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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom


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55 to 64

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A passionate, versatile and solution focused Senior Construction Manager with extensive experience in delivering full life cycle projects and working on $multi-million builds across the globe. A strong and adaptable leader, adept at heading up large teams; defining and implementing construction strategies, managing health and safety compliance, evaluating and delivering against client requirements and with a structured and methodical approach to problem solving. A genuine team player, accomplished at building and maintaining key relationships at all levels including clients, stakeholders and vendors; effectively translating requirements and overseeing all issues through to completion, ahead of schedule and within budget. Both an analytical and practical thinker, with a genuine passion for delivering high quality leadership and securing complete client satisfaction: With vast experience of being contracted to clients and familiar with the concept of Quality Management/Six Sigma- 6 Ϭ:


St. John Ambulance
1st Aid

   Aug 2018
— Aug 2018

1st Aid @ Work Certificate

Asbestos Awareness

   Jan 2014
— Jan 2014

Certificate of Attainment in line with Regulation 10(1)(a) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012


   Jan 2014
— Jan 2014

Construction Skills Certification Scheme


   Jan 2014
— Jan 2014

Site Managers Safety Training Scheme

Concrete Society
Fellow of the Concrete Society

   Jan 2011
— Jan 2011

Satisfaction in Qualifications, Competence & Experience

UK Gov
Minute Taking Skills

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2010

1/ Meeting Preparation
2/ The Importance of taking Notes at Meetings
3/ Different ways of recording Notes during Meetings
4/ Listening Skills
5/ Producing Notes from Meetings

GPA = 3.19

   Jan 2007
— Jan 2009

Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

Carpenter & Joiner

   Jan 1975
— Jan 1978

City & Guilds



   Jun 2017
— Jul 2018

• Position: PROJECT MANAGER (independent consultant). 1 Year: Contract.
• Company: Okada (PHP): Consultant: DCII (PHP). Value US$4.3Bn
• Responsible for final build/layout & fit-out to Glass Dome to be evolved into Cove Manila
• This incl., Sandwash & Terrazzo floor finishes, 3 integrated Pools & Pool Bar, flanked by 2 x 3 tiers of Cabanas with Jacuzzi’s and Nightclub + Back-of-House.
• Daily liaison with sub-contractors, RS Carson and Trans Asia.
• This was a short-term contract in order to assist to reach our determined dates.
• Answerable to Senior Project Manager


   Jan 2017
— May 2018

• Position: CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (consultant - fit-out – cat A & B). 6 Month: Contract (by design).
• Company: Interium (ITALY). Consultant: Turner. Value US$1.9BnValue US$1.9Bn
• Areas of responsibility were the close-out to Public Areas of level 02 to a new-build 30-storey hotel.
• This incl., Circulation Area (Main Lobby), Ballroom, Prefunction, Meeting Rooms x 3, Boardrooms x 2, Bridal & VIP Shower, Business Centre, Lift Lobby, Toilets & Cloakroom.
• Daily liaison with sub-contractors – Elite Stroy & Yakipur Stroy. Temps reached -34deg C.
• This was a short-term contract in order to assist to reach our determined dates.

Wynn Design & Development
Client Consultant

   May 2016
— Oct 2016

• Position: Clients’ Consultant (fit-out – cat A). 6 Month Contract. Value US$6.4Bn
• Areas of responsibility were the close-out of the ‘Chairman’s Club Lounge, Pool & Spa Deck, Observation Deck & private gaming Junkets.
• Additionally to this was the acquisition of GRC Panels from Warehouse for completion of externals.
• Daily Liaison with principle contractor – Leighton.
• This was a short-term contract in order to assist to get to Grand Opening on August 22.

AYA Investments
Senior Construction Manager

   Jan 2015
— Dec 2015

• Position: Senior Construction Manager (fit-out – cat B)
• Company: AYA Investments (UG): 1 Year: Contract
• Kampala Hilton Hotel new-build cat B fit-out to landmark building
• Cohesion essential as overlapping re; Civil, HVAC, MEP, Externals, Decoration et al.
• Chaired weekly progress meetings & co-chaired monthly project meetings
• Answerable to Chairman. Supervision of 25 Senior Staff & 490 Ugandan Workforces
• Value US$150M - Private. Travelling from Bugolobi to downtown Kampala daily
• Safety well below western standards but improved month-on-month-zero casualties.
• Having an assistant that I could rely on to do the necessary office duties, it left me free to be more hands-on with site-walk & keep abreast of safety, housekeeping, progress

