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Arabic, English


I am writing to apply for the chemistry teacher position at your your school. My ability to build positive relationships with students and peers, variety of teaching experiences and recent graduate-level coursework in biochemistry are an excellent fit with your chemistry program.
As indicated on my enclosed curriculum vitae, I received my undergraduate degree and graduate degree in chemistry/biochemistry from California State University, Fullerton, to which I transferred from Fullerton College. Having spent the last five years in a large research institution, I feel confident about my ability to continue my growth at an equally large research institution or a small college or high school. I value the education, mentorship, and outside learning opportunities provided to students at California State University, Fullerton/Dominguez Hills/Los Angeles and your institution campuses alike and I would be honored to be part of your institution's community. I thoroughly enjoy teaching, as I am currently employed as a high school chemistry teacher teaching 11th and 12th grade chemistry, 12th grade environmental science, and 10th grade biology courses at A’takamul International school. I was previously employed as a lecturer of first-semester general chemistry laboratory at Orange Coast College. I was also previously employed as a lecturer of introductory and general chemistry lecture/laboratories at California State University, Dominguez Hills. I was also recruited as a faculty of chemistry at California State University, Los Angeles teaching a majors’ course titled introduction to biomolecules, second-semester and first-semester general chemistry laboratory, and nutritional biochemistry laboratory. I have also acted as a teaching associate and graduate assistant in laboratory and class sections in chemistry at the introductory and undergraduate class levels at California State University, Fullerton. I have also worked as a chemistry tutor at the Fullerton College tutoring center, where I tutored students and helped them in diverse subjects. My favorite part of teaching is helping a struggling student learn challenging material by altering my approach to meet his/her needs. I encouraged students to assume a very active responsibility for their own learning. My students enthusiastically made strategic choices, reflected on their learning processes, collaborated often, and submitted constant input. Every one of my students knew what we were learning, why we were learning it, and how it applied to the world beyond the classroom.
My passion for biochemistry is due to my involvement in research at the undergraduate and graduate level. My thesis work examined microbiological involvement in greenhouse gases and molecular modeling of certain enzymes. We have preliminarily developed an assay to test for a particular enzyme’s involvement in methylotrophy; the ability of an organism to grow on one-carbon compounds, and we planned to utilize this involvement to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and to produce more environmentally and eco-friendly products. This work has the potential to build the groundwork for undergraduates and graduates to expand and build on.
My strong background in chemistry, passion for teaching, interest in collaborative research, and commitment to campus service would be an asset to your Campus. I look forward to continuing my career in academia. I believe the environment and the community at your institution will enable me to flourish professionally and personally, and I look forward to visiting with you about this opportunity in more detail. Please contact me if you have questions. Thank you for your consideration.


California State University, Fullerton
Master of Science

   Jan 2011
— Aug 2014

Chemistry (biochemistry)

California State University, Fullerton
Bachelor of Science

   Aug 2008
— May 2010



Atakamul International School
Chemistry teacher

   Sep 2016
— Current

Teaching 11th grade and 12th grade chemistry, environmental science, and 10th grade biology adopting a US curriculum.

California State University, Los Angeles
Lecturer in chemistry

   Mar 2015
— Mar 2016

Teaching first and second semester general chemistry laboratory, nutritional biochemistry laboratory, and introduction to biomolecules lecture.

California State University, Dominguez Hills
Lecturer in chemistry

   Aug 2014
— May 2016

Teaching second semester general chemistry laboratory, introduction to chemistry lecture and laboratory.

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