Music tutor, teacher, lecturer and theorist

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, French, German, Italian


Music teacher, pedagogue and theorist with eight years of experience in tutoring and music education, with outstanding results. Specialization in harmonic analysis through PHD and MA thesis. Besides for the harmony, wide interest in all areas of music performance and theory, as proven through various concerts, symposiums and publications.
Proven excellent knowledge and understanding of music in all areas, acquired through diverse education in music theory and performing arts, as displayed through high GPA, and various prizes and publications.

Acquired Master thesis in record time of only nine months.

Acquired PHD at prestigious University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna at the age of 29.

Adaptable to multicultural environment, practiced through different symposiums and summer schools abroad. Strong knowledge of several foreign languages, with certificates in both German and English.


University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna
PhD in Music Theory

   Mar 2013
— Jun 2018

Thesis: “Late tonal phenomena by César Franck. A research of selected
organ and orchestral works of the composer from the perspective of
history of harmony and its teaching methods in Belgium and France”

Faculty of Music Belgrade
MA in Music theory

   Oct 2011
— Jul 2012

Thesis: “The Chromatic as the main constructive element of the harmonic flow in the ‘Variations Symphonique’ M.46 in F Sharp Minor by César Franck”

Music School "Dr Vojislav Vučković"
Opera singing

   Sep 2008
— Jun 2015

Studied opera singing and vocal performance at pre-academic level.

Faculty of Music Belgrade
General Music Pedagogy

   Oct 2007
— Sep 2011

Major in Music theory and Solfege, Minor in Piano, Choir leading, etc.

Music School "Dr Vojislav Vučković"
Piano performance

   Sep 1996
— Jun 2007

Studied piano and all performing subjects at pre-academic level.


Music institute #Povisilica
Music theory teacher

   Apr 2016
— Current

Tutoring music students at different levels in all music theory related subjects.

Music tutor in theory and piano

   Apr 2010
— Apr 2016

Tutoring students at all levels in music theory and piano.

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