Senior Cost Control Engineeer with Qatar MMUP Grade A Registration for Civil Engineer

Last Updated: 7th March 2018 (over 4 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


A MMUP Grade A registered Civil Engineer of Qatar with a significant experience in the construction industry as Projects Performance Analyst, Senior Cost Control Engineer, Planning & Cost Control Engineer and Senior Civil Engineer (Senior Cost Engineer - Quantity Surveyor and Estimating Engineer) in the Gulf Countries for more than 11 years.

Extensive experiences for more than 20 years in the government agencies (Philippine Gov’t. Flagship Projects) and private companies in the Philippines. Projects Consultant in the procurement of Civil Works Projects (Planning, Tendering, Awarding and Contracting), Goods and Services. Projects Development Officer in various Philippine Foreign Assisted Projects. Site Supervising Engineer to Project Engineer in various General Engineering (Road, Highway, Pavement and Bridges) and General Building (Building/Industrial Plant) Projects.

Interpersonal skills, good work ethics and of good moral character.


Southern Luzon Polytechnic College, Philippines
Master in Management (Only Academics Completed)

   Jun 2002
— Apr 2004

CASEY Institute for Technical and Further Education, Australia
Associate Diploma of Engineering

   Jul 1995
— Dec 1995

Manuel S. Enverga University, Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

   Jun 1980
— Apr 1984


Arcadis - Hyder Consulting Middle East Limited
Cost Control Consultant to Projects Performance Analyst

   Sep 2015
— Mar 2018

• Conducted monthly project review with the Project Managers on the assigned Business Unit;
• Lead, maintain project budgets and control circulations between delivery teams;
• Verify new projects setups in relation to project and business requirements;
• Maintain good understanding of project contract documents in relation to cost/fee and payment details;
• Verify internal contracts / sub consultancy agreement with committed budget and flag any potential overruns;
• Maintain project variation register;
• Overview invoice certifications from inter-office buy-ins and subcontracts;
• Monthly review WIP (Work In Progress) and initiate necessary accrual process in consultation with Project Managers;
• Verify debt reports and assist Cost Controls Manager in consolidating between various portfolios;
• Ensure project invoices are allocated and posted correctly;
• Coordinate, follow up and update the invoice forecasts within portfolio with respective project groups;
• Liaise with Project Managers for monthly forecasts and update on cost to completion;
• Maintain project risk register updated information;
• Verify project financial summary reflects updated risk allocations;
• Coordinate with PM for project reviews and actions followings from recommendations;
• Review regular cyclic exception / anomalies reporting and escalate if necessary; and
• To be an instrumental member of the Project Team.

Al Khayyat Contracting and Trading
Senior Cost Control Engineer

   May 2014
— Apr 2015

• Implement and execute the approved cost control structure and procedures of Al Khayyat Contracting and Trading;
• Study and understand all relevant project documents relating to the cost management of the Project;
• Ensure that all costs charged to the Project are correct and properly allocated;
• Perform a variety of cost engineering functions including cost control, budget investigations, forecasting and cost reporting under limited supervision;
• Deliver Monthly Job Cost Report for the Project in accordance with the approved cost control procedures and implementing guidelines thru ERP; and
• Provide relevant information/advice/recommendation to the Project Manager thru the Commercial Manager with respect to the cost aspects of the Project.

IMCO Engineering and Construction Company
Planning and Cost Control Engineer (Senior Engineer)

   Jul 2008
— Feb 2014

• Implement and execute the approved cost control structure and procedures of IMCO -Qatar to control the cost of each Project independently;
• Review cost data source documents (MPRF's, PO’s, Subcontracts, PRQ's, Payments) and similar documents for assignment of correct cost codes;
• Analysis of the prices and verification of quantities and productivity;
• Review/re-check the terms and conditions of the subcontract agreement in order to determine the subcontractor’s contractual obligations prior to the processing/release of each progress and final payment;
• Early identification of deviations from budget through trending and analysis;
• Keep each Project Managers or Project-In-Charge to be informed of the expenses and the cost or expenditure is performed compare to the budget;
• Help the Project Manager to control his budget and take corrective measures so that the Project can be completed within the Project Cost Management;
• Call the Project Manager/Management attention on potential cost trouble spots in time for corrective or cost minimizing action to be taken, i.e., detect potential budget overruns before rather after they occur;
• Revision of Cost Control Records and preparation of Cost Control Reports; and
• Provide relevant information/advice/ recommendation to the Operation Manager with respect to the cost aspects of the Project.

