QA/QC and HSE - EPCC Corporate, Plant, Yard and Offshore Operations

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United Arab Emirates


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Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Tagalog


Identifies omissions, redundancies, errors and potential risk during Contracting, EPCC, Operations, QA/QC and those failing to comply with Company’s philosophy, objectives, QMS/IMS, Contract obligations, specifications and sound engineering and industry accepted practices. Where warranted, develops fitness for purpose approach initiatives. Initiates, participates and or lead during team’s continual efforts to correct, mitigate and properly manage risk.
Performed failure investigations and analysis, corrosion studies, Engineering Critical Assessments (ECA) as alternative acceptance criteria and fitness for purpose recommendations.
Background is Material Science, Welding Engineering, Non Destructive Testing and QA/QC. These expertise were applied effectively during EPCC of Oil and Gas Production/Processing Plants and associated storage facilities, terminals, roads, bridges and civil works. Offshore erection and pre-commissioning experience involves production or processing facilities, pipeline systems, SURF and beach approach.
Overseas assignments include compliance and expediting services during manufacturing of high grade large steel products, forged and cast steel, cladding, procedure qualification test, valves, pumps, vane stacks, large pressure vessels and metering skids. Ramon is a QMS Auditor and ASME Shop QC Manager.

04 Years Head of QA/QC, Project QC Team Leader (site), CPF/Phases 1 and 2 PetroChina Halfaya Iraq,
03 Years Projects QA/QC Manager, Middle East Global Process Systems LLc UAE
07 Years Corporate QHSE Manager – Global Process Systems LLc UAE
13 Years Staff Specialist Engineer in Materials, Corrosion, Resident Engineer and QC to Plant QC Manager, ExxonMobil/PCSB
09 Years Welding, QC Supervisor to Head of Inspection for Fabrication (Jurong) and Offshore Operations, McDermott International
06 Years Welding, NDT Practitioner to Head of Inspection, Offshore and Batam Yard. IMS Pte Ltd (on secondment to McDermott Inc)


University of Santo Tomas
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

   Jun 1966
— Mar 1973


PetroChina Iraq
Project Lead QA/QC

   Aug 2013
— Feb 2017

(1) As Head of QA/QC, performs critical day to day supervision roles in ensuring assigned Project Management Consultant (PMC) effectively executes its obligations to safely and properly manage PetroChina’s Contractors and Vendors during Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Inspection and Testing/Commissioning per Contract requirements.
(2) Failure investigation and analysis.
(3) Completion and handover verification, MC and PA walkthrough. Approval co-signatory of Mechanical Completion, Provisional Acceptance and Final Acceptance Certificates.
(4) Resolved Technical Queries, Deviation Request.
Approves Manufacturer’s Dossier and Final Documentation.
(5) Team player during
• FEED, ITB Preparation, Bid Reviews, Pre/Post Award
• PMC Execution, Vendor/EPC Documents and Deliverables
• Project Execution and Project Quality Plans and ITP
• Site Acceptance and Factory Acceptance Tests
(6) Authored 27 Quality Management Systems Procedures associated with Control of Non-Conforming Products, Vendor Selection/Approval, Change Management, Liquidated Damages, Facilities Handover and Documentation/Record Control.
(7) Approved Contractor and Vendor Document deliverables.
(8) Audit and implementation of corrective actions.
(9) Resource Person in Metallurgy, Welding Engineering, Destructive, Non-Destructive Test, Heat Treatment, Materials and Corrosion.

Global Process Systems
Projects QA/QC Manager Middle East and North Africa, Corporate/Group QHSE Manager

   Jun 2003
— Jun 2013

(1) Established, obtained, managed and maintained Quality Management Systems per ISO 9001:2000/2008 accreditation for 7 Companies within the Group. Assumed the role of Management Representative for Group of Companies
• PAE Thailand, CladTek International FTZ Dubai, InE Dubai
• GPS Malaysia, GPS Thailand, GPS Singapore, GPS Dubai
(2) Obtained and maintained ASME Shop accreditation for CladTek
(U, U2, R, NB). Assumed the role of ASME Shop QC Manager for CladTek.
(3) Performed internal/project audits and shepherds required corrective actions for all the organizations within the GPS Group.
(4) Participated during FEED, Bid Reviews and Management Reviews.
(5) Witnessed and approved Site Acceptance and Factory Acceptance Tests.
(6) Assumed the role of QA/QC Manager during Procurement, Construction, Commissioning of Process Equipment, Process Modules and FPSO/MOPU Topside Conversions for Early Production Systems.
(7) Prepared or approved Project Execution Plans, Project Quality Plans and Inspection and Test Plans.
(8) Assumed the role of Group Metallurgist, Welding and Materials Engineer
(9) During the first 3 years, assumed QHSE Manager for the Group.

ExxonMobile/Petronas Carigali
Staff Specialist Engineer for Materials and Corrosion to Resident QA/QC Manager LNG Plant

   Nov 1990
— Mar 2003

Senior Engineer to Resident Engineer to Staff Specialist Engineer for Materials and Corrosion to Resident Plant Quality Manager to Construction Advisor for onshore/offshore operations.
(1) Assumed the role of Site QC Manager during MLNG 3 including the construction, commissioning and handover of new additional Slugcatcher Facility.
(2) Assumed various roles including Construction Advisor, Resident Engineer, Head of Inspection and Senior QHSE Engineer at manufacturing plants, fabrication sites and offshore construction barges to ensure Contract specifications are met in safe, timely and proper manner.
(3) As Staff Specialist Engineer, provided technical and managerial support during
• FEED – Material Selection, Corrosion Identification and Mitigation
• EPCC’s Contract compliance to QC and HSE requirements during fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning (and documentation) of platforms, modules, processing plant/ facilities, Oil and Gas Terminals, Slugcatcher, Pipeline Systems, SURF .
(4) Conducted pre-inspection or pre-manufacturing meetings with Suppliers of engineering materials, steels, Equipment for Compression, Controls, Power and Process. Managed source inspection and expediting of same.
(5) Line Trainer and Skill Group Resource Person in Welding, Materials, Corrosion, Heat Treatment, Destructive and Non Destructive Test, Steel Making, Failure Investigation/Analysis.
(6) Participated during revisions and approval of Petronas Engineering Specifications Petronas Standard Procedures and Contractor’s Standard Procedures.
(7) Performed prequalification surveys on proposed manufacturing plants, steel mills, potential vendors, fabrication yards and installation barges.

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