Hydrocarbon Accounting Specialist

Last Updated: 18th December 2019 (over 2 years ago)



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25 to 34

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Hydrocarbon Accounting Specialist with experience in deploying fit for purpose Hydrocarbon allocation
solutions. Delivering hydrocarbon allocation training courses to engineers in oil and gas producing firms.
Located currently in Nigeria, but past experience includes a professional development period with Adept
Solutions in Aberdeen, UK and an internship with Schlumberger Nigeria. Exceptional attention to detail,
results-driven and hard working. Extremely analytical, dynamic, motivated, adaptable, self-sufficient
individual who is also a great team player.


Covenant University Ota. Ogun State, Nigeria
B.Sc Electrical and Electronics Engineering

   Sep 2005
— Jul 2010


Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited (HEOSL)
Hydrocarbon Accounting Coordinator / Production Data Advisor

   Jun 2019
— Current

Responsible for company’s production accounting models, allocation strategy, and reconciliation of sales hydrocarbon volume with gross produces hydrocarbon volume. Provide technical support on hydrocarbon allocation, production data management tool.
Routine Tasks
 Data Validation
 Ensure integrity of production data acquisition, validation, storage, proper management, and access control of production technical data
 Checks and validates metering allocations
 Provides QA/QC for all production operations data uploaded into production accounting database.
 Leading daily and monthly allocation runs by being responsible for hydrocarbon volumetric accounting (reconciliation calculation and allocation to wells and reservoirs).
 Reporting
 Ensure integrity and quality of production data management tool reports prior to distributions
 Carries out designs/preparation of special reports based on request
 Review and validates production data reporting
 Generate reports to meet the stakeholders, regulatory bodies, joint venture partners requirements.
 Support
 Provides all the fields with first level technical support on the Production data management / Hydrocarbon accounting tool
 Ensures regular communications with the field locations for technical support and feedbacks
 Training
 Ensures integration of new members of staff and familiarity with the Hydrocarbon accounting tool
 Carries out hands-on training on any new version of tool to both the office and the field staff
 Coordination of internal training on Axis Hydrocarbon accounting tool processes and ensuring knowledge transfer across stakeholders.
 Software support
 Ensures that all facilities (production facilities and wells) data are created and captured in the production database and reporting
 Custodian of the hydrocarbon accounting software / Production management tool
 Reconfigures the existing hydrocarbon accounting tool to meet facilities configuration
 Responsible for follow ups and closure of all production allocation tool action items
 Data surveillance
 Ensures well monitoring on the production data management tool – Axis HCA
 Monitoring meter issues for overall production / well testing and gas / water balance / reconciliation factors.
 Review weekly / monthly deferment data (deferment code & duration), reconciliation factor, maximum rate of produced water & weekly data quality checks and produce monthly reports, water and gas balances.
 Ensure that well parameters, i.e. flowline pressures are maintained and updated in the production database
 Track actual production performance versus production target also production deferments
 Data analysis
 Develop company sales volume validation framework and test model quality with real data
 Develop processes and tools to monitor and analyse production model performance and data accuracy
 Analyse measurement and historical data using Power BI to create different data analysis screen
 Allocation methodologies monitoring
 Reviews P&IDs to maintain the integrity of allocation calculations
 Review the commercial/operating agreements (Crude Handling Agreements and Crude Transporting Agreements) between HEOSL and 3rd party injectors to ensure all company and regulatory requirements related to production allocation are completely met.
 Develops complex calculations, methodologies for production allocation.
 Regularly engage internal and external stakeholders to continuously review the allocation processes.
 Liaise with operations to identify showstoppers and safely optimizes production performance.
 Work with stakeholders in technical and commercial teams to improve existing allocation and accounting methods and provide a reliable forecast of sales volumes that will serve as benchmark for validating assigned volumes to third parties.
 Track actual production performance versus production target also production deferments
 Liaise with operations to identify showstoppers and safely optimizes production performance.
 Departmental HSE Coordinator

Accrete Petroleum Limited,
Hydrocarbon Allocation (Accounting) Specialist

   Sep 2014
— May 2019

▪ Delivered a production allocation solution (Axis HCA) to the Nigerian National Oil Company: The
system is used to collate and allocate production from all assets operated by NPDC.
The system has greatly improved efficiency of managing production from all assets under the
company portfolio, creating auditable reports for all partners and regulatory authorities.
▪ Technology uptake support: Led a team to provide a total of six months onsite support to guide the
client’s engineers on adoption of best practices in using the Axis hydrocarbon allocation software to
achieve several objectives: allocation calculations, deferments, production planning, reporting and
▪ Field Operations Support: Collaborated with field engineers to ensure inputs into production
allocation system met required format and standard and the efforts resulted in major
improvements in overall allocation calculations.
▪ Project Management: Single-handedly managed Axis hydrocarbon Allocation Solution Project for
Heritage Energy Operational Services Limited asset with over 190 wells and 8 Flowstations. By
creating frame works used to develop and monitor project success, liaising with client and partners
to ensure requirement are met.

Training Courses
Deliver training courses on Hydrocarbon Allocation (accounting) with excellent feedback from attendees;
Effectively trained over 150 engineers to date from different oil and gas producing companies.
Typical modules covered: production allocation data requirements, data quality check, allocation
calculations (daily, monthly, pipeline), deferments, production planning, reporting, system configuration.

Routine Tasks
▪ Provides support for installation of Axis Hydrocarbon Accounting Software by Adept Solutions, SQL
Server Database 2014 and SQL Reporting Server and configuration of hydrocarbon accounting
solution to meet clients’ requirements.
▪ Managed Clients (system custodian) requests to handle major configuration updates such as
addition of new assets, change to current configuration, regulatory updates, system upgrades,
addition of new report templates.
▪ Perform System testing on new configuration of Axis Hydrocarbon Accounting before handling over
to clients.
▪ Liaise with client system custodians to develop strategies and plans for conducting systems testing,
data migration and end user training and support.
▪ Delivers post implementation support
▪ Troubleshooting system issues and co-ordinate with clients as necessary.
▪ Liaise with oil & gas clients to determine and recommend production/hydrocarbon software
application requirements during discovery meetings
▪ Performs technical sales presentations by demonstrating Axis HCA Software usage