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35 to 44

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English, Greek


• Licensed professional Civil Engineer, holder of a five-year course Greek University Degree in Civil Engineering.
• 14.5 years of total professional experience.
Throughout the last 11 years I have been involved in Public Works concerning Highway Maintenance, Inspection and Highway Operation as a Project Engineer occupied by four main contractors. The scope of works has been including all activities for routine, planned, reactive maintenance and inspection for every type of highway asset and also highway operation for a particular 220km sector of “Egnatia Odos” Motorway in East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece. Works for periodic maintenance and highway improvement have also been included.
As a member of the small project management teams (consisting of 3-5 engineers) for ten contracts of Public Works, through these years I have been involved in all activities concerning construction (& operations) management, project control, contract implementation and project management, working both on site and in office.
I have also gained experience in quality control for ready-mixed concrete and aggregates (2.5 years) and construction management for concrete frame structures (1 year) such as a football stadium and a hotel.


Democritus University Of Thrace (DUTH), Greece
Civil Engineering

   Sep 1994
— Feb 2002

University Degree Diploma. 5-year Course including Degree Thesis.
Degree Thesis: “Application of two models (Van Rijn and Karim-Kennedy) for estimation of sediment transport at catchment area of Germasoya Reservoir in Cyprus”.

Cambridge University (Local Examination Syndicate, Greece)
First Certificate in English

   Sep 1986
— Jun 1989


Project Civil Engineer

   Jun 2014
— Current

East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece.
Two Contracts of Public Works (total budget of €85m, main Contractor: AKTOR SA) concerning Highway Maintenance, Operation and Inspection.
My additional positions:Site Coordinator for Winter Maintenance(on section of 40km)(All 4 seasons)/Safety Engineer(06/14- 03/15)
My main responsibilities:
• Project control & monitoring activities. Monitroring for each activity (with the exception of electrical works): contractor’s & client’s costs (against estimates), admeasurements (against pre-measurements & materials’ quantities used), progress & timelines (against overall scope & baselines), performance (of plan, workforce, materials). Evaluating data, identifying risks & problems and making suggestions for improvement. Collecting & managing the whole of project historical data.
• Quantity surveying. Doing or organizing the execution of measurements, gathering and managing measurements for the whole of quantities for client accounts, accumulating the amounts of accounts on daily progress (against costs), forecasting. Identifying negotiable activities and preparing relevant claims. Preparing the whole of as-built documents (including measurements, drawings & data) attached to accounts. Preparing the final monthly draft of account for client’s review & approval and providing any clarification on client’s demand. Preparing subcontractors’ accounts.
• Defects management (control of highway defects/ repairs). Full control for every step of the process. Collecting data, evaluating defects & incidents, preparing official reports (including estimates & asset management data), managing further investigations, suggesting reinstatement methods, prioritizing & scheduling for repairs, providing printed & oral instructions/ directions to the work groups, monitoring works & evaluating the outcome, managing reinstatements’ overall progress.
• Estimates. Preparing technical and economic estimates for any type of potential activities: scope of works, resources (workforce, materials, equipment) requirements, sequence of works & locations, timelines, contractor’s & client’s costs.
• Highway Inspections. Managing and coordinating inspections. Instructing Inspection/ Operation groups.
• Control of materials. Acceptance & inventories. Measurement sheets for inputs, outputs allocated per activity and “live” stock.
• Data management & reports. Developing/ maintaining/ managing data bases & preparing reports for all the above-menthioned.
• Coordinating Winter Maintenance on site. Directing & coordinating workforce during snowfalls. Liaising with Authorities.
• Interaction with the project team in: planning/ scheduling and making preparations for activities, managing procurement, handling work zone (or incident) traffic management, handling documentation, ensuring compliance with Contracts & Standards.

Deputy Site Manager, Project Civil Engineer

   Sep 2009
— May 2014

East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece.
Four Contracts of Public Works (total budget of €45m, main Contractor: IONIOS SA) concerning Highway Maintenance, Operation and Inspection.
My additional positions: Site Coordinator for Winter Maintenance (on section of 70km) (2011-12, 2013-14)/ Coordinator of Safety and Health/ Safety Engineer
My main responsibilities:
Undertaking the leading role in construction (& operations) management: managing resources, prioritizing & coordinating activities, directing workforce (direct labor & sub-contractors) and supervising on site. Preparing schedule of works & planning activities (execution plans for each activity, technical and economic estimates, site investigations, liaising with client about designs). Liaising with client for all technical issues. Interacting with the Site Manager for all Project Management tasks. Handling Project Control (admeasurements, costs and monitoring activities, relevant reports, client accounts), maintaining the control of highway defects and repairs and handling procurement (investigation, determination of quantities, orders). Managing highway inspections. Planning and coordinating Winter Maintenance. Maintaining and managing project’s database. Pursuing safety of workforce and preparing Safety & Health Plans. Interacting with the Site Manager for the preparation of Work Zone (or incident) Traffic Management Studies.

Project Civil Engineer

   Mar 2007
— Aug 2009

Location: East Macedonia & Thrace, Greece (Worksite Office: Xanthi)
Four Contracts of Public Works (total budget of €25m, main Contractor: ENTECHNOS SA for three contracts and MEKON SA for one contract) concerning Highway Maintenance, Operation and Inspection.
My additional positions: Site Coordinator for Winter Maintenance(on section of 40km)(2007-08,2008-09)/Safety Engineer (05/09- 08/09)
My main responsibilities:
Supervising on site & directing workforce on daily basis. Interacting with the Project Team in planning, coordinating activities, managing resources and preparing daily schedule. Conducting site measurements, investigations and preparing estimates for potential activities. Monitoring particular activities. Planning and coordinating Winter Maintenance. Participating in the preparation of client accounts, procurement and project documentation. Pursuing safety of workforce and preparing Safety and Health Plans.

TEKTON SA (Tekton Group)
Quality Control Engineer

   Jul 2004
— Feb 2007

Location: Thrace, Greece
Production of Ready-Mixed Concrete and Aggregates.
My main responsibilities:
Quality monitoring of products and raw materials. Developing statistical analysis and evaluating test results. Executing lab tests of concrete and aggregates. Making evaluation/ testing/ adjustments of new concrete compositions prior to products availability. Developing and executing the schedule for tests and calibrations (for production/laboratory equipment). Maintaining records of Quality Control for three production units. Daily sampling on sites and supervising consignment. Supervising/ monitoring production. Consulting clients about technical issues. Liaising with Public Supervisors and Quality Inspectors.

ERGON SA (Tekton Group)
Site Construction Engineer

   Jul 2003
— Jun 2004

Location: Thrace, Greece
Private Projects: Construction of Skoda Xanthi FC football stadium, Construction of Hotel “Le Chalet” and Extension of Skoda Xanthi FC football stadium in Pigadia, Xanthi. Construction of residential building with two storeys in Chrisa, Xanthi. Small scale projects executed by small construction groups.
My main responsibilities:
Supervising on site and directing workforce. Implementing structural drawings. Managing sub-contractors. Monitoring works, doing all measurements (on site/ from drawings) and admeasurements of completed works (against bills of quantities), accumulating quantities for client accounts. Participating in planning/scheduling. Estimating quantities for orders and maintaining the control of materials’ quantities. Liaising with clients’ technical representatives.

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