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Arabic, English, Hindi


NAIPAL SINGH ISO 9001:2015 Auditor
Contact: +91 9813388911 Skype: Naipal.singh3
Email: jobskdnaipal@gmail.com; naipalsingh1011@gmail.com

An accomplished professional seeking a middle management position in an Industry where my expertise and rich experience can positively impact the organization’s productivity and growth.
May 2017 to present: Electrical quality professional
Self employed – India
 Scheduling and coordinating work to tight deadlines
 Ensuring that equipment works to its specification
 Investigating problems, diagnosing/ repairing faults troubleshooting
 Coordinating with installation/ project engineers
 Supervising engineering and technical staff
 Writing reports and documentation
 Technical support
 Ensuring safe working conditions
January 2013 to April 2017: Engineer – QA/QC
Electronia Co. (7CC), Saudi Arabia: Electronia is the provider of highly advanced wired/ wireless broadband communications systems like defense, tracking, monitoring
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 Inspection and testing of incoming, in-process and final products.
 Verification of materials supplied with material submittal.
 Submitting progress report of project status to management.
 Verification of proper functioning and utilization of measuring instruments.
 Review and comments on engineering drawings and reports.
 Site supervision and implementation of jobs as per drawings and projects specifications.
 Coordination with customers/ clients for projects execution.
 Implementation of QMS in engineering, procurement and execution phases.
 Attend kick of meetings and identify quality related risk to success and mitigate it.
 Prepare quality documents for obtaining client approvals.
October 09 to December 2012: Engineer – Electrical QA/ QC
JAL INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED, Saudi Arabia: Manufacturer of SCADA/ SOER Solutions with substation control and protection systems for oil and gas industries. Its Field services department solely for the purpose of Testing and Commissioning of Substation and Industrial primary equipments.
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 ELECTRICAL TESTING & COMMISSIONING team player in Energy service division.
 Ensures all electrical installations must comply with specifications as per approved drawings and applicable standards.
 Highlights major discrepancies/ abnormalities detected during monitoring/ inspection/ testing and updating to concern Manager
 Follow ups for CAPA against raised NCRs
 Verification of readiness before issuing RFI
 Coordination with clients/ customers to fulfill their requirements.
 Generation of Gap Analysis report according ISO 9001 system.
 Preparation, Establishment, Documentation, Implementation, monitoring and Maintaining Quality Management System according ISO 9001 standards.
 Continuous follow – up for update and maintain record of calibrated testing equipments.
 Customer complaints handling.
 Conducts Safety meetings periodically.
May ’08 – August 09: Sr. Engineer – Production Planning and Control
NORISYS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, India: Manufacturer of Electrical Switches, sockets and Distribution boards etc.
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 Good understanding of planning, analysis and interpretation skills of processes, men, machine, material and methods.
 Plan and manage introduction of new tools, technology and process improvements in order to improve productivity by controlling cycle time and Quality of products and services.
 Setting Quality objectives and targets and create effective plans to achieve them.
 Executing delivery procedures and matrixes where applicable.
 Maintaining positive and friendly working atmosphere by ensuring associates’ development and involvement.
December ’06 – February ’08: Engineer – Electrical Quality Control
ARABIAN POINT EIGHT POWER CO. LTD., Saudi Arabia: Manufacturer of Switchgears, MCC, Switch racks, Distribution panels etc.
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 Contribute in electrical Inspection & Testing to execute the work successfully as per scheduled time.
 Coordinate with clients/customers and site engineers for material and required activities.
 Emphasize the necessities for strict observance of standard procedures.
 Preparation of Quality Reports and records according QMS requirements.
 Checking work activities against approved drawings, specifications and relevant codes, standards.
 Devising sampling procedures with instructions and forms for recording, evaluating and reporting Quality and reliability data.
 Coordination in the procurement of Electrical goods.
July ‘05 – November ’06: Engineer – Electrical Quality Control
SARD METAL PVT. LTD. India: Manufacturer of Electrical MCB, Isolator, and Distribution boards etc.
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 Periodic supplier assessment for Quality audits of products and processes.
 Support the team for development of new components.
 Approve vendor PPAP submission.
 Rejection analysis.
 Making Inspection layout, control plan and work instructions.
 Contribute in maintaining documentation according ISO 9001 standards.
October ‘97 – June ’05: Electrical Quality Control
GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTORS (India) LTD. India: Manufacturer of single phase FHP Electric motors.
Skills/ Responsibilities:
 Inspection & Testing of incoming receiving electrical components/materials.
 Calibration of testing instruments/equipments.
 Process tryout of new models.
 Planning and follow-up for men, machine, material and other requirements to achieve the production target.
 Inventory control of raw, in – process as well as finished products.
 Making SCAT of finished products.
 Member of analysis (6 Sigma) team to find out root cause for product/process problems.
ACADEMICS: 1996 3 Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
1993 Matriculation.
 Ideation, Learner, Achiever, Analytical, Intellection.
 10th November 1975, Married, Civil line -2, Tehsil & District Palwal, Haryana – 121102 INDIA


Board of technical education Delhi
Electrical engineering 3 year diploma

   Apr 1993
— Mar 1996


Electrical / Qa Qc engineer

   May 2017
— Current

 Inspection and testing of incoming, in-process and final products as per quality standards, relevant codes, approved drawings, specifications, procedures, work instructions, checklists, scheduled plans and expected customer requirements.
 Review and Maintain quality documents (Inspection/testing/commissioning records, instruments/equipment calibration records, customer complaint records, management review meeting records etc).
 Generation of gap analysis reports.
 Implementation of QMS based on ISO 9001 certified corporation system in engineering, procurement and execution phases.
 Attend kick of meetings, identify and mitigate quality related risk to success.
 Plan and monitor all quality related activities as quality objectives/targets and effective planning.
 Prepare quality plans and inspection test plans and associated documents (quality manuals, quality procedures, inspection, testing and commissioning checklist, quality record forms, QVDs and technical submittal and drawing reviews) for obtaining client approvals.
 Establish specific strategies for quality audit, procurement, non conformance reporting and continual improvement.

Electronia limited, Saudi Arabia
Qa Qc engineer

   Jan 2013
— Apr 2017

General Electric motors India limited, India
Qa Qc engineer

   Oct 1997
— Jun 2005

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