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Mr Paul Hampton
205 Duong Doan Ket
Phuong Vinh Phuoc
Nha Trang
Khanh Hoa

Tel: Vietnam +841225 576136

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am currently living in Nha Trang Vietnam and looking for employment sort or long term. I'm willing to travel throughout Vietnam to find employment.

I have experience working as a Freelance Mechanical Technician for a number of different industry's such as oil, gas, energy, automotive and rail in the UK and oversea's. Listed below are a few companies I've been involved with throughout my career. I am computer literate and have an understanding of the internal processes and health and safety procedure's in today‘s working environment. I pay attention to detail, especially when recording safety critical documentation. I am able to work alone as well as part of a team. Willing to work weekend's, night's, overtime and oversea's as and when required.
Your's sincerely
Mr Paul Hampton

Personal CV Profile


Last Employment Railway Plant Technician.

Working at maintenance depot's throughout the UK in Doncaster, Peterborough, Nottingham and Rugby. I find good outcome's to challenge's, becoming charge-hand C/I after 3 years with the company. I coordinated and maintained railway plant equipment that came in and out of the depot's while at the same time maintaining the paperwork, service record's and database when required. Carrying out servicing, testing, daily maintenance and repair’s to railway plant equipment such as generator’s 110v/240v, rail saw’s, bance impacter's and heavy duty de stressing kit's. And many other type's of OTM, railway maintenance equipment including diesel, petrol, two stroke engine's and hydraulic pump system's. 

I have certifications in the following area's;

Fork Lift Truck Operator
Fastclipper Operator/Service/Repair
Wacker Operator/Service/Repair
Lesmac Training/Awareness
Manual Lifting and Handling
Network Rail; Railway Communications
FTA; Drivers Daily Defect/Safe loading 
I also have a clean, full driving license.
School Education 

Technical Drawing o level Grade 1
Maths o level Grade 1
Art o level Grade 2
Metal Work o level Grade 1
English Cse Grade 2
Science Cse Grade 2
History Cse Grade 2

1983-1986 British Armed Forces

I joined the British Armed Forces from school and enjoyed the role as a soldier for three and a half year's. Gaining experience and discipline working with other's in the UK and over sea's. I spent time working with the Royal Ordinance Core maintaining heavy armoured vehicle's, including cheafton tank's, cvrt's, 432's, American 109's. This involved daily check's and routine maintenance to first reserve vehicle's for combat exercise's in Germany and Canada.


P.S.L Pump Service's Ltd
This took me too many steal work's and oil/fuel refinery’s such as Texaco, Conoco, Terra, Rocksavage. Carrying out limited time shutdown's on heavy plant compressor's, oil pump's and gas turbine's, strip repair and rebuild. This type of work involved restart's to commission, run up to operating speed for pressure testing and certification.

Rolls Royce Turbine's Ltd
Working along side R/R member's to install gas turbine's for various companies and council's in the UK. Working from drawing's in the workshop to build the turbine's. Also following machinery to site for installation run and commission. This involved sound and vibration test's before main start up date's.

Parson's Turbine's Ltd
This line of work took me too many Power Station's throughout the UK like Didcot, Drax, Ferrybridge, Eggbourgh and Slough. To carry out shutdown maintenance on steam turbine's from as little as 10 mega watt to 500 mega watt unit's. Changing main steam feed controller valve's in hazardous environment's. With safety being of the utmost importance each power station would have a site safety induction, to pass before access was granted to the work site.

G.E.C Alsthom
Railway Maintenance Services Ltd, this involved building new production tram's for the then new jubilee line in central London. Working from drawing's to build tram's from the basic chassis up. Fitting break component's, compressed air systems and hydraulic systems.

Pico Estelle Ltd
This took me too many car production plant's throughout the UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Portugal. Working at Ford, Honda, Toyota and Jaguar. Installing production line's for various new vehicle's. This work involved robot installation and positioning into precise location's, power and water cooling feed's.

I look forward to to hearing from you.

Regards Paul Hampton

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