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Last Updated: 22nd November 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu


I have over five years of experience in different divisions in the administration department including production department. I have worked for two major manufacturing companies in different divisions. This has helped me gain knowledge in Customer service, Logistics, Document control, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing.


Graffins College
Advance Diploma in Business Information Technology

   Jul 2008
— Jun 2010


Kenafric Industries Limited
Sales Administrator / Customer Service

   Jan 2013
— Current

• Communication with customers / distributors on receiving and providing market details, competition and statistics.
• Supporting and coordinating with distributors / customers by obtaining orders, specification of items to be purchased, customer choices and enter information on the order form.
• Managing data entry into the Company EPR, SAP, by recording / inputting sales orders into SAP and ensure correct sales orders, prices and customer discounts.
• Ensuring all EPR system generated documents are correct by verifying daily documents and maintaining the system data.
• Coordinating with the Accounts department on reconciliation of customer accounts.
• Coordinate with the Production department to ensure maximum production to meet demand of orders received and ensure minimum stock outs.
• Assist / Coordinate with logistic department to expedite shipments and ensure process of order to delivery is with the estimated time frame.
• Coordination with dispatch team to allow priority on certain items and quantity and Inspect outgoing work for compliance with customers' specifications.
• Ensure the sales extraction sheets are completed and kept up to date to ensure compliance with the ISO safety and Quality Management System.
• Liaise with legal department regarding exchanges and completion; and provide statements.
• Take telephone enquiries from prospective customers regarding both forthcoming and existing sites, creating a database for future use within mail shots and inputting customer enquiries into the marketing system.
• Solve goods returned / quality issues brought forward by customers by raising customer complaints and coordinating with respective departments to provide an action plan.

Chandaria Industries Limited
Production Administrator

   Aug 2011
— Dec 2012

• Managing data entry into the Company EPR, Pastel Evolution, by recording / inputting necessary production data.
• Managing reports from Business Intelligence Centre within the Pastel Evolution and presenting all database and information as required.
• Calculating costing production data; analysing cost targets and profitability and reporting on any abnormal data.
• Coordinating with production unit heads within various production sections and plan the production in line with minimum stock levels and sales orders.
• Communicating and Managing Waste Paper supply chain with large Corporate including Foreign Embassies and High Commissions.
• Communicate with management and employees on production and related matters.
• Managing emails and communication with Waste Paper suppliers.

Mohsin Enterprise Limited
Assistant Manager (Part Time)

   Jan 2008
— Jul 2011

• Warehouse supervising
• Receiving / making payments
• Information recording
• Basic book keeping
• Stock and Inventory Management
• Basic accounting
• Enhanced and improved on customer relations
• Invoicing
• Telephone sales
• Customer care service

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