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Last Updated: 3rd November 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


* I believe my experience, skills, competencies, passion and commitment to continuously improve our educational system for the benefit of our children will make me a great fit for your school.
• Master’s Degree in IT from Sikkim Manipal University, distance course; India
• Bachelor Degree in Education; Mumbai University (regular), Maharashtra, India.
• 08 years as Principal/Vice-Principal for high school and elementary level.
• Dedicated to ensuring the quality of education as per the management mission and vision.
• Committed to helping the student realize their true potential.
• Passionate about education.
• Excellent planner, motivator and decision-maker.
• Ensuring online education for Pre-primary and Primary learners to extract their potential during Covid-19 pandemic and continue their learning.


Samskar International School

   May 2018
— Current

• Periodically reviews, audits and inspects school’s facilities; classrooms, computers, canteens, restrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities and works to ensure these are upgraded, well-maintained, safe and fully functional.
• Meets with officials and agencies involved in education to discuss plans on improving the content of the educational curriculum for the purpose of helping student become more competitive on the global level.
• Conducts periodic meetings or get-togethers with parents and school teachers to encourage close collaboration among educational stakeholders in improving the performance of students.
• Presides over the adjudication process; mediating discussions among concerned parties involved whenever teachers issue disciplinary actions that are disputed.
• Performed duties as a liaison between the school and the community; encouraged participation of the community in school activities and vice versa.
• Introduced Montessori Methodology in our school for pre-primary and grade 1 & 2. Most successful and I was credited with appreciations from patrons and management.
• Academic Monitoring the Academics Planning, Teachers, and implementation in time to time as per requirements.

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