintenance ( I&C Department)

•Directed and supervised the maintenance activities of eight (8) instrument technicians assigned all over the power plant facilities.
•Deputy to the I&C department head.
•Provided engineering back-up on various maintenance issues to achieve high efficiency and reliability of the power plant.
•Carried out troubleshooting of plant operation upset and participated in failure analysis of critical control systems and recommends corrective actions etc.
•Composed preventive maintenance procedures for control systems and instrumentations.
•Planned schedule major and minor plant shutdown maintenance programs and ensured that activities are carried out within the scheduled timeframe.
•Prepared procurements using SAP system for spare parts and consumables require for major repairs or replacement .
•Conducted in house training for new hired , OJTs, cadets for competency and personal development.
•Enforced implementation of Company Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE MS) and also promote awareness of its use among all personnel.
•Provided and compiled input for preparation of division/department Capital and Operating Budgets and monitor annual expenditure budgets.

Perwaja Steel Sdn.Bhd. /Perwaja fabrication center and Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (PfcE) /Perwaja Calibration Laboratory
Instrument Engineer

   May 2000
— Jul 2005

Perwaja fabrication center and Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (PfcE) - EPC
Perwaja Steel Sdn.Bhd. – Steel Making Plant
Perwaja Calibration Laboratory
Kawasan Perindustrian ,Telok Kalong, Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia

Project reference:

Work Scope: Commissioning
OLEFINS Plant Project under SAMSUNG Engineering
Kerteh, Terengganu, Malaysia

Work Scope: Valve overhauling and Calibration during plant shutdown
Kerteh, Terengganu, Malaysia

Work Scope: Valve Overhauling, Press. Gauge Servicing, Calibration
Kerteh, Terengganu, Malaysia

Work Scope: Turnaround /Shutdown activities, vibration sensor verification of Gas
Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

• Worked together with local engineers to ensure continuous operation of the steel plant reducing downtime and operation cost.
• Diagnosed and identified occurring operational problems of the equipment in the plant and recommends remedial measures, corrective actions and changes to increase reliability and efficiency .
• Developed scope of work for major overhauls of Instrument control systems & work service orders, coordinate implementation with other discipline.
• Developed quality manual for the company’s contracted external projects. Designated as QC coordinator of external projects.
• Developed calibration procedures and instructions manuals for the company’s goal to create an accredited 17025 calibration laboratory by Malaysian Government Metrology (SAMM). Designated as a lead signatory.
• Designated as project supervisor, TA, and QC coordinator for contracted projects.

Al-Yusr Townsend Bottom Company LTD. (AYTB CO. LTD)
• Instrument Technician (leadman)

   Aug 1998
— Aug 1999

Project Reference:

Scope of Work: Construction of eight unit Ethane Cracking Furnace under TECHNIP-Benelux
Instrument Installation, Calibration, Testing and Commissioning

Scope of Work: Instrument Installation, Calibration, Testing and Commissioning
Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Lead technician for instrument cable installation, instrument installation, cable checking, signal cable terminations, instrument calibration, valve calibration.
• Coordinated with client QC inspector during workmanship inspection and pre-commissioning of instruments.
• Designated to lead in loop checking and commissioning works from instruments to DCS (Honeywell).
• Conducted Loop checks, Function checks , Logic checks, Static and Dynamic Testing, and Cause and Effect Testing of ESD instruments, Fire and Gas Devices, and Process instruments
• Prepared commissioning check sheets.
• Assisted vendors during installation of their instruments and equipment.

PICOP RESOURCES INCORPORATED – Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
Instrument Technician (DCS-QCS Technician)

   Apr 1994
— Aug 1998

• Carry out skilled instrumentation fault finding, diagnosis and defect repair. Interprets logic diagrams to locate and rectify faults. Overhauls various pneumatic and electronic instruments such as transmitters, sensors, controllers and control valves.
• Carry out the routine, predictive and preventive maintenance checks on instrumentation and associated systems in any area of the assigned plant. Includes checking for leakages on impulse lines, cleaning transmitters, checking for malfunctions, cleaning motor meters, checking electronic control systems, testing equipment, changing fuses and lamps on control panels and carrying out visual checks on field instruments for damage or malfunctions. Checks control loop and package unit control systems.
• Performed regular routine inspection of all instruments in assigned area. Carries out maintenance and repair work and strips, cleans, checks and recalibrates instrument, as assigned by the supervisor, during shutdowns.
• Trained for ABB DCS and lead in the upgrading of secondary fiber plant control system from stand-alone controllers to DCS control.
• Involved in the upgrading of paper mill machine control from stand-alone controller to Yokogawa uXL DCS control.

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