Mechanical Engineer with 9 Years of Construction Experience in Oil & Gas sector Brownfield & Greenfield EPC projects.

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Mechanical engineer with 9 years of Construction experience in oil & gas sector brownfield & greenfield EPC projects. Experienced in coordinating & supervising fabrication yard/workshop activities, Offshore mobilization-preparatory work, Topside construction activities in offshore, completion & project close out. Expertise in Shut down, Fabrication, Tie-in, Hook up, Installation, Isolation, Demolition, hot tapping, pre-commissioning, instrument installation, project coordination, completion, manpower & material management, vendor management. Successfully been involved in many oil & gas projects & has covered roles as production engineer,site engineer,project engineer, construction Engineer. At present I am unemployed and available for hire immediately.


Dr. BATU Lonere, Raigad, India
Mechanical Engineering

   Jul 2002
— May 2007

B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering.


FALCOR Employment Services (Secondment contract with ZADCO)
Site Representative/Construction Supervisor

   Feb 2014
— Current

1. Regularly monitoring contractor activities & ensuring the productivity, Quality, safety & progress maintained as per contract spec by the contractors for timely completion of projects.
2. Monitors jobs & technical acceptability of Fabrication, Piping system & Mechanical equipment installation, demolition work, Pressure Testing, pre-commissioning, Instruments installation, commissioning work at site.
3. Carried out system walk through with discipline leads for final acceptance as required.
4. Coordinating with vendor & site team in pre-commissioning and commissioning activities as per scope for control valves, Pumps, filters, Pig trap, hydraulic valves, transmitters and other equipment.
5. Review of project tie in schedule/sequence submitted by contractor & Liaise with site to get approval. 6. Study of assigned scope of work to contractor, interface with existing facilities at site & projects.
7. Responsible to ensure contractor produces execution documents in time & monitor approval.
8. Liaise with engineering & HQ project team for release of data/drawings & solution to technical problems.
9. Review of look ahead schedule & ensure future work/interface issues are communicated & resolved. 10. Monitor site activities for potential contractual/claims problems & maintain records of activities.
11. Responsible to ensure availability of project material, Manpower & tools for shut down & Tie-in jobs. 12. Involved in hot tapping activity & stopple operation on running/live process line by contractor.
13. Participated in JSA with site team for the activities that involve risk to plant and personnel.
14. Discussing lifting operation plan with plant lifting supervisor for heavy and critical lifts in plant.
15. Review of method statement of contractor, responsibility matrix, alternate proposals submitted.
16. Reports comments/suggestions to Job Officer, Investigating field issues, suggest proposals to avoid delays.
17. Reporting to BF manager & JO officer for work progress & requirements as per priorities.
18. Study & understand of scope of work, engineering packages, procedures and drawings.
19. Preparing progress report, signing off construction check sheets, close out punch items prior to handover.
20. Preparation of dispensation based on requirement & coordinating with UZ site for approval.
21. Daily signing work permits as performing authority at site & ensuring the contractor is fulfilling the HSE requirements at site as per approved HSE plan.

Lamprell Energy Limited, Dubai, UAE
Production Engineer Piping/ Mechanical

   Oct 2012
— Dec 2013

1. Responsible for installation of static & rotating equipment’s on module as per drawings (Pumps, separators, vessels, package equipment’s, control valves, filters and safety items).
2. Assist engineering for preparation of skidding & rigging plan for installation of mechanical equipment’s.
3. Arrange meeting to discuss weekly plan, monitor progress & status of mechanical equipment installation.
4. Coordination with dimensional controller for alignment check of installed equipment’s.
5. Walkthrough with client for final acceptance of installed equipment’s & signing off check sheets.
6. Coordination with project engineer for forecast delivery of equipment’s, material requirement and follow up.
7. Monitored Piping spools & supports Fabrication & erection as per priority, availability of material & drawings.
8. Responsible to ensure accurate location, alignment, orientation of erected spools as per AFC drawings.
9. Carrying out final P&ID check of installed piping systems in the module to sign off construction check sheets.
10. Arrange client to Witness pre-commissioning work. Coordination with different departments during execution.
11. Liaise with client & engineering to solve technical issues. Responsible to generate site queries as required, suggesting solution & provide field sketches wherever necessary.
12. Evaluating the available materials & drawings to discuss the construction feasibility plan.
13. Responsible to assess remaining work & close out of punch items before handing over to commissioning team

Dolphin Offshore, India
Project Engineer - Topside

   Nov 2010
— Oct 2012

1. Responsible for preparing work pack, Job Cards, Bag/Tag sheet, progress reports & TRA for the project task.
2. Prepared work schedule for tie in & hook up jobs. Estimate material, manpower & resources required.
3. Ensure all tie in & hook up material available in line with schedule & Execute scope in budgeted man-hours.
4. Responsible to carry preconstruction survey in offshore. Reporting & investigating technical issues
5. Prepare markup drawings for pre-commissioning, process isolation plan, evaluate shut down requirement.
6. Organize technical meetings to understand scope & responsibility, Participate in readiness review.
7. Coordination with barge in charge, TPI, offshore team & head office for smooth implementation.
8. Generated additional material request as required & follow up with procurement department.
9. Liaise with Client field inspector for final checking of completed system by drawings & documents. 10. Responsible for checking alignment, orientation, location of erected spools & equipment’s.
11. Monitored hydro test, leak test, flushing, purging, reinstatement & pre commissioning in offshore.
12. Assist & coordinate with vendor during performance testing of crude oil & diesel transfer pumps.
13. Monitored Piping spool, support & deck fabrication activities. Valve testing activity in workshop.
14. Ensure that all punch list items are resolved, monitored & report progress, performance & quality of job.
15. Assist to QC for preparing reports, field piping test packages including system limit on drawings.

Das Offshore, India
Junior Engineer - Offshore Projects

   Jul 2007
— Oct 2010

1. Monitored fabrication jobs in workshop, material & tools requirement for offshore mobilization.
2. Lead team for installation of piping spools, supports, pig trap, structural deck extensions in offshore. 3. Monitored positive hot bolting, isolation, depressurization, cold cutting and welding activities.
4. Supervised hydro test, Flushing, nitrogen leak test, reinstatement & drying as per requirement.
5. Lead shut down jobs in offshore. Coordinate with purchase department for material requirement.
6. Coordination with construction crew, client engineers during project execution.
7. Responsible to prepare progress reports. Communicate with team & in charge for next day jobs.
8. Coordinating with QC for alignment, Orientation, location checks of installed work.
9. Close out punch items. Handing over system to client. Mark up as built drawings.

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