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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level



An effective classroom practitioner with the required behavioural management skills and personal commitment needed to ensure that all students succeed and fulfil their academic potential. Renette is very passionate about making a real difference to young people’s lives through teaching. She can bring high-level skills to the table and genuinely strives to satisfy each and every pupil’s unique learning requirements. Furthermore, she possesses experience of working in diverse academic settings and of developing lessons for a wide range of students. Always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden her knowledge and experience, she is confident, passionate and enthusiastic about working with children. Renette, who is very much a team player, is currently looking for a challenging teaching role that is only limited by the candidates drive and ambition.


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
BSc. Biological Sciences

   Aug 2009
— Jun 2013


Merton International School
TEACHER (Numeracy, Science and History) - KS2

   Feb 2016
— Aug 2018

Responsible for fostering a healthy learning atmosphere where pupils have the opportunity to fulfil their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical and psychological growth. Also creating a vibrant and distinctive culture for young people to learn in, one which meets both internal and external quality standards.
 Encouraging students to observe, question, discover and investigate in order to engage them in their learning.
 Working hard to build strong partnerships between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.
 Recognizing and nurturing the creative potential of each pupil.
 Helping students to develop their creativity and intellect at a pace suited to their personalities and abilities.
 Maintaining pupil discipline with regard to punctuality, behaviour, standards of work and independent learning.
 Marking and grading every student’s work to give them back written, verbal and diagnostic feedback.
 Ensuring that teaching equipment & learning materials are clean, looked after, well maintained and safe at all times.
 Identifying, selecting and modifying instructional resources to meet the needs of pupils.
 Observing, evaluating and reporting every pupils' academic performance (in terms of subject strengths and areas of development), progress, behaviour, and social development.
 Providing guidance and advice to pupils on educational and social matters.
 Participating in workshops, committees and conferences for providing intellectual growth of pupils.
 Updating records of and reports of the personal and social needs of pupils.
 Participating fully in school assemblies and events.

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