Aboitiz Power/JCL International JV
Senior Tunnel Superintendent

   Jul 2013
— Dec 2014

Successful completion of the rehabilitation of AC Tunnel in the Cordillera Mountain Range on the 70MW Hydroelectric Dam in Bakun PHILIPPINES. This was achieved via a tunnel lining of a minimum of 250mm [ variable ] self-compacting concrete being pumped 2.4km, the furthest ever pumped in the Philippines, by 3 no; static pumps. ONE-YEAR CONTRACT EXTENDED.
• Answerable to Project Director>>>Supervision of 150 Filipino Manpower
• Oversaw all underground works incl., Formworks, Concrete + shotctrete, Safety
• 24 Hour, ‘ no frills ‘ operation & akin to a Hardship Posting
• Liaison with Materials Engineer re; Design Mix for properties, fluidity, sequence, chokes, volume, etc.
• Environmental Issues re; community at foot of Bakun River.
• Value US$25m, Client - Luzon Hydro Corporation.

Al Latifia
Construction Manager

   Jan 2013
— Jun 2013

This was by design, to be a short-term engagement of 6 months cover, whilst awaiting internal staff arrival. Though invited to extend contract, I was offered a longer term role in Philippines. The construction was that of the Hilton Hotel & Apartment Towers in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.
• Assisted organization & discharge of 7000³m Concrete pour to Raft. This was achieved via 4 x Pumps + 1 on standby & 2 x Batching Plants + 1 on standby on a 16-Truck Turnaround over 3 days and nights.
• Answerable to Assistant Project Director. 350 multi-national workforces. Value US$700M

Balanced Engineering & Construction Ltd.
Project Manager

   Feb 2012
— Sep 2012

100m high, twin-flued, R.C. slipform Stack Construction in Merak, INDONESIA. Working for a specialist sub-contractor engaged in the stack construction only. Programme was thwarted thru no fault of our own by the contractors preceding us doing the piling. It was decreed by the Client/Clients’ Representative that the grade was of insufficient structure for us to proceed and therefore the works were suspended indefinitely. I was commuting between SINGAPORE & Indonesia. This posting was offered as a reassignment sometime later, though at the time I was engaged elsewhere.
• Answerable to Projects’ Director. Value US$5M. ONE-YEAR CONTRACT.
• Interviewing candidates for future selection. Skeletal Staff operating from accommodation in Cilegon.
• Sourcing suppliers/materials in Jakarta. Continual meetings with clients’ representative and B.E.C. for the way forward. Setting up Laydown Area. Talking to various companies re; shipment of materials from Singapore to Indonesia. Commuting between Singapore & Indonesia

Al Jaber
Senior Civils Superintendent

   Jan 2011
— Dec 2011

Successfully saw out contract working on the carbon-free Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, whereby we were engaged in various civil activities in amongst other principal contractors. These included concrete & reinforcement to new and temporary roads, a chiller yard and a retaining wall at 80m x 2.5m. There were also some site-based activities which included some small areas of landscaping, i.e. soft/hardscape. ONE-YEAR CONTRACT.
• Answerable to Senior Construction Manager. Value US$22Bn/Consultant: CH2MHILL. 200 multi-national workforces. Deployment of manpower/Placement-Discharge of Concrete.
• 6.5² km Paperless Site. Access/Egress, Safety & Traffic Control, QA/QC, Services. Chaired Base Meetings and attended Project Meetings. Proactive in chequer-board construction operation.

Geosan Construction Dynamics
Construction Manager

   Jan 2010
— Dec 2010

Successfully saw out contract stuck right in the middle of The Cultural Village Project in Doha, STATE of QATAR working on The Falcon Building which was an asymmetrical steel structure of a Falcons’ Head. Also included were some small infrastructure and 2 no; ¼ radius additional buildings. This vast project was contractually, wholly, the responsibility of Midmac and our portion of it was surrounded by Midmac activities which meant quite a bit of interaction between us re; temp roads, drainage, access etc.
• Answerable to Project Manager. 150 multi-national workforces. Value US$40M
• Introduced nightshifts & cash awards for the most safety conscious and enterprising workers
• Chaired Base Meetings and attended Project Meetings. Access/Egress, Safety & Traffic Control, QA/QC, Services .Interface between myself and Midmac Construction Management.
• Supervised all Concrete activity. . ONE-YEAR CONTRACT.

