Analytics Specialist

Last Updated: 31st March 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate



A highly motivated data analyst with vast experience in interpreting, analyzing and reconciliation of data obtained from a variety of sources; skills involve development and enhancement of data processing, data analysis, data visualization and metrics reporting. Proficient in Microsoft Excel, which helps to cleanse data, discover insights, create reports or dashboards, visualize results. Sound knowledge and experience of Data Visualization tools which include Power BI, Tableau and Watson Analytics. Good knowledge in designing SQL queries.
Possesses strong and effective communication skills essential in conveying results in analysis and investigations conducted; has great commitment to and affinity to meet deadlines without compromising accuracy and quality of work.


The Robert Gordon University
P G in Ebusiness

   Jan 2000
— Mar 2018


IBM India Pvt Ltd
Analytics Specialist

   May 2011
— Current

 Performed data query, extraction, compilation, and reporting tasks.
 Managed, updated and manipulated report orientation and structures with the use of advanced Excel functions including Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Dashboards.
 Generated weekly reports to provide clear, compelling metrics reports.
 Handled data collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation to management and other team members gathered through Sunrise ( Cognos Reporting tool) .
 Tracked weekly VLR to provide clear, compelling metrics reports for each Region(IOT) and Business Unit.
 Used Macros to delete specific columns and keep the needed data.
 Create compelling reports and visualizations using Power BI
 Utilized Tableau to deliver actionable insights for business development
 Used Watson Analytics to provide a clear, insightful story through rich data visualization that helped Senior Management to deliver actionable insights for business development and brilliantly anticipate outcomes and take action based on the Data Visualization.
 Share and update new information with colleagues and senior management on trend analysis and evaluation of key performance indicators across lines of business

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