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United Kingdom


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55 to 64

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Other Post Graduate

Arabic, English


University Lecturer and Contract Instructor with 10+ years of instruction and research experience in the fields of physics, math, and engineering. Dynamic and innovative professor who has taught to a diverse group of individuals and classroom settings in UK, Libya, Yemen, Oman, and Canada.


Loughborough University of Technology, England, UK
Ph.D. in Physics

   Apr 1989
— Dec 1992

Ph. D research program; thesis title ''Development of Vacuum Technologies for the preparation of High-Purity Thin Films in Simple Systems". The Ph. D project involved plasma processing, thin films technologies and nanotechnology, vacuum pumps, optical and electrical properties, micro-structure, spectroscopy, plasma glow discharge, deposition and optimization of TiN, TixOx, ZrO2, and optical filters.

University of Technology, Machines and Equipment Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq
B.Sc. in Engineering Technology

   Sep 1982
— Jul 1987

B. Sc degree in Mechanical Engineering with a final year project.

Hay AlAmil High School, Baghdad, Iraq
Baccalaureate in Science

   Sep 1976
— Jul 1982

Science branch; major: (physics, Math, Chemistry, and biology)


STEM Montessori Academy of Canada, AB, Calgary
Education Program Manager (Volunteer)

   May 2020
— Current

Preparing and designing courses and lectures in sciences and engineering fields that meet the requirements of students who intend to join universities.

Motor Vehicle Centre; Academy of Driving, Driver Education Programs, Applied Science Section, Calgary, AB, Canada
Educational Contract Lecturer (Self-Employed)

   Apr 2015
— Current

Delivered lectures in driver education course and defensive driving course to a combined 4000 students. Topics of physical phenomena related to vehicle movement, kinematics, dynamics, circular motion, momentum, inertia, light, sound, weather and road conditions, etc., are discussed within the framework of the course. In addition, marking and grading students tests.

University of Nizwa, College of Arts and Sciences & Faculty of Engineering Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman
Assistant Professor of Physics

   Sep 2005
— Dec 2014

• Administrated students and quality audit committees
• Delivered 23 courses to a combined 4500 undergraduate university students in the fields of physics, mathematics, and engineering:
Thermodynamics for engineers “PHYS207/L”, thermodynamics and thermal fluids “CHPE203”, basic mechanics (statics and dynamics)“MECH207”, statics (Engineering Mechanics) “CIVL211 and PHYS156”, environmental engineering “CIVL241”, structure1 “ARCH208”, general engineering services (HVAC Systems) “ARCH305”, lighting and sound “INTD302, engineering drawing “ENGN103”, Electromagnetism and applications "PHYS256", general physics I “PHYS101/L”, general physics II (electricity and magnetism) “PHYS150/L”, sound and optics “PHYS260, linear algebra “MATH145”, pre-calculus “MATH116”, nuclear physics and applications "PHYS405", radiation health physics "PHYS315", medical imaging "PHYS430", internship courses "PHYS488" in the fields of medical physics and oil refinery, solar energy "PHYS410", ordinary differential equations "MATH215", and final year projects “PHYS490”. In addition: ex-chairman of exhibition committee at the college of engineering, modifying degree plans and courses syllabi, administrations, lab supervision, purchasing and setting lab experiments, instructing and academic advising of students.
● Research.

Sana’a University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of General Sciences, Sana’a, Yemen
Assistant Professor of Physics

   Sep 2001
— Sep 2005

Taught physics I and II, fundamentals of chemical engineering, and engineering mechanics to a combined 4000 undergraduate students. In addition, lab supervision, modifying degree plans and courses syllabi, administrations, purchasing and setting lab experiments, instructing and supervising hundreds of students on weekly basis.

University of Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi, Faculty of Engineering, Preparatory Sciences Office and Advanced Levels, Jado, Libya

   Aug 1994
— Aug 1998

• Designed lectures in physics I and II, advanced engineering mathematics, engineering mechanics and thermodynamics to a combined 2500 undergraduate students.
• Managed supervised, and instructed labs.