Technical Project Manager

   Jan 2008
— Dec 2009

Successfully completed a 2-year contract on The Retail Village Lagoon Project at Amwaj Islands, Manama, and KINGDOM of BAHRAIN. It was 2 x 3-tier structures built either side of a 1km x 2km Lagoon with residence on the top floor, retail outlets on the 1st floor and car parking area on the ground floor. TWO-YEAR CONTRACT.
• Answerable to Project Manager. 300 multi-national workforces. Value US$400M/Consultant: WSP
• Pouring 400³ m Concrete per day at the projects’ peak.
• Chaired Base Meetings/Project Meetings. Access/Egress, Safety & Traffic Control, QA/QC, Services

Hill International/JCL International JV
Area Superintendent

   Jan 2005
— Dec 2007

This Project was two-fold with 2½ years working on the luxury villas and 6 months on Civil’ part of the prestigious Atlantis Project on Food & Beverage Court # 1, which were both on Jumeriah Palm Island, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. I was Project Superintendent on Atlantis working on the nightshift pouring Concrete on part of a 24-hour operation & Area Superintendent on 1400 luxury villas of which I was assigned to be responsible for 650 Garden Villas set around 11 of the 16 fronds on The Palm. This was achieved via our principal contractor of CSCEC [china state construction & engineering corporation]. I had 6 expats and 12 Filipino engineers under my direction to ensure completion to programme.
• Answerable to PM on Atlantis & PMT on Luxury Villas. Value US$-UNDISCLOSED/Consultant: KEO
• 150 multi-national workforces on Atlantis>>>3000 Chinese workforces on Luxury Villas.
• Chaired Base Meetings and attended Project Meetings. Access/Egress, Safety & Traffic Control, QA/QC, Services. TWO-YEAR + ONE-YEAR CONTRACTS.

Various Freelance
Site Manager

   Jan 2000
— Dec 2004

Engaged on various projects’ within the UNITED KINGDOM as Site Manager, Finishing Manager, and Senior Site Manager and Earthworks Coordinator. AMEC on a massive shed unit re-fit for Glaxo Smith Kline then finishes for HOCHTIEF on a subsidiary of Battersea Dogs Home, working closely with C-o-W and Architect [sir charles knowles] and officially opened by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. Then STRUCTURETONE to site manage the refurbishment of National Grid Transco HQ incl., a new build 2-tier car park. Then onto Senior Site Manager for INSPACE plc of a R.C. Frame to build and fit-out of 105 no; apartment block + 5-tier car park. Running concurrently with these roles were muck-shifting around UK via 2 no; 463 Scraper Boxes being hired out and solely owned by myself to McARDLE.
• Answerable to Project Managers’. Value US$7.2M – US$94M/Consultant: PLACES for PEOPLE
• Promoted the Red/Yellow Safety Card System.
• Workforce from 50-200 Brits/Eastern European. Working in ‘live ‘& High-Rise Environments

Southern Energy
Field Superintendent

   Jan 1996
— Jan 1999

Successfully completed project with 7000 Fishermen/Farmers who made up the labour in less than ideal conditions re; monsoons/typhoons and we assumed control at 20% complete and critically behind schedule. Headed-up the ‘ dayshift ‘ Concrete Division which incl., slipform, roads & drainage, giant box culvert, c.w. pumphouse and chimney at 223m high, on the Sual Power Plant in Sual, PHILIPPINES.
• Answerable to PMT. 300 Filipino Workforces. Value US$1.6Bn/Consultant: OVE ARUP
• Deployment of Manpower and Concrete Discharge. 2 x 2-YEAR CONTRACTS.

Grimsbydene Ltd.
Lead Carpenter

   Jan 1991
— Jan 1995

Lead Shuttering/Formwork Carpenter on the successful construction and Concrete pouring of roads/bridges on the LEIPZIGGER MESSE utilizing Peri/Doka proprietary formwork systems. Was also engaged in various supermarket construction around GERMANY. The necessity for a disposition that would allow for erratic hours/travel/accommodation expectancies were required.
• Answerable to German Site Agent. 15-50 British Manpower in a German Environment.

Strabag Bau-Ag

   Jan 1985
— Jan 1986

Engaged on 2-year contract encompassing high-class hardwood finishes to terminal buildings, International Airport, Basrah. Answerable to General Superintendent. Value US$400M
• Project executed during the Holy War. 2-YEAR CONTRACT

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