Instrumentation & Control Engineer / Supervisor

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Urdu


• Presenting 9.0 Year diversified experience, within various legendary industries environments, including oil & Gas and Petrochemical. Key Skills are DCS System, Safety Instrumented System, Fire/Gas Detection System, Gas Wellhead Protection System, Remote Telemetry Units (RTU), Gas plant
• Studied and solved the problem faced in the field. Coordination with vendors, piping and other departments for instrument requirements and Inter discipline Communication.
• Expertise in installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of Yokogawa DCS (Centum VP), V-monitor Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)
• Expertise in wellhead construction and commissioning activities including Wellhead Control Panel (WILMAX), High Integrity pressure protection system (WILMAX), Choke Valve, RTU, Fire & gas and ESD system installation and functional testing
• Factory Acceptance (FAT) and Site Acceptance Test (SAT),Method statement and QCP-ITP review and approval
• Having experience of reviewing project drawings engineered by external contractor, for adequacy, accuracy related to instrument installation design in oil & gas industry. Such as Instrument and metering devices Index, Loop diagrams, Interconnection diagram, termination details, Cable block diagram / schedule, Instrument location plans, Cable routing / tray layouts, Instrument Installation & Hookup drawings, Bill of Material, prepare punch lists, , Red markup, As-built drawings and follow up completion with contractors.
• Well versed in all Instrumentation and Control systems activities related to construction and Pre-commissioning, HART and Foundation Field Bus Calibration (Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Control Valve, ESD Valve), Fire and GAS trouble shooting & Maintenance
• Participate in Planning, construction operations job allotment, progress monitoring, ensuring quality of the work.
• Perform Installation of Machine Monitoring System (Bentley Nevada 3500)
• Coordination with vendors, piping and other departments for instrument requirements and Inter discipline Communication
• Update management information reports highlighting, trends on project status and budget utilization
• Progress and Material tracking, review and approval, Maintained complete documentation for Removal and installation of instruments
• Proficient in the use of MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint.
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written English.
• Experience in leading a team for Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities


Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology - Islamabad, Pakistan
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Electronics Engineering

   Feb 2005
— Feb 2009


Petroleum Development Oman (Seconded Staff),
Instrument Engineer

   Jun 2013
— Current

• Provide technical guidance and direction to contractors to ensure efforts are aligned towards and maximize the potential to meet project objectives.
• Checking following types of drawings, Hook-up drawings for field instruments, Instrument Location & Cable Routing diagram, Instrument duct/Trench layouts, Cable Tray Layout, Control cable schedule, Termination Drawing, Instrument Loop schematic and Wiring diagrams, I/O list, Fire and gas Verifying Drawing Changes, Red markup and As-built drawings
• Played a lead role in all the construction, Pre-commissioning and commissioning of field instruments (Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature, Control Valve and ESD valve, Differential Transmitter, Fire and Gas), junction boxes, instrument cable, trays Installation, U/G and A/G cable lying, gland & termination, tubing for instruments, control room & local control panels.
• Following Offline and Online DCS configuration thro vendor, Establishing communication from well to DCS, Contacting construction line walk prior to commissioning walk-down
• Played a lead role in the installation, Pre-commissioning and commissioning Well head control panels (Willmax WHCP), HIPPS Valve, Choke Valve
• Support operations team in, Managing the construction effort towards an efficient systems handover for commissioning and completing corrections identified during commissioning and start-up.
• Support the project engineers in, the preparation/review of construction plans and monitoring of construction costs and schedule progress
• Liaising with consultants, contractor, sub-contractors, Engineer, supervisors, planners, other departments and the general workforce involved to achieve the project target. Resolution of contractor's engineering claims, if any
• Support for Developing and approval of instrumentation and control system technical specifications (Method Statement, QCP-ITP) as per PDO (client) Design Engineering practices, Guidelines, specifications and procedure required align with EPC contract requirement.
• Develop and maintain effective working relations with Contractors teams and with PDO interior organizations, ensuring that projects are executed smoothly and with minimum disruption to operations.
• Following up commissioning punch list and closeout
Projects Participation:

