Integrity and Compliance Manager

Last Updated: 24th November 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

Bulgarian, English, Russian


Dedicated, self-motivated and results-driven professional engineer with successful achievements in a wide range of industries worldwide. Possess and promote strong safety culture and extensive senior level management skills. Provide guidance and solution making architecture within established control loops, technical assurance and safety rules. Identify business critical elements to manage performance standards and ensure all threats are proactively identified, mitigated and communicated. Business acumen and focal point to energy proposals, budget and CTRs. Have proven history and negotiation ability with 3d.Parties/Regulators/Stakeholders. Advice Client for cost effective and continuous improvements for profitable business


Higher Technical Institute
Mechanical Engineer

   May 1993
— Sep 1997

Engineering management, SME in static and safety pressure equipment, material selection and corrosion protection, failure investigations


O&G Consultancy
Energy Consultant

   Sep 2015
— Current

Provide best in class technology support and price-responsive strategies. Advice cost effective technical assurance measures influencing investment, asset management and operations support. Perform dynamic risk assessment to maximise asset availability and maintainability, define hazards and risk profiles to ensure risks are identified, prioritised and consistently well-managed across asset life cycle to ALARP. Support inspection data base, investigations and risk assigned mitigation measures

Chief Engineer, Head of Integrity and Reliability Department

   Jun 2013
— Jul 2015

Responsible for engineering, operations and decommissioning integrity management to ensure asset safety, FFS and reliability performance. Developed sound strategies and road-maps for growth in compliance with relevant legislation and client’s OMS requirements. Ensured ‘best in class’ service and risk measure management. Built, led, mentored and motivated multi-discipline and multinational hub teams for seamless and safe operation to any aspects of asset integrity and reliability project tasks. Managed budget, CTRs, team training via knowledge transfer. Developed AIM strategies for brownfield assets.

Wood Group
Principal Engineer

   Feb 2011
— Current

Responsible for technical evaluations of inspection findings, RBI applications, incident investigations, anomaly and mitigation management for North Sea clients. Provided and procured technical expertise and inspection management to pressure and rotating equipment, pipelines, fixed assets, sub-sea systems and structure in accordance with related statutory regulations, client’s requirements and applicable codes. Delivered leadership and direction on potential improvements to inspection processes, Coabis data management, fabric maintenance and utilisation of reliable NDT methods. Organised task forces related to any integrity and safety issues for prompt resolution within agreed budget and time frame. Focal points interfacing client’s authorities, stakeholders and regulators during safety meetings, peer reviews and failure investigations.

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