Sr. Construction Manager, Industrial

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United States


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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, Spanish


Randy Lee Morey
Corpus Christi Texas Area
Sr. Construction Project Manager
US CELL: +713 494 3892
QATAR CELL: +974 666 51060


Highly Accomplished and dynamic Sr. Construction Project Manager/Operations Manager with 33+ years of experience in all aspects of construction and project management while developing and achieving contract schedules and maximizing project profitability across diversified domestic, international, private and government sectors.
Diverse in both Customer and Client Representation
Proven record of achievements in leveraging key relationships, resources and processes to optimize overall safety and performance across the project lifecycle.
Demonstrate excellent ability in creating effective engineering design, specifications, planning and scheduling construction projects involving multiple engineering and construction disciplines and support services.
Capable of spearheading and working with diverse teams to resolve multiple and complex project issues. Exhibit exceptional communication, interpersonal, cross-functional and problem solving skills.
Proficient also in the areas of Design-Build, Change Management, Bid Preparation, Scope management, Time Management, Customer relations, Resource balancing and Logistics Management.
Strong background in Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation systems.
Strong background in Drilling, Production, Workover, Re-injection etc. from well head installation to pipe spool design and fabrication to installation and commissioning.
Experienced in large mega projects executed in remote and non-remote locations. Projects executed in KSA, Africa, Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, USA, Algeria, Angola, Ghana, Benin.
Specific Technical Expertise/Specialist Courses
 Good experience in Visual Basic programming with ability to link it with Hysys for automation and optimization studies.
 Practical experience with Aspen Hysys steady state, dynamic simulation, Aspen Economic
 Evaluation, EDR and Flarenet.
 Practical experience in PROII steady state/ Dynsim dynamic simulation, Visual Flow and Pipe Phase
 Pipesim for pipeline steady state simulation and reservoir optimization.
 MAXIMUS for field assets lifecycle, chemical injection, wells allocation, topside facilities and pipeline steady state analysis.
 OLGA Transient Analysis for process and multiphase flow assurance studies.
 PIPENET including spray sprinkler, steady state and transient module ICAL
 Construction Management
 Business Management & Development
 Exxon Mobile Construction Management

Mar 2017 to
Present Senior Construction Project Manager, WORLEYPARSONS QATAR, Doha Qatar
Projects: North Oil Company (NOC) Contract, Total (EPCM)
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Manage Transition between Maersk Oil and TOTAL for Qatar National Oil Company.
 Manage TOTALS offshore portfolio including all Infill wells flowline replacements , production manifolds, vessel re-vamps, sub-sea work, power generation as well as all Greenfield additions
 Major subsea to shore pipelines. Greenfield including cofferdam design and installation, shore pull and tie-ins. 24”
 Design, Fabricate and Install 12 X 450 ton subsea bridges in 100 mtr. water depth including design and installation of 42 subsea caissons 30 mtrs. X 64” pressurized, upended and sunk then concrete filled.
 Replacement and upgrade of vessel internals, flowlines, choke valves, production manifold, deep well caissons, subsea clamps, risers etc.
 Structural replacements
 Plan and execute all shutdowns
 Conduct all constructability reviews
 Brownfield and Greenfield boat landing projects
 Pipeline and riser repairs
 Lead a team of Construction Engineers, P6 Planners, Job Card Administrators, subcontractor fabrication yards, Project Controls and Engineering Disciplines all to complete project deliverables
 Construction planning & expediting
 Contracts & Compliance
 Contractor Health & Safety
 Development of lean manufacturing processes
 Mechanical completion & Integration Testing
 Traceability
 Logistics & Loadout from Europe & Far East to Africa.
 Quality & Life Cycle Information Management
 Handover to Client
 Installation/testing/commissioning/handover of all control systems, instrumentation, F/G systems, turbine controls.
 Developed overall plans and procedures for the offshore facilities
 Assist operations in developing training and testing programs offshore
 Oversee all QAQA and safety programs offshore.
 Manage all QAQC activities both upstream and downstream
Feb 2015 –
March 2017 Site Construction Project Manager, NES Global
Projects: Corpus Christi Lyondellbasell Plant
Ethylene Debottleneck Mega Project $ 1.6 billion USD
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Number one priority and responsibility was to be a leader in Goal Zero incident free workplace
 Overall responsible for Cost and Schedule
 Design, fabricate and install all gas conditioning modules, all pipe rack modules, ethylene production modules
 Designed, drilled over 2000 X 24” auger cast piles
 Reporting directly to the Project Director and Operations Manager
 Review Engineering work flow from final stages of IFC from Foster Wheeler to Work Packs, Demo Packages, RFI’s, CO’s etc. onsite. This includes all design including I/E.
 Managed Zachary (JVIC), WYATT, ITC and Turner onsite with a force report of 1350 per shift.
 Managing Foster Wheeler material management teams onsite
 Oversee cost and schedule
 Manage schedule work shops
 Manage constructability reviews etc.
 Oversee all aspects of Safety (GOAL ZERO Program)
 Assist with the ongoing subcontract management support
 Continued Safety improvement management support teams
 Work daily with all subcontractors to improve efficiency and productivity
 Monitor all subcontractors cost reports as this is a T/M Contract.
 Developed scope specific spool fabrication packages
 Assist with all heavy haul plans/procedures, lifts
 Equipment replacements/upgrades which included new Demethanizer tower, fractionator head, condensers, reactors, cold boxes, compressors, gantry systems, flare, psv/rv mitigation of over 286, additional cooling cells, RIE building, new substations and all associated switchgear and instrumentation, massive underground and pile installations, expander, refrigerated rack steel throughout, etc.
 Demo of over 150,000 ft. of stainless/carbon steel both large bore/small bore
 Fabrication and Installation of over 12,000 spools + 12000 tons of steel
 Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start-Up which included all handover package development
 Railroad facility including a 56 track utility station with loading and offloading capabilities
 Installation of cross country product pipelines to compression facilities. (16’’ & 12’’)