Saudi Arabian Kent Co., Ltd. (SA Kentz)
Senior Civil Engineer (Senior Cost Engineer - Quantity Surveyor and Estimating Engineer)

   May 2006
— Jun 2008

• Responsible for the satisfactory production of Bills of Quantities, its Cost Estimates and other related documents;
• Identify materials (Civil, Electrical and Mechanical/Piping Works) to be used on the Project and when required, prepare inquiries to Manufacturers and Suppliers for quotations;
• Update and maintain the pricing Data for the Project;
• Prepare Tender Documents;
• Prepare the QA/QC Documents of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Material Take-off (MTO);
• Prepare progress reports and attend Meetings when required;
• Maintain and update the Client’s Bid Documents; and
• Evaluate and prepare responses to inquiries during Bid and Construction Phases.

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)
Procurement/Civil Works Expert/Consultant and Acting Project Engineer (Additional Function)

   Nov 2000
— Mar 2006

• Develop: (a) the Operations Manual on Procurement of Goods and Services and Civil Works based on the requirement of the funding agencies (ADB - Asian Development Bank, NDF - Nordic Development Fund, DANIDA - Danish Development Authority and OPEC – Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries); (b.) the System Procedures and Guidelines for Procurement of Civil Works; and (c) the Detailed Framework of Plans and Targets on Procurement and Civil Works;
• Draw up the most appropriate organizational and functional arrangements necessary to carry out the smooth execution of the procurement of goods and civil works;
• Direct, supervise and coordinate operation of the Engineering requirement of the Project;
• Implement Systems and procedures to ensure efficient and effective program implementation for the procurement of civil works;
• Monitor progress program of implementation relative to physical facilities and procurement requirement of the Project;
• Facilitate the requirements on procurement of all equipment, books, furniture, and other goods and services required by the various components in accordance with specification within target dates in coordination with the TESDA-Procurement Division (PSD);
• Ensure that activities and procurement practices are consistent, sound technical and in accordance with relevant government and funding agencies procurement and accounting and auditing rules and regulations;
• Prepare periodic reports, technical design and specification requirement of the procurement of goods and civil works;
• Coordinate with the project institutions and other relevant government agencies and regional offices for the smooth implementation of procurement of goods and civil works;
• Provide advice to the Project Director (TESDA Director General) through channels with respect to the technical aspects of the civil works and procurement aspect of the Project;
• Draw up the scope of works and design standards to be followed by the architectural consultant designing all civil works component of the Project in each region;
• Review architectural and engineering design of consultants for the civil works component of the Project;
• Provide assistance to the Regional Offices on the procurement of civil works projects (Estimating, Tendering, Awarding and Contracting); and
• Assist the Project Director through his authorized official in exercising oversight in the implementation of the civil works and procurement component of the Project.

HK - RSEA J.O., INC (Hutama Karya - Ret Ser Engineering Agency Joint Operations, Incorporated)
Cost / Contract Engineer (Senior Engineer)

   Nov 1997
— Nov 2000

• Prepare the requirements in purchasing of local and imported materials, equipment and other pre-requisites of Skyway Project in accordance with the Procurement Guidelines and Standards of the Company and concern Government Agency;
• Expedite payment for the cost of local and imported materials, equipment and other pre-requisites of Skyway Project together with the duties and other charges if deem necessary;
• Follow up and monitor the delivery of purchased local and imported materials, equipment and other pre-requisites of Skyway Project in order to ensure its on time arrival;
• Evaluate the endorsed supplier and sub-contractors’ billings and other documentation requirements;
• Conduct inspections, field audit of suppliers/sub-contractors’ accomplishment when necessary;
• Prepare and certify certificate of payments based on the evaluated physical accomplishment of suppliers and sub-contractors;
• Evaluate the request for variation orders by sub-contractors and make recommendations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sub-contract agreement; and
• Review and check all sub-contract agreements in order to determine the sub-contractor’s contractual obligations prior to the perfection of the statement of final account.

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