Lead Mechanical Engineer

Last Updated: 2nd May 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


OEM, EPC, EPCM, PMC, Owner’s Engineering Platforms | Full Project Lifecycles | Strategic Planning | Concept Development
Technical Bid Evaluation | Bid Reviews | Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) | System Development | Requirements Analysis
Scheduling | PFD, P&ID & Calculation | HMBD & System Description | Data Sheets, Documentation, Reports | H &S Compliance
Specification and Requisitions | Vendor Drawings & Document Review | Team Building | HAZOP | 3D Model Reviews
Site Engineering/Construction/Commissioning | Resource Allocation | Technical Queries |Preparation of Punch List | Method Statement | Inspection as per ITP | Risk Assessment | Vendor Plans Analysis | Solar | Value Engineering | Lesson Learned Request for Inspection | Review of Project Schedule | Project Measurement System (PMS) | API&ASME Codes and Standards

Equipment and Systems
Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine with Auxiliaries, HRSG, Boilers, Heat Exchanger, Air-Cooled Condenser, Pumps, Fuel Gas System
Hydrogen/Nitrogen System, Fuel Oil Treatment Plant/Handling System, Steam and Feed Water System, Wet Surface Air Cooler
Water Treatment Plant, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Chemical Injection, De-Min Water system, Cooling Water System, GTG NOx Control Water Injection System, Potable Water System, Cooling Tower, Coal handling system, Ash handling system, Air Compressor/Dryer

Software Proficiency
MAP101, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), AutoCAD, AFT Fathom, Hysys, HTRI, GateCycle


National Engineering College
Mechanical Engineer

   Jun 1995
— Nov 1999


Mechanical Engineer

   Apr 2017
— Current

GTG 7E rehabilitation project design drawing/document reviews and site construction and commissioning activities.

Marafiq Plant 1, Yanbu, GTG Rehabilitation
 Review and approve the EPC contractor drawings documents like design criteria, P&ID, calculations, Heat and Mass Balance Diagrams (HMBD), technical specifications and equipment drawings.
 Review of GTG drawings and construction activities including replacement of Combustion Ignition parts, Hot Gas Path Parts. Major Inspection parts, complete extended parts of combustion system, exhaust plenum and water injection system
 Review of auxiliary system i.e. Cooling Water Module (Heat exchanger) and De-min water system drawings and documents.
 Review GTG performance test procedure, reliability test run (RTR) and NOx control test procedures as per applicable codes and standards.
 Participate and evaluate the GTG performance test, reliability test run and NOx control test as per contract requirements.
 Review EPC contractor and their subcontractor equipment installation method statement, pressure test procedure, Commissioning procedure, ITP’s and Tie-in & cutover/isolation plan.
 Inspect the equipment mechanical completion and prepare the punch list in line with contract requirements.
 Review the complete project schedule to ensure and identify the sequence of activity, each activity schedule, links, predecessor, and successor
 Review and provide the PMS (Project Measuring System) for weekly and monthly reports.
 Participate and review the project progress in Daily, Weekly and Monthly meeting with client and contractors
 Resolve the site technical and construction issues to co-ordinate with client and vendors.

Senior Engineer

   Mar 2014
— Mar 2017

Deliver expert technical and progress analysis of design and contractor work throughout project lifecycle.

PP1314 Combined Cycle Power Plant (3x3x1, 4x950MW) Project
 HRSG, gas turbine / steam turbine auxiliaries, wet surface air cooler, air-cooled condenser, steam / water cycle, and balance of plant (BOP) system.
 Complete EPCM contractor engineering document reviews, including: design criteria, P&ID, calculations, Heat and Mass Balance Diagrams (HMBD), and technical specifications.
 Review technical bids and vendor drawings / documents to ensure compliance with project scope, codes and standards.
 Interface with existing PP10 and PP14 power plant ASL unloading system alongside PP14 ASL fuel oil handling system (ASL treatment plant and fuel oil pumps).
 Resolve Technical Queries (TQ) from EPC contractors, vendors, and construction site.
 Review installation contractor work method statement and pressure test method.
 Approve and endorse technical deviations, waivers and variations to guidelines, codes, standards and practices.
 Contributed to value engineering workshop, design reviews, plant operational philosophy, HAZOP studies, and 3D model reviews.
 Provide engineering team leadership and evaluation; support goal attainments across commissioning and construction, and analyse change requests / variations submitted by vendors and Design Consultant to support negotiations.
 Support development of competencies and skills for Saudi engineers by providing structured training.

Waad Al Shamal Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant (4x4x1, 1350MW) Project
 Defined project specifications as well as reviewed tender / bid requirements and LTSA / LCOE documents.
 Formulated plant heat rate, efficiency, and fuel consumption calculations.
 Gathered site requirements and specifications, working closely with teams and bidders.

Additional Projects / Contributions
 Participated in conceptual / detail design for utilisation of existing PP10 crude oil unloading system for PP14 power plant ASL unloading, eliminating unloading arms, unloading pumps and civil works in PP14 power plant in addition to improving schedule and generating cost saving.
 Significantly reduced daily water consumption by supporting design of Wet Surface Air-Cooled Condenser (WSAC) makeup water system to use RO reject water and WSAC blowdown water after recycling.
 Reduced costs and timeframes by managing conceptual design and client approval to use deaerator mounted on LP steam drum instead of standalone deaerator in power plant.

Senior Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Feb 2014

Lead EPC and EPCM projects focused on Combined Cycle and Solar Thermal Power Plant systems BTG / BOP equipment sizing while managing daily engineering functions for this leading organisation in power, oil & gas, and metal / mining.

Erbil / Sulaymaniah Projects – Combined Cycle Plant (4x4x1, 2x250MW) – Iraq Project
 Prepared key process documentation encompassing Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (PIDs), system sizing calculation, and pressure drop calculation as well as line sizing for steam system, start-up vent system, turbine steam sealing, and turbine lube oil / chemical injection, service gas systems and process functional descriptions.
 Analysed vendor technical bids and generated technical bid evaluation report.
 Reviewed vendor drawings for steam turbine, HRSG, and deaerator / data documentation.
 Allocated and drove efforts of engineering team to ensure compliance with strict schedule.
 Collaborated with internal departments, clients, and vendors on various interface engineering functions.

Solar Thermal Power Plant – 2x270MW – USA Project
 Prepared Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (PIDs), system sizing calculations, pressure drop calculation, and line sizing for Closed Cooling Water (CCW), feed water, aux. steam, waste water, and fuel gas systems, including scrubber/knockout drum, filter and electric heater, launcher and receiver.
 Produced data sheets and Material Requisitions (MR) for Wet Surface Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers (WSACHE) and air-cooled heat exchangers.
 Studied vendor technical bids and prepared Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE) report.

LasBambas Project – Chile Project
 Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (PIDs) preparation for reclaim water and fresh water systems.
 Data sheets development for storage tanks and hoist / trolleys.

Additional Projects / Contributions
 Delivered expert engineering for WSAC; Closed Cooling Water system heat exchanger – first of its kind in Bechtel.
 Slashed project costs through feed designed fuel gas underground pipeline using FRP piping from source to solar thermal power plant for Aux Boiler fuel gas firing system (non-standard Bechtel practice).
 Completed project job brief and design review of other projects; work alongside Engineers to advise on system sizing and discuss lessons learned to mitigate risks of reoccurrence.

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