Mechanical Superintendent

Last Updated: 21st January 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Antalya, Turkey



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Age Range
55 to 64

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English, Turkish


Precommissioning Supervisor-TANAP –Trans Anatolian Natural Gas pipeline Project 3.16-12-17
Site Supervisor-WorleyParsons - GRE Ring Mainline Fire Fighting Project Ardahan Turkey. 5.16-12-16
Mechanical Superintendent-South Tambey LNG Project, Chiyoda-Japan, Sabetta-Russia. 9.15-1-16
Construction Specialist-Mechanical Pipelay BP-BTC Co., LTD. Ardahan-Ceyhan, Turkey. 9.11-8.14
Mechanical Superintendent-Maritime Industrial Services Co. Ltd. Inc. -Sharjah/UAE 2.11-7.11
Piping Superintendent-PETRONAS CARIGALI OGT Project –Turkmenistan 5.10-1.11
Block 1 Onshore Gas Terminal Project. TECHNIP, MMHE and GAP Construction.
Site Representative-Construction, Commissioning, Training and Completions 7.08-10.09
BP-BTC Co., LTD. Ardahan, Turkey.
The BTC Consortium is an eleven-member coalition of oil companies led by British Petroleum and works under the funding of the International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This function is for the design, implementation and construction of an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean.
Area Superintendent-BETS B.V. Nogliki-Sakhalin Island, Russia 6.07-12.07
BETS B.V. is a corporate structure established for the Construction of Onshore Processing Facilities within Sakhalin II Development Project. BETS B.V.’s shareholding companies are 50% Technostroyexport, 25% Enka and 25 % Bechtel. BETS B.V. is a Russian Entity for the purposes of Product Sharing Agreement.
Piping Engineer-Gama Al-Moushegah Arabia Ltd. Hawiyah, Saudi Arabia 6.06-4.07
Rotating Equipment and Piping Engineer-Botas-BTC Co., Inc. Ardahan, Turkey 1.05-5.06
Site Mechanical Superintendent-Mapet Inc.Baku, Azerbaijan 4.04-12.04
Mechanical Engineer-Polymer Rubber Inc. Tekirdag, Turkey 12.97-03.04


Bogazici University-Istanbul, Turkey
Masters Degree of Science (MS) Mechanical Engineering.

   Sep 1984
— Jun 1985


Tanap-Su Yapi
Precommissioning and Preservation Engineer

   Mar 2017
— Dec 2017

 Inspect, monitor or witness mech. activities/tests as stipulated in project check lists/procedures.
 Responsible engineer for all BOP and start up activities at the Compressor Station.
 Ensuring that the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities are performed safely, fully and are completed to Project requirements
 Ensuring compliances with storage, preservation and protection requirements of all static and rotating machinery equipments, spares, instruments etc. at site including warehouse.
 Witnessing and verifying Contractor preservation activities during MC scope
 Maintaining preservation matrix/catalogue/check sheets/tracking register for all identified items requiring preservation
 Reviewing the preservation records and inspect equipment to ensure that preservation maintenance is performed to the approved standards during construction and commissioning phases
 Reviewing/preparing preservation maintenance checklist to be applied during commissioning phase and ensure preservation/maintenance routines are performed during commissioning phase
 Supervising the execution of preservation activities performed by his team

Field Supervisor

   May 2016
— Dec 2016

 Assure the complete and correct execution of the approved Project Quality Plan and Monitor the activities carried out by the contractor/sub-contractor on a daily basis and ensure that the recommended inspection and testing activities on pipelines are performed and completed as per the project specifications by the contractor and/or sub-contractor.

 Ensuring any quality related inspection issues in the field, reports/documents deficiencies on quality/inspection/safety items noted during the operations and ensures proper storage and preservation of material on the site.

 Develop and maintain inspection procedures and techniques, throughout the construction, pre-commissioning stages GRE pipe (as per ISO 14692)

 Review construction site sub-contractors, Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), method statements and construction procedures, including approval of these documents, when required develop construction site inspection test plans, method statements, procedures to support the contractors.