Jan 2007 –
Mar 2013

PAI Group (Pan African International)
Interim Technical Director
(Google Pan African International)
• Managed engineering, project/construction management, and procurement services.
• Managed the material management programs to support onshore/offshore services;
• Managed the subsea and floating systems engineering department
• Managed the engineering services in the areas of pipeline, subsea, and topsides.
• Developed and Managed the services for various projects that include process units; utilities and off-sites, such as storage facilities and tank farms, condensate recovery, steam generation and distribution, fuel systems, inert gas systems, cooling water systems, cold blow-down systems, and other associated facilities; and pipelines, including trunk lines, spur lines, dispatch and receiving facilities, and sectionalizing valves/intermediates.
• In addition, I managed the other services for projects, which include pumping/tap-off stations, such as compressor stations, metering stations, storage tanks, telecom/SCADA facilities, intelligent pigging facilities, and other associated facilities; deep water, shallow water, and other offshore facilities; and onshore, such as field development, processing plants, storage terminals, and other associated facilities.
• Managed the technical services, such as process design and development, specialized, and construction management/commissioning services; logistical support, installation, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning services and procurement services.

Head of Construction Management Department, Worleyparsons Engineering/Exxon Mobil EPCM, Nigeria
Projects: EPCM Exxon Mobil
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Exxon Mobile East/West Offshore Fields pipeline works from 12” to 48”. Which included all design of subsea tie-ins, bridges and mattress crossings, pipelines and all fabrication for bridges, tie-in spools, risers and hangers, launchers/receivers offshore and onshore?
 Twelve Offshore Platform Revamps including I/E, auxiliary equip., risers/hangers, including all production facilities.
 Managed the Design, Procurement, fabrication, Transport, loadout of 5 Greenfield offshore production platforms. Included the full site management of all three fabrication facilities including the set-up and oversight of the new welding training facilities for the nationals. Also included the budgets, schedules, monthly P/L, as well as setting up the min/max consumable registers and all other associated management oversight.
 Dredging and Cofferdam design, shore pulls and crossing design reviews
 Subsea tie-ins
 Mattress/bridge design to installation including upending and sinking 30” open topped, with bell caissons and pumped with concrete.
 Shore Pulls/beach crossings
 Design and install 24’’ coated pipeline.( 126 kilometers)
 Coordinate and review all offshore and near shore surveys
 All I/E design reviews to installation /Commissioning
 Champion all associated Risk Assessments
 Exxon Mobile tank farm complete re-vamp including all launchers/receivers, I/E shutdown and control protocol, structural and civil.
 Coordinate and ensure all HSE requirements are met and followed
 Prepare all Subcontract management Plans
 Prepare Construction management Plans/Fabrication Management
 Prepare and track Project Budget (800 million +)
 Oversee all Commissioning, Installation, De-Oiling, marine vessel requirements and movements, Mechanical Completions, Turn over packages, work pack development, Dredging and pipe lay surveys, sub-sea dive requirements
 Planning and Management of all project Schedules from Engineering to Fabrication and Installation
 Monitor all procurement activities
 Lead and coordinate all project team site surveys
 Develop and manage all project contractual SOW activities
 Develop and monitor all contractual deliverables
 Monitor all QAQC standards and procedures
 Review all project engineering design documents and HAZOP recommendations
 Oversee all the development of all Isolation, shutdown & start-up plans and procedures.
 Review all subcontractors plans and procedures
 Oversee all onshore/offshore installation engineering thru fabrication
 Develop installation sequence, routine/critical lifting plans,
 Develop execution sequence plans
 Develop all reporting matrix systems and procedures
 Identification and mitigation of all factors
 Develop along with project controls milestone and progress tracking Performa
 Develop and oversee all Operations & project execution group systems completion teams
 Topside I/E design review to installation/commissioning and start-up
 Onshore Exxon Mobile facilities I/E installations, risk assessments, commissioning and turn over.
 Flowline replacement and repair
 New flowline installations
 Modifications and refurbishments of production manifolds
 Wellhead/BOP Brownfield works
 Vessel modifications/Upgrades/Repairs
 F/G upgrades
 Structural repairs to boat landings, production decks, etc.
 Subsea bridge design/Fabrication and Installation including all pressurized caissons upending and sinking.

