Technical Director/ Project Director/ PMO Director

Last Updated: 5th January 2019 (over 3 years ago)

Kiev, Ukraine


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Azeri, English, Russian, Turkish


Nakhid Sadyhov

Address : UKRAINE / Kiev
GSM : +38 095 732 45 81
E-mail :

Education : University (Graduate)
Marital Status : Married
Experience : 13 Year(s)
Working Status : Employed
Military Service : (No military obligations, Ukraine laws. )-01.01.2005
Date of Birth : 05.04.1982
Passport : Ukraine
Driving License : Yes
Spider Projects PMP training Certificate / IELTS Certificate


IAESTE, Leons, Chamber of Engineering (Turkey, Ukraine)

   Jan 2005
— Jan 2015

Computer Skills lastermage-Skype. nahit Sadigov

» Computer
3D Studio Intermediate
AutoCAD Professional
Microsoft Office Professional
MS Project Professional
Primavera Professional

Smoking : I smoke


SNC (Construction Consultants)
Chıef Constructıon Consultant

   Mar 2016
— Current

Construction consultancy, several successfully completed contracts.
High rise buildings / Shopping Malls / Residental Buildings

Cost Control Specialist.

Onur Constrcution
Technical Director/ Deputy Project Director

   Jan 2013
— Feb 2016

Roads, highways, flyovers, bridges construction/re-construction for Ukraine government.
Clients: “KIEVavtodor”, “UKRavtodor” and “Direksia”. (Ukraine Government communal structures)
Prospect “Pobeda”: 11 km main prospect, Kiev. Re-construction works. (55 mln USD)
Prospect “Bajana”: 7 km main prospect, Kiev. Re-Construction Works (47 mln USD)

Main Objectives:
1. Development of Design Chart.
2. Tendering management (Central Office)
3. Project Management Plan composition
4. Schedule Management (Generally MS Project)
5. Cost Management (Estimate costs, budget determination)
6. Quality Management, (Monitoring and control) including productivity calculations
7. Procurement and Contracts Management. (mostly FP, CRC contracts)

ANT YAPI Construction (Russia/ Ukraine)
Technical Office Manager. (High-Rise buildings)

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2013

Moscow: Moscow City “Plot 9” Construction works. Saint Petersburg and Moscow Towers.
Client “Capital Group”. (total 260 000 m2, Moscow Tower 76 floors, Saint Pitersburg 65 floors)
Towers base is the 17 floors business center (total project cost 350 mln EU).
Both towers premium class apartments, “turn-key” fit out works.

Kiev: “Sky Towers” Construction works
Client “KDD Group”. (total 224 000 m2, Tower 1 47 floors, Tower 2 34 floors)
Towers base is the 6 floors business center (total project cost 280 mln EU).
Both towers Shell&Core, Office buildings.

Main Objectives:
1. Tendering management (Central Office)
2. Development of Design Chart. (for 2 contracts)
3. Schedule Management Design works only. (Activity Duration, generally Primavera)
4. Quality Management of Project works, (Monitoring and control) including productivity calculations for design works only.
5. Structural project check/correction.

Yenigun Construction (Russia)
Contract Manager

   Jan 2009
— Jan 2010

IKEA-MEGA Construction site (Omsk-Russian Federation)
(total 247 000 m2)
Whole complex, “turn-key” including commercial fit out works.

Main Objectives
1. Schedule Management (Activity Duration, generally MS Project)
2. Cost Management (Estimate costs, budget determination)
3. Claims Management.
4. Quality Management, (Monitoring and control)
5. Risk management
6. Procurement and Contracts Management.

ENKA Construction (Russia)
Planning Department Manager

   Jan 2008
— Jan 2009

Airport “Sheremetyevo 3” Construction/Re-construction site (Moscow-Russian Federation) Total Apron 292 000 m2.
“Apron and Taxiway” department (total project cost 320 mln EU, Apron Cost 190 mln EU).
Apron concreting and infrastructure works.
Main Objectives
1. Schedule Management (Activity Duration, generally MS Project)
2. Cost Management (Estimate costs, budget determination)
3. Quality Management, (Monitoring and control)
4. Risk management
5. Procurement and Contracts Management.

Rennaisance Construction (Russia / Siberia)
Technical Office Engineer

   Jan 2005
— Jan 2008

Ekaterinburg “Congress Hall Construction” (45 million EU). Site Coordination works.
Novosibirsk “Royal Park Business Center” construction (74 mln EU). Design-site coordination works.

Main Objectives
1. Site applications
2. Quality Management

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