Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 7th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


Electrical Engineer having 10 year experience in Electrical Power Distribution Designing, Basic and Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Installation, testing and commissioning, PM, CM, PdM.


Veera Engineering College
Electrical Engineering

   May 2003
— Apr 2007

Full Time B Tech in Electrical Engineering


Reliance Industries Limited
Electrical Manager-Testing and Commissioning

   Aug 2016
— Current

Electrical Construction, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, As Building, Preventive, Predictive ans Corrective Maintenance:
1. Power and Distribution Transformer
2. HT and LT Motors
3. UPS and Charger
4. Earthing & Lightning Protection
5. Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
6. Ht and LT panels
8. Power and Control Cables
9. VCB, ACB, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, Contactors, Relays
10. Silent DG Set

Larsen & Toubro Limited
Assistant Manager-Electrical-Projects

   Jul 2011
— Apr 2016

Electrical Power Distribution Designing, Basic & Details Designing, Procurement, Sizing and Selection of Electrical Equipment, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical System for Oil and Gas Major

Jaihind Projects Limited
Sr Engineer-Electrical & Instrument

   May 2007
— Jul 2011

3.1 LV/MV Electrical System
Silent DG Set, LV/MV UPS System, LV/MV Stabilizer, Ni-Cd Maintenance Free Battery Bank & Racks, Power & Control CableGland and Termination, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting and Switch Socket, Lux Level Measurement, Concealed Conduit, Cable Tray, Cu-GI Earthing System (Pipe/Plate), Junction Box, IR & Continuity Check,
Measurement of Individual & Grid Earthing, preparation of As Built Drawings, Preparation of Electrical Procedure, Test Reports, Preparation of Weekly and Monthly Project Progress Report.

3.2 Instrumentation System
Local Control Panel, Field Instrument: - TT, PT, PG, RTD, PSV, GOV, Instrument Cable, Analog & Digital Junction Box, Gland and Termination, Cable Tray, Impulse Tubing, Cable IR & Continuity Check, Field Instruments Calibration, Loop Testing, OFC Jointing & Blowing Pit Location layout as per site condition, Preparation of As Built Drawings, Preparation of Electrical Procedure, Test Reports, Preparation of Weekly and Monthly Project Progress Report.

3.3 Gas Detection System
Open Path & Point Gas Detector, Gas Detection Panel, Hooter and Flashing Beacon, Preparation of Electrical Procedure, Test Reports.

3.4 Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Corrosion Protection (Sacrificial Anode) System - Jaihind Projects Limited
• Temporary Cathodic Protection: Pin Brazing, Mg/Zn Anode, Test Station, Polarization Cell, Surge Diverter, IJ), Monthly Monitoring of Pipe to Soil Potential (PSP), Cable Laying.
• Permanent Cathodic Protection: MMO Strip/Tabular Anode, Permanent Reference Cell, Petroleum Coke Breeze, CTSU, ER Probe/Reader, TRU, AJB/CJB, PSP Converter), Cable Laying. Preparing Reference Cell Location Layout, TLP & Anode Bed Location Layout Drawing as per site condition.
• Preparation of TCP and PCP Procedure, Test Reports.