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Feed
 Detailed Design
 Design Reviews
 Constructability Reviews
 Risk Assessments
 Vendor Coordination’s
 RFQ Development
 Materials Management
 Fabrication
 Marine Vessel Charters
 Sub-Sea Survey Charters
 Marine Vessel Charters
 Subcontractors RFQ Preparations
 Schedule Development both Onshore/Offshore including all Fabrication works
 Document Developments for Subcontractors
 Job Card System Development
 Work Pak Development
 Cost Analysis and Control
 Weekly Reporting
 Subcontractor Organizational Control
Project: Satellites Phase 2
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Design, Prepare to Fabricate, load out and install 4 Greenfield offshore 16 well un-manned drilling and production platforms
 HUC and Commissioning x 4
 Four associated Brownfield platform refurbishment projects from fabrication to installation
 Liaison between clients, management, engineering department, subcontractors, meeting deadlines, organizing work crews, materials and recruitment of work force. Attending weekly construction meetings with planners, project engineers, client management
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Responsible for the ground up construction of the new WP/Deltaafrik high rise office complex including the MEP, commissioning and handover.
2003 – 2007
Construction/Commissioning Manager,
Kellogg Brown n Root (KBR) Halliburton,
Plant Services Group, Iraq
Client: USACOE (US Army Corp of Engineers)
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Re-built the ABOT offshore loading terminal in Iraq including all piping, loading arms, control room, switchgear, and cable tray and cabling including all new instrumentation. This terminal held four super tankers. 15 month on board project with 350 full time directs living on accommodation barges.
Offshore Terminal Re-Vamp SOW EPCM
Duties and Responsibilities:
 New subsea pipeline from tank farm to terminal. Design, Lay 2 X 48” 68 Kilometer subsea pipelines including risers, riser guards, subsea bridge crossings, subsea clamps, pig receivers and launchers.
 Demo of existing 64” distribution manifold and install New 64” manifold
 Demo existing 20” loading arms X 24 no’s and Install 16 X 24” new hydraulic loading arms including all I/E systems and hydraulic packages.
 Demo all existing switchgear and install new switchgear including the installation of over 4 kilometres of new cable tray supports and cable tray.
 Design and installed new control room (Honeywell).
 Demo of over 9 kilometres of existing cable and installed over 12 kilometres of new cable from HV, LV and Instrument cabling including Fibre Optic.
 Installed new firewater system throughout terminal including deep well and FW caissons and pumps/motors.
 Demoed existing valve manifold systems which included 48 X 24” MOV’s and control stations and Installed new manifold skids with operations and control stations.
 Installed a desalt unit for all occupants including pipework and distribution network.
 Installed a complete IT network system
 Install container housing for 100 US Army personnel to live on board Terminal during projects.
 Installation of new prover skids and all associated piping and cabling.
 Demoed and Installed a total of over 150,000 feet of piping, various sizes,
 Design and installation of over 600 pipe supports
 Rebuilt keyside and mooring dolphins including the installation of 36 new capstones.
 Total Brownfield re-vamp of Southern Basra’s LNG and NGL Plants (5 Trains)
 GOSP Revamp stations Phase 1
 Installation of 10 GE TM 2500’s including all auxiliary equip., ABB switchgear, Excitation equipment.
 Re-vamp and installation of 10 offsite Water injection pump stations. Complete rebuild. 4 x 4 mw motors & pumps, piping, I/E, PLC controls, F/G systems, Bentley Nevada monitoring systems, excitation controls.
 Re-built Southern Basra Water treatment Plant
 Site Evaluations, BF Design of the LPG/NGL facilities, fabrication/installation & Start-up 4 train facilities
 Installation of 1Pratt & Whitney Twin Turbine 250 MW Installation/Commissioning and Start-up
 Design, fabricate and install 412 X 60” X 20 mtr. Subsea caissons for the new bridge across Euphrates river. Upended, pressurized, sank and stabilized then concrete filled.
1999 – 2003 Project Deputy Construction Manager, McDermott, Offshore/Onshore
Completed on time delivery of 3 major elements of the Golden Eagle project for NEXEN, including topsides Module to 2000 Te, service bridge to 600 Te & flare stack to 200 Te. To industry codes ASME 31.3, EEMUA158 & 197, PED, ATEX, NACE, Norsok & all associated welding codes
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Onshore construction management
 Onshore installation, testing, certifications, commissioning
 Offshore installation, commissioning, start-up, mechanical completion and hand over.
 FPSO Start- Up/ Commissioning/ hand over
 Planning & production of offshore structures to 2000 tons.
 Capacity planning & deployment of a workforce of 400 plus, fabrication, welding, piping, rigging & electrical trades.
 Client interface for the project.
 Commercial management for the project.
 Project Health & Safety responsibility.
 Welding Engineering interface with construction.
 Site facilities management.
Loadout and seaworthiness for offshore deployment.
 Piping facilities for Stainless steel, duplex & super-duplex stainless steels and carbon steels.
 Expediting of materials supply including subcontractor & client supply.
Construction input to tender management team.
1990 - 1999 O/M Maintenance/Construction Manager, Formosa Plastics Corporation
Project: Chlor – Alkali Units, EDC, HDPE, Olefins, LDPE, Downstream, Tank Farms, Terminal facilities, Utilities etc.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 US Largest Polymer Plant
 Develop and oversee all I/E during construction phase
 Oversee all Installations/testing/commissioning and start-up of the Chlor-Alkali Plant, LLDPE Plant, LDPE Plant, EDC, HDPE Plant, Olefins Plant, PVC Plant, Utilities Plant.
 Monitor and advise on all I/E activities
 Assisted in Taiwan’s plant start-ups
 Assisted in our plants in Louisiana
 Develop and control monthly budgets
 Develop and monitor all I/E maintenance programs
 Attended night school at the (University of Houston Victoria TX) Industrial Instrumentation Construction Management Technical Diploma
 Taught night school at the University of Houston: Industrial Instrumentation and Construction Management while working my day job at Formosa Plastics.
1982 - 1990 I/E Construction Technician, Mc Dermott, Offshore/Onshore Production & Drilling Facilities (Angola)
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Delivery of Subsea Oil/Gas Field Project Tie-ins & Connectors, 50M value.
 Responsible for verification of system design, construction, quality management, Mechanical Completion and Systems Integration
 Testing to ensure compliant handover to Client.
All project Milestones achieved for project delivery to site in Angola. Management of a team of directs and in-directs
 Construction planning & expediting
Contracts & Compliance
 Contractor Health & Safety
 Development of lean manufacturing processes
 Mechanical completion & Integration
 Traceability
 Logistics & Loadout from Europe & Far East to Africa.
Quality & Life Cycle Information Management
Handover to Client
 Installation/testing/commissioning/handover of all control systems, instrumentation, F/G systems, turbine controls.
 Developed overall plans and procedures for the offshore facilities
 Assist operations in developing training and testing programs offshore
 Oversee all QAQC and safety programs offshore.
 Develop nationals on the I/E team
 Terminal for Oil and Shipment
 Pump stations and mixing facilities for the Terminal for Oil Storage and Shipment

