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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English


C.V__Nassr Amer (Mechanical Engineer)

Personal Information
Name: Nassr Amer Ibrahim
Gender: Male
Address: Basra,Iraq
Birthday: 26/3/1995
Marital state: Single

University of Basra
College of Engineering
Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (Sep 2012 - Jun 2016).

Mother language: Arabic
Other language: English good (Speaking, reading and writing).

Work Experience
1-Period: Currently Working in West Qurna-2 Oilfield.
Position: Rotating Equipment Engineer.
Company: LUKOIL Mid-East Limited Company.
I started working with Lukoil Company from (13/08/2017) as Rotating Equipment Engineer in WestQurna-2 Oilfield in Basra.

2-Period: (12/7/2016 to 5/8/2017) in West Qurna-1 Oilfield.
Position: Pipeline and Piping Engineer (Quality Control).
Company: ENKA Turkey Construction Company.
I worked with ENKA Construction Company as Piping Engineer in West Qurna-1 Oilfield in Basra.

3-Period: (1/7/2015 to 1/9/2015).
Position: Trainee as Field Engineer.
Company: South Oil Company S.O.C in Basra.
I trained two months with South Oil Company S.O.C as Field Engineer in the summer training period
for University of Basra from (1/7/2015 to 1/9/2015).
Training and Courses

1-Training with LUKOIL Company:
I have many Important Courses at LUKOIL Company and these courses include:
1-H2S course (level 1&2).
2-Permit to work training (P.T.W level 1&2).
3-Work at High place training.
4-SCBA training (Self-contained breathing apparatus training).
5-Confined Space Entry training.
6-IMIST training (High safety training with ATLAS Network for HSE training).
7-First Aid Course. 8-Firefighting training. 9-Authorised Gas Tester course.

2-Other Training and Certificates
1-Graduation Certificate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Basra-College of Engineering
with a grade medium (68.599%).
2-I have Production Certificate (Oil&Gas Production) from SHELL Co. contracted with ENKA Co. in CS6
Project in West Qurna-1 Oilfield.
3-I have Mechanical Supervision Certificate from B.G.C (Basra Gas Company) in West Qurna-1 Oilfield
in appreciation of the efforts exerted in the redevelopment of the gas section in Iraq.
4-I have HSE Coordinator Certificate from LUKOIL Co. Contracted with ATLAS Institute in Basra.
5-I have Pipeline Construction Certificate from ENKA Turkey Construction Company in I.O.T project in
West Qurna-1 Oilfield.
6-I have Occupational Safety and Health Professional (HSE OSHA) Certificate.
7-I have Microsoft Office Certificate (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) from ARATC Training &Development.
8-Oil&Gas training about activities and supervision of wells with LUKOIL CO. in West Qurna-2 Oilfield.
9-Mechanical Construction course (Level 1&2) about install steel structure with ENKA CO.
10-Welding QC course with Certificate from oil and gas training center in Basra.
11-Induction course about Mechanical supervision and pipelines supervision with Lukoil Co.
12-AutoCAD course from oil and gas training center in Basra city.

Computer skills
1-MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
4-Matlab Program.
5-All internet application.
Thanks and kind regards.


University of Basrah
Mechanical Engineering

   Sep 2012
— Jun 2016


Lukoil Mid-East Limited Company
Rotating Equipment Engineer

   Aug 2017
— Current

ENKA Construction company
Piping Engineer

   Jul 2016
— Aug 2017

South Oil Iraqi Company S.O.C
Trainee as Field Engineer

   Jul 2015
— Sep 2015

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