 To conduct surveillance on the inspection required in the technical provisions of the specification and to carry out the preparatory, initial and follow up inspections as per the approved ITP.

 Checking and approving all Hydrotest packages and witnessing all GRE pipeline Cyclic and Hydrostatic testing on the field.

 Responsible for all required inspection hold points that have been established by the project specifications are witnessed and ensuring that all reports required, are completed in a timely manner and file accordingly with project specifications

South Tambey LNG Project, Chiyoda-Japan, Sabetta-Russia
Mechanical Superintendent

   Sep 2015
— Feb 2016

(*) =The contract was signed for a long term period but due to some events outside of my control, my visa was cancelled and couldn`t be renewed anymore.(If you want to know more, please see my Linkedin profile
Or please contact to my managers: Kubara Fuminori(Mr.), , +81-90-7984-2509 or Nakatani Satoru(Mr.), , '+81-80-4673-9028 or Ashly Adams(Mr.),

 Supports Area Superintendent and Construction Manager
 Assumes responsibility for supervision of construction activities to achieve project objectives, e.g. safety, quality, environment, schedule and cost.
 Implements safety program and ensures safe working conditions. Ensures a clean work site by supervising a site clean-up at least once a week. Requests all personnel on site to participate.
 Supervises field construction activities through Discipline Supervisors, and coordinates their activities.
 Coordinates with Control Manager to obtain the status of costs and schedule, and coordinates with Logistic/Material Manager to obtain the status of materials.
 Coordinates with Engineering Manager to obtain technical information for construction.
 Assures that work is within budget, plan and carry out efficiently in order to minimize waste.
 Promote to identify specific hazardous work which require risk assessments and work execution plans (work method statement)
 Coordinate and assists among the concerned disciplines (BLDG, Structure, Piping, E&I, QC, Turn over etc...), the subcontractors.
 Fabrication and Erection of Oil Storage Tanks, Piping, Module and Structure, Pressure Vessels and Equipments.

Construction Specialist

   Sep 2011
— Aug 2014

 Continuously monitor Contractors activities with respect to HSE, compliance with designated pipe lay parameters, quality and reporting standards for all pipe lay and marine operations.
 Erection and installation of Oil Slope Pipeline along Jetty with barge equipment for marine oil terminal.
 Fabrication and Erection of Oil Storage Tanks, Piping, Module and Structure, Pressure Vessels and Equipments.
 Complete Daily Report at the end of each work day.
 Ensure that all State and Local safety codes, requirements, and standards are being complied within assigned area of responsibility
 Ensure current revised documents are utilized for installation advisory field positions.
 Develop project punch list, thoroughly understands project documents and specifications with subcontractors prior to start of tasks, reviews submittals prior to installation of work, and continuously verifies site layout and dimensions
 Ensures all company employees and contractors are adhering to the company safety policy
 Ensure that the contractor, his staff and his subcontractors receive adequate instructions, familiarization and training in Company requirements, regulations, procedures and any special or unusual hazards.
 Be knowledgeable of work site hazards, communications, local working practices, logistics and emergency procedures.
 Ensure that formal risk assessments have been conducted for each stage of the work, and the risk reducing measures identified in HAZIDs and procedures as implemented before work tasks commence.
 Ensure that Management of Change procedures are implemented.
 Ensure that Contractors work is accomplished within budget to agreed quality standards and comply with established schedules.
 Develop a site manual identifying procedures and guidelines on how the lay barge Project Site Team shall execute their work.
 Review and prepare clarification responses to technical and commercial queries from Pipeline Installation Contractor related to the pipeline installation activity.
 Review Contractors procedures/work method statements, plans and schedules for pipe laying activities, to ensure compliance with contract requirements, specifications and standards.
 Ensure the Site Team executes their work in accordance with established Project procedures, HSE requirements and guidelines.
 Ensure that Site Queries, Non Conformances and requests for Change Orders/Variations are promptly responded to and integrated into the Project Control system.
 Ensure a high standard of communication/liaison is maintained with pipe lay Contractor and promptly report any areas of concern.
 Ensure "As Built" documentation is being prepared and compiled in a manner, which shall comply with contract requirements

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