Instrument & Control Engineer

Last Updated: 30th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Urdu


Instrument & Control Engineer with 11 years of diversified experience in power generation and oil & gas sector. During tenure of service performed commissioning and maintenance of different Instrument & Control Systems. Excellent interpersonal communication skills with ability to develop and maintain good relationships across all work units.


Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology Karachi, Pakistan
BS Electronics Engineering

   Jan 2000
— Apr 2004


Process Control Engineering & Safety Systems (PrOCESS), Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
System Engineer

   Aug 2014
— Feb 2018

 Worked in ABB Automation, Abu Dhabi as Third Party Contractor on behalf of (PrOCESS)
 Worked on following ABB projects related to Oil & Gas clients.
 DCS, ESD and F&G System Commissioning of ABB 800xA System at Badra Oil Field, Wasit, Iraq. Client for this project was GAZPROM NEFT, Russia. AC 800M (PM866) controller was used in this project.
 Compressors Control Systems Upgrade Project for HABSHAN II, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO). Upgraded Control System was based on ABB INFI 90 DCS with BRC-410 Controllers and S800 I/Os. My scope of work included setting up the hardware cabinets as per GA drawings and conduct FAT with client.
 Worked on Nasr Phase II Full Field Development Project, Das Island-Umm Shaif Process Plant. Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) is client for this project. I have performed modifications in existing graphics and created graphics for new areas by referring to available P&IDs. HMI is based on ABB 800xA System.
 Additional Gas Supply to Onshore & Flexibility Assurance at USSC, Abu Dhabi. ADMA-OPCO was client for this project. I have worked on HMI of this project by using ABB 800xA System.
 HMI up gradation project for GASCO, Habshan, Abu Dhabi. Existing HMI is shifted from ABB Conductor NT to ABB 800xA System. My area of responsibility was to setup ABB 800xA V 6.0.1 on all server & client machines and make a network configuration among these machines.

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-02 - Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Senior Instrument & Control Engineer

   Dec 2008
— May 2014

 Performed following duties during installation & commissioning phase of Power Plant.
 Certified Assistant Test Supervisor for Commissioning of different instrument & control systems.
 Reviewed Commissioning procedures & suggested necessary Modifications.
 Reported installation and commissioning deficiencies of I&C systems to main contractor.
 Prepared 05 years spares list for I&C systems, spares procured from local & foreign suppliers.
 Ensured compliance of I&C Systems as per design documents before provisional acceptance of power plant.
 Performed following duties as Section Head in I&C department after power plant put in operation.
 Performed / Supervised preventive & corrective maintenance jobs during normal operation and planned / forced outage of plant.
 Troubleshooting and root cause analysis of recurring problems.
 Suggestions & Implementation of modifications in Control Logic & Graphical User Interface.
 Hands-on experience on multiple DCS, PLC, Process Instrumentation and Supervisory Systems for 340 MW/3000 RPM Steam Turbine.
 Preparation of annual financial budget estimates.
 Written procedures for preventive & corrective maintenance jobs.
 Inventory / Spares Management for smooth operation of plant.
 Planning and Co-ordination for maintenance jobs during planned outage.
 Periodically delivered lectures to Main Control room operators about different control systems during their re-training period.
 Worked on following Distributed Control Systems.
 MaxDNA DCS by Metso Automation Max Control Systems. Operation of turbine is controlled by this DCS.
 Symphony Harmony DCS by ABB. During plant start-up, shutdown and load rejection this DCS is used to dump turbine steam.
 HOLLiAS MACS DCS by Beijing Hollysys Co. China. Plant process parameters are monitored by this DCS.
 Maintenance / Troubleshooting of following PLC’s.
 Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 (CPU 313C, CPU 317-2DP)
 Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum Unity CPU
 Performed Maintenance / Calibration of different types of process instrumentation.
 Worked on following Turbine Control & Supervisory Systems.
 Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System (DEH) for Turbine Control.
 Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI), VM600 System by Meggit (Vibro-Meter), Switzerland. Checking/Calibration of TSI Sensors like Bearing Vibration, Rotor Position, Case Expansion etc.
 Emergency Turbine Trip System.
 Turbine Steam Dump System.
 Turbine Steam Re-Heat & Temperature Control System.
 Worked on Seismic Instrument System by Syscom Instruments, Switzerland.

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-01 - Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Junior Instrument & Control Engineer

   Jan 2006
— Nov 2008

 Performed / Supervised preventive & corrective maintenance jobs during normal operation and planned / forced outage.
 Worked on following Distributed Control Systems and Turbine Supervisory systems.
 WDPF DCS by Westinghouse Co. USA. Turbine operation is controlled by this DCS.
 Emergency Turbine Trip System by using Siemens SIMATIC S5-100U PLC.
 Turbine Steam Re-Heat & Temperature Control System by Using WDPF Control System.
 Data Acquisition System, DAS 5000, Manufactured by Hollysys 5th Research institute of MEI, China.