• Condensate Stabilization Project, Saih-Nihayda Gas Field, Oman

The Scope of the project is Construction of New Condensate Stabilization Plant, Saih-Nayidha, Oman. Work is in Green and Brown filed Area. Conducting engineering and design of the project was executed in ABB Milan, Italy

• Remote Manifold Station Manifolds & GAS well construction and Pre-commissioning

‘Galfar Engineering Oman’ as a main EPC contractor, the scope of this project is to construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning of Gas manifold and Gas Wellhead Area.

Special Technical Service (STS) LLC OMAN
QC Inspector - Instrumentation

   Aug 2011
— May 2013

• Implementation of QA/QC activities including those of contractors/Subcontractor works in accordance with approved QCP- ITP, procedure, method statements and other contract documents.
• Ensure that fulfils all inspection and test requirements of the project, at all stages and as per the contract requirements. Witness in-coming construction material/construction lead items/ instruments/valves/panels/ various types of process instruments and verify as per approved data sheets.
• Witness of day by day RFI of construction works, Certifies the CCMS construction sheet on base of daily RFI’s
• Efficiently liaised with Client and subcontractor for loop check, logic and function test Controlling and guiding sub contactors for better completion of the project
• Witness of instrument (HART/FF) Calibration, installation, loop checking fault finding, trouble shooting and Pre-commissioning of field instruments like pressure, temperature, flow, level transmitters, control valves, ESD valves.
• Coordinate with Sub Contractor of Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) Laying and Testing team.
• Knowledge of Explosive environment (ATEX). Completion of CCMS Check Sheet.
• Client & Vendor Coordination for Punch list closing
• Review and certify the Red Mark up and AS-Built Drawings for construction changes. Review and verify the final test pack

Projects Participation:

• Engineering Maintenance Construction Project (EMC).
STS is as an EPC contractor, the project is to set up completely Engineering Maintenance Construction Project, Oman. The scope of the project in Instrument department is Installation, Calibration, up-gradation & Pre-commissioning of Instrument

• GGE Gas Well testing project
The scope of this project is to develop of Gas manifold which include Test separator, Test Header with ESD valves and flow line up to central processing plant.

Rupafil Pakistan Limited, Pakistan
Instrument Engineer

   Mar 2009
— Aug 2011

• Planning the work and efficiently organizing the plant and site facilities in order to meet the agreed deadlines.
• Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labor force and work & writing detailed reports.
• Construction Activities: Played a lead role in all the construction activities -Installation of panels & local control panels, various process instruments, and junction boxes. Installation of field instruments, erection of instrument cable trays and laying of instrument/control cables, cable glanding & termination. Inspection all instrumentation related field jobs based on inspection check lists and coordination with client.
• Basic Engineering: P&ID markups, preparation of as-built drawings, hook-ups preparation/modification as per site conditions, loop diagrams, I/O list and instrument index, cause & effects etc.
• Verification of Instrument loop folders before and after the loop checking.
• Functional Narrative: Studied the existing control system along with field instrumentation, involved in updating of P&ID's drawings and documents based on the survey and prepared the documents for the detailed engineering. Prepared the functional schematics, cable block diagrams, cable schedules, etc.
• Calibration, Servicing, Testing and maintenance activities on wide range of pneumatic and Electronic Instruments for the measurement of flow, pressure, level and temperature in field and instrument Workshop.
• Identify quality problems, reject non-confirming items and initiate, recommend or provide with customer Sanctions/approvals through designated channels.
• Preparation and submission of Calibration and Specification Check Certificates and damage reports (Where applicable) to the client for the final approval.
• Updating of as Red Markup Drawing and Verification of AS-built drawings and Instrument technical reports.

Projects Participation:
• Polyester Plant Construction and Existing facilities maintenance.
The scope of this project is up gradation and maintenance of existing facilities.