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Last Updated: 13th May 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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45 to 54

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Result-oriented highly productive operation / procurement management professionals with a demonstrated ability to significantly reduce procurement cost by standardizing processes, negotiate favorable terms and supplier channels. Now seeking a challenging position in a contracting / purchasing sector of a prestigious and well reputed organization, where I could demonstrate and augment my capabilities and knowledge in order to achieve the corporate and personal goals and to be a valued asset of the organization.
Over 15 years experience in Procurement and Material Management for purchasing of Electrical, Civil Construction Materials, Mechanical, Pumps, Compressors & Motors, Generator, Cleaning Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Generators & Engines, Computer & its accessories, Photocopiers, Fax and office supplies, HVAC/Chiller Spare Parts & Equipments, Safety Equipments & other materials.

• Ability to manage independently the portfolio & handle complex assignments with efficiency.
• Ability to finalize high-ticket accounts using communication & negotiation skills.
• Highly self motivated & committed person with proven analyzing and analytical skill sets
• Expert in keeping and developing customer/supplier relationship
• Focused, result driven, hard working and effective problem solving team member
• Well organized individual with excellent time management and presentation skill sets
• Highly adaptable thrive on challenges and excel in new environments
• Creating new ideas, systems or products including artistic contributions for better purchasing cycle
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, collaborative environment and work under pressure independently
as part of a team
• Having best practice for tender bidding, evaluating and costing the materials and equipments.


Government Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi (University of Karachi)
Bachelor of Legal Law (LLB)

   May 2018
— May 2018

Master of Arts (M.A Previous),
Passed from University of Karachi. Karachi, Pakistan from 1999 – 2000 (2 years)
Subjects: International Relation, Foreign Affairs and Legal Law
Bachelor's degree in Law (LLB)
Passed from Government Sindh Muslim Law College, Karachi, Pakistan from 1996 – 1999 (4 years)
Subjects: Family Law, Income Tax Law, Corporate Law, Civil &Criminal Law
Sindh Bar Council, Karachi, Pakistan - Membership/Role: Advocate for subordinates courts
Member since: February 2001
Karachi Bar Association - Membership/Role: Advocate for Karachi Region Member since: March 2001


Al Riyadh Co. for Maintenance & Operation Ltd.
Purchasing Manager

   Nov 2002
— Current

Working in the capacity of Purchasing Manager and handling General Sports Authority GSA, (previously Presidency of Youth Welfare – GPYW projects) throughout the Kingdom.

My duties & responsibilities are:
1. Performing day-to-day administrative tasks, signing all the relevant papers, purchase requests, purchase orders, agreements and contracts etc.
2. Monitoring all purchasing staff activities, as a departmental head.
3. Managing day-to-day functioning of purchasing group by planning, organizing, directing, leading and controlling functions
4. Review purchase orders to ensure adherence to quality and procedure.
5. Prepare reports regarding market conditions and merchandise cost.
6. Prepare, monitors and controls department business plan / budgets (CAPEX/OPEX)
7. Maintain a bidder’s list, vendor’s list, catalog file, and records needed for the efficient operation of the purchasing system.
8. Overseeing the technical and QA requirements on all items (material, components, and parts) to ensure that purchased items meet design requirements.
9. Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in buying, selling, and distributing materials, equipments, machinery, and supplies.
10. Develop and train staff to ensure that they meet required performance standards. Provide them guidance in handling employee inquiries and to ensure that matters are solved and provide them leadership.
11. Developing specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish the tasks in time, scheduling events, programs, and activities, as well as the other assignments.
12. Provide assistance and co-operate with all the individuals or departments as required
13. Demonstrate credibility to win the confidence and support of the top management, suppliers and partners
14. Continuously review the role of Purchasing and communicate its role to other departments in the company.
15. Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy.
16. Resolve vendors and contractors grievances, and claims against supplies.
17. Manages vendor documentation program, ensuring that a tracking system is in place and maintained
18. Researching and identifying new products and vendors for various category materials
19. Always seeking reliable vendors or suppliers to provide quality goods at reasonable prices.
20. Develop and implement purchasing and contract management instruction, policies and procedures.
21. Represent companies in negotiating contracts and formulating policies with suppliers.
22. Communicating with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources. This information can be exchanged in person, in writing, or by telephone or e-mail.
23. Controlling purchasing department budget.
24. Develops and implements appropriate long and short term strategic and tactical initiatives in order to achieve specific buying, sourcing targets.
25. Evaluate the cost and quality of goods or services.
27. Ensuring relationships with existing suppliers are kept manageable and in the best interests of the business – be this through initiating commercial negotiations, implementing improvements programs and making certain quality, cost and delivery are guaranteed.
28. Developing, designing, or creating new applications, ideas, relationships, systems, or products, including artistic contributions
29. Deal effectively with executive, technical and operational and sub-contract personnel.
PURCHASING OFFICER: (May 2012 – Nov 2015)
Worked as Purchasing Officer in Al Riyadh Co. Maintenance & Operation Ltd. PO Box 50704 Riyadh 11533, Saudi Arabia and was handling General Sports Authority GSA, (previously Presidency of Youth Welfare – GPYW projects) throughout the Kingdom.

