Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Last Updated: 16th January 2020 (over 2 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


B.Tech(Mechanical) 10 years and 5 month in Oil-gas construction and EPC(Nuclear, Solar & Thermal) projects.


Rajasthan University
Bachelor of Engineering

   May 2004
— Nov 2008

4 Year regular course.
BRANCH- Mechanical


GVPR Engineers Ltd
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

   Jun 2018
— Current

• Hydraulic designing work of transfer main, rising main and distribution main.
• Monitoring all activity of the commissioning and like survey pipe laying, valve install in right position, encasing, thrust block, in chamber, hydro test etc.
• Inter disciplinary coordination.
• Site execution and coordination.
• Proper maintain all record in related to field work, as well as month planning contractors billing, laying record, balance work all documentation work.
• Check the performance of contract works.
• Checking client, contractor bills and reconciliation of material.
• Site visited (client handling) AEN; EE; SE level.
• Statistical reporting.
• Lead effectively and proactively.

ACIC Tandheef
Mechanical Engineer

   Jan 2018
— May 2018

• Piping work on field service facility (FSF).
• Flowline work on oil production well head, cluster well head to oil gathering manifold.
• Fowline work on water injection well.
• Responsibility for monitoring piping construction and fabrication activities ensuring quality and taking necessary actions to maintain satisfactory standard.
• Preparing work packages with all design documentations and method statement for work permits approval.
• Assisting and supporting the Project Manager in their daily duties.
• Ensuring that relevant management information is captured and analyzed.
• Assisting and supporting the Projects engineer in their daily duties.
• Working with the team to remove blockers
• Control schedule
• Track, analyze and communicate project risks and opportunities.
• Helping the Contract Manager with the development of operating procedures.
• Involved in Coordinating projects from inception to completion.
• Keeping in close contact with key project members and decision makers
• Track and report project progress
• Update documentation
• Directing Quality Assurance

Internatonal Inspection Services Private Limited
Inspection engineer

   Dec 2015
— Jan 2018

• Supervision, monitoring and coordinating of all shutdown activities which include maintenance, inspection and testing of gas plant.
• Coordination and liaising with owner /client for shutdown preparation and activities.
• Hydro testing for pressure vessels and shell and tube heat exchangers.
• Overhaul and inspection of static equipment.
• Determining quality control standards.
• Expediting & inspection of pressure vessels, heavy structure, valves, pumps & casting.
• Dimensions & fit-up checking of weld joint as per approved QAP/ ITP/WPS.
• Inspection of raw material with respect to the drawings and project specifications.
• Review and verify all the procedures required for manufacturing the items.
• Review and verification of welding procedures (WPS, PQR, WPQR)
• Review and verify the qualification certificates of NDT and other testing personnel.
• Review and verification of material traceability report of the materials
• Review/witness the heat treatment reports.
• Witness/Review of Non-Destructive tests after final welding.
• Visual and dimensional checks stage/final.
• Witnessing of final mock assembly as per the GAD and protocol
• Witnessing the pressure tests such as Hydro static test, pneumatic test, as per the data sheets and approved procedure.
• To verify/witness surface preparation and coating.
• To issue weld maps for all pipelines isometrics.
• Supervision of scaffolding erection safe for use.
• Evaluate the daily and weekly site progress, and report to the site manager.

Adecco India Private Limited
Sr. Mechanical engineer

   Oct 2014
— Oct 2015

• Familiar with fabrication-erection standard of structure, tank, pressure parts and piping standard like ASME, ASTM, API, IS (ASME B31.1, ASME31.3, IS12843, IS800, API 650 etc).
• Fabrication erection work of tank.
• Tank Maintenance work like strengthening, cleaning, short blasting and painting.
• Maintenance of all major static equipments like heat exchangers, columns, and pressure vessels..
• Maintenance of high pressure shell and tube heat exchanger involving cleaning of fouled tubes with the help of high pressure pumps/ water jetting up to 20,000 PSI pressure with the help of power lance and with the help of hydrokinetic method
• Execution work of piping (reading isometric drawings, protocol preparation)
• Checked pipe support as per isometric drawings.
• Managing the project equipments and resource.
• Executing the projects within the budgets and decided timeline with clients.
• Review documents/drawings submitted by the client
• Classify all documents as a hard copies and soft copy.
• Preparing the fabrication sequence for the project.
• Supervising for the work shop drawings done by the draftsman.
• Review documents/drawings submitted by the client.
• Preparing the layout for the project
• Preparing the fabrication sequence for the project.

HCC Limited
Fabrication engineer

   Feb 2012
— Jun 2014

• Execution work of fabrication and erection of steel structure (Like MS, CS & SS).
• Dimensional accuracy must be checked after welding also with client / representative and consequently to prepare necessary document.
• Calculating monthly quantity of materials from drawing.
• Making client bills, checking contractor bills and reconciliation of material.
• Fabrication work of critical type MS pipe line.
• Critical fabrication work of liner, transition and Y pieces pipe line.
• Fabrication and Erection work in critical structure of IC wall linear and over head tank.
• Alignment checking of S.S pipe line, miter with concrete forming drawing.
• Planning schedule of next month and preparing DPR so improve work project.
• Inspections by using instruments like Measure tapes, Calipers, Micrometer, Weld gauge, Elko meter, Optical Instruments, etc. for performing diff. Type of fabrication activities.
• Co-ordinate with client & contracture for technical quire.
• Dimensions & fit-up inspection of weld joint as per approved WPS & drawings.
• Verification of sandblasting & painting.

BGR Energy Systems Limited
Site Engineer

   Jul 2010
— Jan 2012

• Execution work of fabrication erection of all supporting structure of TG, Mill Bunker Building, Coal Bunker and Chimney approx quantity of steel fabrication is 30,000 MT.
• Responsible for production planning, monitoring of man, material, machine & method in the production area to meet customer schedule.
• Coordinating with material department, QC, store, site activities for better operational condition.
• Prepare deviation reports to document nonconforming conditions as required.
• Arrange & attend the Pre inspection meetings for discussion of technical & testing requirements.
• Review the Material cutting plan to minimize the scrap generation.
• Handle the Third Party Inspection Agency TUV-SUD South Asia, Client Consultant TCE and Client RRVUNL.
• Individually looking after the Fabrication and Erection of total structural work inside the chimney (275 M height) as well as I was also involved in brick lining work and slap casting of liner support platforms.
• Execution & fit up checking of heavy structural of Chimney internal platform with detail drawing
• Planning, scheduling, progress monitoring of heavy structural beam of chimney internal platform erection
• Erection of heavy girder and secondary beam of chimney internal platform.
• Alignment checking of turbine generator structure with general arrangement drawing.
• Prepare protocol for structure assembly.

Tata Projects Limited

   Jul 2008
— Dec 2009

• Planning and execution of mechanical packages like pipe rack (AHP), mill bunker structure, bottom ash handling hopper (AHP).
• Erection and alignments of Bunker columbs and girder.
• Inspection of structure & fabricated part as per drawings. Ensured correct positioning of each items as per GA drawings.
• Check welding quality as per available QAP (Quality assurance plan) & drawings.
• To check the perpendicularity of column beams structure by the use of plumb & total station m