Petroleum Engineer

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Age Range
35 to 44

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Croatian, English, Russian, Serbian


I have a bachelor`s degree in Industrial Engineering for oil and gas exploitation with seven years of experience in midstream oil industry. My job for the Russian company "Velesstroy" is technical supervision of welding technology for oil pipelines and oil reservoirs, ensuring the highest possible standards and quality which is required by the employer, at the same time to provide the maximum level of protection at work for the workers. OOO "Velesstroy" is a construction company that specializes in the construction of oil infrastructure for a major oil transportation company OAO "Transneft" throughout the Russian Federation, based in Moscow. My current location is in the far east of Russia, 50 km from the city of Khabarovsk in the Amur region, the construction of oil pumping station "NPS-1 Amur-77" branch of a major project "VS-TO" (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean), which will connect the oil pipeline of western Russia via the Far East to the Pacific Ocean. On the recent project I was Chief Engineer of welding projects in the northern Siberian tundra of the the Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous region 250 km above the Arctic circle (67.4777444o N 78.7173417o E) with extremely cold winter temperatures droping down to - 66o C. I was Chief Project Manager for welding of all oil reservoirs on two midstream oil stations "GNPS-1", "NPS-2" and part of the oil pipeline route "Zapolarye - Pur-Pe" (Заполярье-Пур Пе). Upon completion of the overall project pipeline, the company OAO "Transneft" had awarded me with a honorary medal for personal commitment and dedication of the entire project of the northern oil pipeline from the general director. My job is to organize welding crews and technical support teams for welding equipment. Programming and computer diagnostics for complex welding units. Maximum engagement on all projects that have been entrusted to me by providing the results as soon as possible in accordance with the standards required of the employer.


University of Novi Sad / Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin"
Bachelor's Degree with Honors for Industrial Engineering for Oil and Gas Exploitation

   Sep 2015
— Current

▪ Technical Science ,Electrical engineering ,Mechanical engineering , Fluids ,Geology ,English Russian.
▪ Geophysical study of oil and gas layers with field experience.
▪ Industrial excavation of crude oil and gas with refining process.
▪ Oil and gas transportation
▪ Industrial management.


OOO Velesstroy
Senior Project Engineer

   Feb 2011
— Current

▪ Chief Engineer for supervision and consultation on the welding technology of oil pipelines and oil reservoirs.
▪ Organization of technical staff and welding crews under the regulations of OKKC and technical procedures.
▪ Technical support on welding automated units (AGW II) with computer diagnostics.
▪ Responsibility for providing best quality of welding and ensuring that it does not exceed deadlines.
▪ Procurement of modern equipment from top class manufacturers for maximum results in difficult conditions with the necessary technical support from vendors.
▪ Finished projects : Oil pipeline system "Eastern Siberia — Pacific ocean" VS-TO / Oil Terminal “NPS
41”- Vladivostok / Reservoir park “Самара 1“ - Samara / Reservoir park “АЗС Черкассый” - Ufa , Pipeline System "Zapolyarie -Pur pe" / Oil Terminal “GNPS 1” ,” NPS-2” – Noviy Urengoy / Oil terminal “НПС 1 – Амур 11“ - Khabarovsk