My duties & responsibilities were includes:

• Performing day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork, issuance of RFI’s, RFQ’s, RFP’s for the optimal prices.
• Hiring potential suppliers of Electrical, Civil, Cleaning, Safety, Mechanical, Chemicals, Paints, Plumbing, Sports and Office supplies categories and interview them in order to determine the best optimum rates, and good quality products and services availability and terms of sales.
• Participate in the development of specification for equipments, products or substitute material
• Negotiate and recommend execution of contracts for the purchase of supplies, services and equipments, and use cooperative purchasing agreements from other agencies as deemed beneficial.
• Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with suppliers by visiting their facilities to ensure and check the quality of materials to be delivered to avoid any problems and maintaining them over time.
• Supervise and inspect supplies, services and equipments purchased to ensure conformance with specification.
• Maintain the records of goods ordered and received.
• Maintains data of all the prices approved as a record and keeps track of changes in prices frequently and updates
• Keep informed of current developments in the realm of purchasing, prices, market conditions and new products.
• Follow up with Vendor for delivery and to get the material at the right time and required quantity at required location.
• Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipments.
• Arrange for disposal of surplus materials.
PURCHASER: (JUL 2011 – MAY 2012)
Worked as Purchaser in El Seif Engineering & Contracting Co. PO Box 2774, Riyadh 11481, KSA
Duties & Responsibilities:
I was assigned for three projects (infrastructure) to purchase each and every item/s requested by the site on bulk basis:


• I was responsible to control all procurement functions including market research, requirements planning, make or-buy decisions, contact negotiations, supplier management, issuance of RFI's, RFQ's and RFP's to supplier and sub-contractors, project-based price and delivery conditions negotiation and to arrange, manage and provide;
• All kind of construction material including heavy equipment and machineries
• All kind of safety equipments/material comprising with ISO Standard.
• All kind of steel, cements, construction chemicals, tiles, bricks, sands, timber & plywood.
• All kinds of civil material e.g. paint etc. and related materials
• All kinds’ bearings, belts, plumbing materials, compressors, generators etc.
• Follow up with suppliers regarding deliveries.
• Maintain up to date record for ordered goods & deliveries.
• To follow up with finance regarding the payment of suppliers
• To make day-to-day correspondences with Management informing the status of deliveries
• To hire potential and energetic suppliers for the related materials
• To keep in touch with local market to aware the current rates of the regular materials
• To make continuous search for the new suppliers
• To make agreements with suppliers to supply the materials at least one year w/out price change.

Worked as Purchasing Officer in Al Riyadh Co. Maintenance & Operation Ltd. PO Box 50704 Riyadh 11533, Saudi Arabia and was handling General Sports Authority GSA, (previously Presidency of Youth Welfare – GPYW projects) throughout the Kingdom.

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Receiving the materials requests from the site/departments and analyze them carefully.
• Initiate the enquiries and request for quotation from the potential supplier in SAP System.
• Review the quotation and negotiation offer with suppliers for optimum rates using SAP.
• Prepare procurement comparison based on price, quality, and delivery time and payment terms.
• Request for sample and product catalogue with suppliers.
• Evaluate and select qualified suppliers based on price, delivery time and quality product o service.
• Ensuring the timely and accurately processing of all purchase orders to meet the project requirements
• Check the delivered material’s quality and quantity as per agreement and to communicate the
supplier for any unacceptable goods received.
• Keep an up to date record of price of consumable items as well as all other frequently used s/parts
• Maintain the supplier/vendor list as per category/goods supplying/
• Requesting the payment through accounts upon having thoroughly checked SRV (store receipt
voucher) and suppliers claim.
• Draft the supplier’s agreement with all terms and conditions.
• Execute the overseas enquiry when needed
• Perform all other office routine work properly.
• Handling the petty cash and purchase urgently required materials for the site as well H.O.
• Send the received materials to all the sites inside or outside Riyadh by means of transport.
• Prepare the purchase performance report monthly, quarterly and annually.
Worked as Technical Bilingual Secretary at Diyar Najd Est. for Antiquities and Culture, PO Box 60201, Riyadh 11536, Saudi Arabia.
Duties and Responsibilities:
I was responsible for:
• Contract preparation and its annexure.
• Business letters, memos, quotation, inquiries, purchase orders etc.
• Handled telephone calls, copy and distribution and an up to date filing system
Worked as Secretary to Sales Manager at National Aluminum Factory Co. (NAFCO), Riyadh, KSA
Duties & Responsibilities: All types of secretarial duties
Worked as Legal Assistant at Umar Farooq Law Associates, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Preparation of all kinds of legal suits and appears in the court on behalf of the Sr. Advocates.
• I started my own legal practice as "lawyer" of subordinate courts in Karachi IN 2000.
Worked as Secretary-cum-Sales Co-ordinator at Haji Hussein Alireza & Co. Ltd., Riyadh, KSA
Duties & Responsibilities:
I was responsible for:
• Providing the quotation to the required salesman after checking the stock of the vehicle required thoroughly for possible any mistake and arrange to take the signature from the sales supervisor as well as from the Sales Manager.
• Arrange to handle all required work for the deals with other departments without the sales interference.
• Prepare of vehicles files completely either installment or cash basis along with all the relevant documents and provide full details to finance department for complete the administration formalities.
• Follow up with installment department for completing the work as soon as possible and after completion of files take the necessary signatures from the concerned managers and dispatch the files to Jeddah Installment Section to get the final approvals.
• Contact the customers for handing over their vehicles after approval of files. In case of any error in the customer files, must inform the customers through phone or fax or by mail to provide the missing documents as ear as possible to finalize the deal.
• Advising the sales to visit the customers who have purchased the vehicles a month back for finding out the customer satisfaction as well as vehicle performance.
• Prepare the stock reports of the vehicles by customer wise, by brand wise, by cash or installment plan wise. Provide tall these information to the sales manager about the stock of vehicles which available in stock in the yard.
• Perform all secretarial duties such as typing, filing, faxing, copying & distribution and able to communicate in English and Arabic with the inter office as well as with the customers.
• Decoration arrangements for the vehicles in showroom locations.