Maintenance Supervisor

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Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Afrikaan, English


Name: Paul Albertus Pretorius
Address: Erf 5157, Swakopmund, Namibia
DOB: 17 February 1976
ID: 76021710150
Nationality: Namibian
Cellphone: +264 811448963 / +264 812918440
Language: Fluent in English & Afrikaans
Health: Excellent
Paul A. Pretorius +264 811448963
Professional Profile
Competent and technically inclined heavy mobile equipment mechanic with an outstanding
background in heavy mobile equipment inspection, repair costing, servicing and
maintenance, eager to utilize the following competencies in the designated field:
• Over 20 years of experience working
as a Heavy Mobile Equipment
• Highly skilled in operating and
inspecting machines to decipher
• Hands-on experience in dismantling
and reassembling using hand tools and
• In-depth knowledge of safe work
• Well-versed in implementing and
performing rigorous maintenance
regimes, including stock levels &
resources to minimize down-time
• Ability to liaise effectively with
contractors and team members and to
build up professional reports across all
industry sectors quickly to achieve predetermined
performance goals
• High degree of innovation, flexibility
and can do attitude
• Proven experience of working
successfully in demanding mechanical
repair environments
• Ability to work under pressure, adapt to
change and deal with difficult situations
• High level of communication,
teamwork, interpersonal and liaison
• Mechanical repair expertise in most
heavy mobile equipment makes and
• Proven ability to run a 24/7 mechanical
repair/breakdown service
• Sound knowledge of
compiling/monitoring budgets,
introducing creative measures to
ensure cost savings
• Fluent in English and Afrikaans
Professional Experience
Barrick Gold Mine, North Mara, Tanzania
2015 to present
First Line Leader – HME Workshop and HME Pump Shop
• Achieved good availability ratios on pumps and auxiliary equipment
• Fuel cost saving by utilizing salvaged parts to rebuild electric pumps
• Planning, team meetings and maintenance
• Monitoring stock levels and ordering of parts
• Scheduled inspections at mining sites to identify equipment requiring
• Liaising on managerial level to discuss work schedules and initiatives for
minimizing down time and boosting overall productivity
• Supervising the dewatering team and providing assistance with regards to
repairs on all Sykes, Flyght and KSB pumps.
• Consulting on new HDPE lines to be installed, building of pontoons and
fitting submersible or Sykes wet ends pumps
Barrick Gold Mine, North Mara, Tanzania
Paul A. Pretorius +264 811448963
2013 to 2014
HME Foreman for Trucks, Terex Excavators and Auxiliary Machines
• Achieved good availability ratios on trucks and excavators
• Cost saving on spares by utilizing and adapting stock on hand to effect
• Re-organized and managed maintenance schedules to prevent nonroutine
• Planning, team meetings and maintenance
• Monitoring stock levels and ordering of parts
• Scheduled inspections at mining sites to identify equipment requiring
• Liaising on managerial level to discuss work schedules and initiatives for
minimizing down time and boosting overall productivity
• Acting HME Superintendent during this time frame
• SIS, VIMS, ET and MINESTAR software utilization and application for
parts identification, troubleshooting, problem solving and analytical
diagnostics of machines deployed
Namibian Motor & Hydraulic Works, Oranjemund, Namibia
2008 to 2012
• Establishing a financially viable mechanical workshop from scratch,
winning tenders and securing substantial contracts
• Creating jobs within a logistically hampered location
• Providing a 24/7, reliable breakdown service
• Finding cost effective mechanical solutions to ensure customer
satisfaction and drive business continuity
• Introducing the indicated business processes and procedures to effect
sound stock management, workshop safety, ongoing staff mentoring and
performance management
• Client and supplier liaising
• Maintaining a fleet of 150 vehicles of various brands for Namdeb
Diamond Corporation
• Compiling budgets, ordering spares and maintaining stock levels of all
critical components to speed up turnaround times
• Developing, managing and training a dedicated team of mechanics
• Creating and maintaining a safe working environment complying with all
legislation and policies indicated for this industry
• Finding creative solutions to technical and mechanical problems in a
logistically isolated environment
Paul A. Pretorius +264 811448963
Namdeb Diamond Corporation (Pty) Limited
1996 to 2007
• Apprentice Heavy Duty Equipment (January 1996 to May 1999)
• Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic (June 1999 to August 2007)
• Servicing of earthmoving equipment
• Field repairs
• Remove and replace faulty hydraulic cylinders, change tracks in the field,
change out engines, mechanical problem shooting, measuring bogeys on
track machines, change and repair transmissions, repair hydraulic pumps
on a wide range of machines ranging from dozers, haul trucks, scrapers
and excavators
• Overhaul gearboxes and brakes, repair pneumatic pumps, hydraulic
valves, engine cooling systems and fuel brakes
• Equipment worked on includes, but is not limited to, Mercedes, Samel,
Mitsubishi, Massey Ferguson, CAT, Komatsu and Bell
• Service all LCV and HVC vehicles
• Acted as foreman in die diesel garage and as planner for the panel
beating HCV and LCV section
• Compiling work schedules and delegating the various tasks to the
indicated team members
• Ordering spares, monitoring stock levels and carry out stock takings at the
indicated intervals
• Attend to breakdowns and carry out in depth maintenance planning
• Salvaging parts and refurbishing it for further use to ensure maximum cost
• Compile and monitor budgets, introducing and implementing various
initiatives for cost saving
National Vocational Diploma, Republic of Namibia
Diploma: Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic (IV)
Issued: 31 May 1999
• First Quantum Minerals Ltd. - Mr. Martin Pearson +264 818215929
• Acacia Mining Tanzania - Mr. Toy Schoombee +264 811461660
“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”


Ministry of Higher Education Namibia
Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic

   Jan 1996
— May 1999

Earthmoving Equipment Diploma.
Project Management Diploma


Acacia Mining
First Line Leader

   Jan 2013
— Current

Acacia Mining
First Line Leader

   Jan 2013
— Current

As a highly skilled individual with over 20 years experience working as a
heavy mobile equipment mechanic, I would like to explore the opportunity of
working in the above cited capacity. The job description you have provided in
your advertisement aligns well with my qualifications and I am convinced that I
can be a positive addition to your company.
I have been born in and am a resident of Namibia and am well versed in the
African history, customs and challenges. I have been working in Tanzania for
the last four years in various managerial positions and know exactly what
working away from home entails and the level of commitment required for
achieving success in this endeavor. In addition, I have grown up and worked
for a considerable length of time in Oranjemund, a town which originated
around the mining activities of the Namdeb Diamond Corporation and which
was inaccessible to the outside, until very recently. I have thus sound
knowledge of the psychological effects and pressures of working in a confined
community with people from various walks of life and am well prepared for
similar scenarios elsewhere on the continent.
Over the course of the past 8 years I have advanced from my initial position
as heavy mobile equipment mechanic to fill various managerial positions in
this field of expertise.

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