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Brunei Darussalam


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English, Malay


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I am Prabakaran, a Civil Engineering graduate from Madurai Kamaraj University, India with 28 years’ experience in the field (6 years in India and 22 Years in Brunei Darussalam). I hold membership in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE#502219) and Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE#00085707).
In May 1989, when I was working with P&G Sivakumar Associates, India, I joined the Professional Development Project handled by the Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu, India. It was responsible for providing proper guidance in training graduate Engineers to become Associate Members of the Indian Institute of Engineers.
During that period, I supervised Earth Works, R.C. Works and infrastructure works for a seven storey shopping Mall (Project Value: Rs 25 Crores) at Tiruchirappalli. My training and progress was monitored by Dr. Natarajan PhD (Structures), a Chartered Engineer (United Kingdom) from Regional Engineering College. My responsibilities included monitoring and ensuring that the works were done in accordance with the drawings and conditions of the contracts, checking the reinforcements and formworks and quality control.
In the year 1995, I got the opportunity to work as a Site Engineer in the Muara Port Extension Project (Project Value: $69 Million), Department of Ports, Ministry of Communication in Brunei Darussalam. The project involved various works such as removal of soft soil by dredging, reclamation of backfilling with sand, piling for the foundation of the jetty and wharf using 600mm dia concrete Spun Piles and construction of all R.C. Works, wharf structure, Seawall, 250m long container Freight station including Substation and pump house.
Following completion of the above project, I worked as a Project Engineer in Habat Engineering Company which carried out infrastructure works like 11KVA underground cable laying works, relocating of existing services, cable ducting, reinstatement works, Housing Department Projects and road works under the Ministry of Development (Project Values: $ 3 - 10 Million).
In 2006, I had the opportunity to join Konsultan MWHC as a Project Consultant (under Department of Water Services) for the construction and completion of a new water treatment plant (Package 1) in Sungai Liang (Project Value: $65 Million). Package 2 involved upgrading works of Seria raw water pumping main and Telisai treated water transmission main (Project Value: $14 Million). Package 3 involved construction of treated water storage reservoirs and associated pipeline works (Project Value: $12 Million).
Subsequently, I was appointed as a Resident Engineer in Integrated Environmental Consultants Sdn Bhd (under Drainage and Sewerage Department) in the project Tutong flood plain management, in the year 2010. The work involved diversion of waterways into retention areas, construction of collector channels, concrete drains and culverts (Project Value: $ 10 Million).
Presently, I am working as an Assistant Resident Engineer in the Department of Water Services, Ministry of Development. The project involves upgrading works on storage reservoir at Mengkubau Dam (Design and Build). This is an infrastructure project for raising the existing Mengkubau Dam to increase its storage capacity and thereby increase the reservoir’s yield in order to meet the increasing raw water demand in Brunei Muara area (Project Value: $12.8 Million). The current status of the project is 100% completed. We are preparing the Final measurements.
Throughout my career, I have always kept an open eye for health and safety in my projects. Successful completion of the Review and obtaining a membership from ICE Association UK will be of great help to improve my future career opportunities and increase my interest in the field further.



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