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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Urdu


Success-driven senior business executive, leveraging deep and broad personalized contextual marketing, financial services, product development, consumer management, and operational expertise to create profitable and sustainable enterprises.

Strategic business leader translating complex technologies into business opportunities and multimillion revenue growth through R&D investment, new products, and services. Proven record in customer value management, customer lifecycle management, business analytics, data mining and research in both Asian and European markets. Distinguished experience creating and implementing program strategies into tactical plans and processes to deliver innovative solutions resulting in bottom line profits and organisational excellence. Excellent track record for motivating and driving a successful team through the use of collaborative leadership skills.


University of Illinois, USA
Marketing in a Digital World

   Feb 2019
— Mar 2019


Strategy Execution Program

   Aug 2018
— Sep 2018


LUMS, Lahore, Pakistan
Management Development Program

   Jul 2012
— Aug 2012

Quaid-i-Azam University
MBA (Finance)

   Jul 1998
— Jun 2000

University of Punjab, Pakistan
Bachelors of Commerce

   Jul 1995
— Jun 1997


Telenor Myanmar
VP - Head of Contextual Marketing

   Jan 2016
— Current

Initiated new digital channels (FlexiPlan App/website) to enable prepaid customers freedom to manage customized bundle offers (price, content, and validity).

Establish comprehensive personalization program enabled by real-time contextual actions, in-line with the Telenor Groups’ digital agenda. Delivered FlexiPlan App within three months using agile-sprint. Train and develop strong CLM team through recruitment, coaching, and mentoring.
• Implemented CLM strategy and roadmap powered by personalized contextual interventions based on customer’s digital footprint increasing pack penetration to 48% in Telenor Myanmar.
• Initiated upsell for high value prepaid customers by offering personalized post-paid packages through digital channels (Telenor App, website).
• Deployed contextual campaign management system (Danateq/Pelatro-LINK). [RFQs, Vendor Evaluation, IC Approval - business case, and UAT].

Telenor Montenegro and Serbia
Senior Expert CLM and Analytics

   Jun 2013
— Dec 2015

Strategized DNA (Digital Network Analytics) use-cases to improve insights/data science models and boost level of personalisation in engagement (offers and query resolution).

Served as an independent consultant to restructure existing CLM unit, turn-around the declining prepaid bundle revenues, and set-up new revenue streams within consumer post-paid and SOHO/SME post-paid segments.
• Boosted bundle portfolio share from 28% to 36% of total prepaid revenue in Telenor Serbia by developing comprehensive CLM strategy and roadmap referenced as best practice blueprint within Telenor Europe.
• Programmed customer journey implemented in entry and exit phases of customer lifecycle, resulting in improved survival rates.
• Employed Next Best Action (NBA) framework and recommendation engine powered by Machine Learning algorithms that now drive personalized engagement of post-paid customers.

Telenor Norway
Project Manager for Stealth Marketing Project

   Jul 2011
— Dec 2011

Scope was to establish the CLM function to drive Personalization agenda in B2B Norway, working with McKinsey.

• A comprehensive strategy was developed along with a roadmap for the initial years.
• Developed CLM organization from scratch and defined systems and processes.

Telenor Pakistan
Manager CLM and Advanced Analytics

   May 2009
— Jun 2013

Established CLM strategies to engage customers in each phase; entry, growth and exit.

Managed a team of 15+ highly skilled employees (CLM experts, pricing experts, business analysts, market research specialists, and data scientists) driving CLM across the organization. Directed cross sell of GSM and Bank products by restructuring financial services.
• Designed and employed data mining / machine learning initiatives to support CLM, including churn prediction, social network analysis - SNA, behavioural segmentation, demographic prediction).
• Pioneered segmented engagement of retail partners by CLM activities, improving top-up by 10%.

Telenor Pakistan
Manager Business Intelligence & Research

   Sep 2004
— Apr 2009

I was responsible for leading a team of 15+ highly skilled employees (CLM Experts, Pricing Experts, Business Analysts, Market Research Specialist, Data Scientists) driving CLM across the organization.

• Established reporting frameworks and dashboards for all levels within organization. Defined business rules and definitions to establish ‘one version of truth’ within Telenor Pakistan.
• Revamped the ‘Brand Health Tracker’ migrating to the AMRB (Millward Brown’s) Advanced Tracking Protocol and initiated Need Based Segmentation Study (TNS - Need Scope Model).

National Productivity Organization
Deputy Manager

   Jun 2001
— Sep 2004

Pakistan chapter of Asian Productivity Organization (of 20 Asian Nations).

• Conducted Benchmarking study and identified productivity standards for cotton spinning sector in the country.
• Improved performance of different manufacturing units (fan manufacturing, furniture) through productivity audits based on Value Added Productivity.

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