 Received the highest achievement award from Halliburton/KBR which is offered for outstanding service and achievement two years running. He was presented the Gold Medal Coin of achievement from the Chairman and CEO from KBR personally, Dave Lesar
 University of Houston, Industrial Instrumentation and Construction Management Technical Diploma
 Department of Defence (DOD) High Level Clearance (Expired)
 USACE Clearance (Expired)
 DOT Certified (Expired)
 Huet Certified (Expired)
 Texas Nuclear Certified (Expired)

Training Attended
 US Department of Defence Qualified (Former DOD Badge holder)
 Helicopter Underwater Escape training(Expired)
 Water Survival & Swing Rope Training(Expired)
 Halliburton/KBR Management Workshops
 Fisher Control Systems
 Honeywell Control systems
 Rosemount Control Systems
 Taylor Controls
 Bailey Start-Up Control Systems
 Foxboro Loop Control techniques
 Bentley Nevada Control Systems
 Dresser Rand Compressor Systems
 Automax Valve Repair Workshops
 Fisher Valve Repair Workshops
 Valco Valve Repair Workshops
 Hytork Valve repair Workshops
 Massonilian Valve repair Workshop
 Valtek Valve repair Workshop
 Toshiba PLC Control applications Workshop
 Basler Excitation Controls Applications & Installations Workshop
 Kana Control Systems
 ABB Advanced Power Solutions HV/LV Control Workshops
 Swinton DCS Automated Control Systems & Advanced Installation

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