Earned doctorate (Ph.D.) within Musical Art, Music teacher (piano and vocal)

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25 to 34

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English, Russian, Ukrainian


Earned doctorate (Ph.D.). Got two higher educations. Professional experience 9 years in Musical Art. Vocal and piano performance. Teaching activities — 7 years.


National University of the Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Earned doctorate (Ph.D.) within Musical Art

   Sep 2009
— Jun 2014

Postgraduate education (on faculty harmony and polyphony). Became a Ph.D. within Musical Art. The theme of my research was "The Phenomenon of vocal improvisation in jazz".

National University of the Arts, Kharkiv , Ukraine
A soloist, an orchestra soloist and as a teacher in higher musical education

   Sep 2007
— Jun 2009

Obtained a bachelor´s degree and master´s degree. Class of pop-jazz vocals and
qualified as a soloist, an orchestra soloist and as a teacher in higher musical

State Pedagogical University, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
A teacher of music, ethics, aesthetics and culture

   Sep 2002
— Jun 2006

Obtained a master´s degree as a teacher of music, ethics, aesthetics and culture

Region Music College, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
A piano soloist, an orchestra soloist, an accompanist and a conductor of a jazz orchestra

   Sep 2002
— Jun 2006

Studied in the class of jazz piano and got qualification as a piano soloist, an
orchestra soloist, an accompanist and a conductor of a jazz orchestra.


Xingtai University, Hebei province, China
Music teacher (vocal and piano)

   Mar 2018
— Current

A teacher of vocal and piano in music department. The main duties
teaching of discipline “Jazz and Pop Vocal” for students of the lst - 4th
years; discipline “Jazz piano” for students of the lth - 4th years.

Singer and pianist/keyboardist

   Mar 2016
— Mar 2018

A singer and pianist/keyboardist at various city, regional and private
events. I gave private piano lessons.

National Law University (Palace of Students), Kharkiv, Ukraine
Solo vocalist

   Mar 2013
— Apr 2014

A solo vocalist. My main duties: solo with microphone, vocal performance with
microphone and my own accompaniment on the grand piano, participation in vocal
performance production with symphony orchestra, symphony orchestra and choir,
jazz instrumental group and dancing groups, singing in a vocal group, participation in
concerts performed by the Law University and the citywide concerts.

People’s Ukrainian Academy, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Music teacher

   Feb 2010
— May 2013

The leader of the male vocal ensemble "Romantic band". My duties: vocal
ensemble skills training, recording of vocal performances at a recording studio,
composition of the repertoire for vocal ensemble, development of vocal skills of
members of vocal group and soloists, staging of vocal performances, drama training,
accompanying on the piano, participation in university-wide contests and concerts.

National University of Arts, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Music teacher

   Jan 2010
— Sep 2012

A teacher of musical arts in jazz department. My duties: teaching of discipline
“Vocal Ensemble” for students of the 1st - 4th years; discipline “Singing with variety
ensemble” for students of the 4th - 5th years; accompanying on the grand piano,
advising for students of the 2nd - 3rd years.

National University of Radio Electronics Kharkov, Ukraine
Music teacher

   Oct 2007
— Jan 2010

The head of the vocal group "Constellation". My duties: training of singing of the
vocal ensemble and soloists, producing vocal performances, accompany on the piano,
own solo with microphone in the capacity of a concert singer, participation in
university-wide contests.

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