Application for Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 20th April 2019 (over 3 years ago)




Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Urdu


Seeking a position as Electrical Engineer / Specialist which will make use of wide experience the capacity to get the job done.


Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

   Aug 2005
— Jun 2009


Electrical Supervisor

   Oct 2017
— Current

* Review Contracts Specifications, Procedures and Electrical Designs and Hazardous Classifications
* Participate and Attending Contractors Pre and Post MC Walk down Meetings
* Participating Contractors MC Walk downs, ITR’s – B, C Check Sheets
* Participate in 33kV GIS Siemens Switch Gear and Protection Panel Testing and Commissioning
* Participate in 6.6kV AIS Schneider Switch Gear and Protection Panel Testing and Commissioning
* Participate in 400v COMECA Switch Gear and Protection panel Testing and Commissioning
* Participating and Supporting Vendor Relay Testing SIEMENS Siprotec, GE Multilin, Schneider SEPAM, Comeca GEMSTRAT
* Review Testing Method Statement and Attend Witnessing during Testing as Required
* Provide Technical Input to Facilitate and Assist Contractor to Safely Energize all Electrical System
* Review Energization ( LUN )Procedure, PTW, LOTO to Ensure Work is Carried out Safely
* Involved and Execute Electrical Functional Tests of EDG, Motors, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, UPS, HVAC Systems , Plant Lightings
* Review and Witnessing 33kV , 6.6kV Switch Gears, ATS , Transformers Inter-Trip, Inter-Locks Matrix
* Review Contractors Dossiers, SCP and HOP Documents
* Involved and Execute Electrical Functional Tests of EDG, Motors, Transformers, Circuit Breakers, UPS, HVAC Systems , Plant Lightings
* Witnessing of SAT Interface Signal Checks SCMS, IPCMS and Annunciator Panel
* Participate in Motor BUMP Test , Motor MRT , SOLO RUN Test
* Participate and Execute Plant Pre-PSSR and Final PSSR and Raises Punches

Electrical Engineer

   Mar 2017
— Sep 2017

* Supervising and Monitoring the Electrical Activities and Assigning Man Powers to the Work Task
* Reviewing the Electrical SLD and Schematic Drawings to Undertake the Plant
* Conduct General Inspections and Site Readiness
* Evaluating Electrical Equipment’s and System Performance and taking Necessary Actions
* Participate and Co-Ordinates with Vendor during Plant Shut down.
* Provide Technical Input to Facilitate and Assist Vendors during Testing
* Regularly Inspection and Operations of Conveyors, Coal Crushers, Vibrators, Ash Unloaders, Air Compressor, Air Dryers, Bucket Elevators
* Assisting Technician during Trouble Shooting of Electrical Works
* Preparing the Punch Lists of Defective Equipments and the Materials
* Manage Spare Parts and Consumable Materials
* Perform Other Related Job duties
* Participating Weekly meetings and discussing Technical Issues with Superintendent
* Comply Safety , Rules and Regulation of Company

Chennai Petroleum Corporation LTD. ( INDIA)
Electrical Supervisor

   May 2015
— Dec 2016

* Prepare Work Permit, Task Risk Assessments and Work Procedure
* Manage Spare Parts and Consumable Materials
* Plan and Evaluate Electrical Man Power
Carrying Out ISO/ DE-ISO with LOTO systems
* Supervise Electrical Technicians and Follow Safety measures
* Preparing Shift Schedules for Technicians
* Conducting Safety Meetings with Technicians and with Managements
* Daily Conducting Tool Box Talks with Technicians
* Guide Technician during Trouble Shooting , Maintenance of UPS, Motors, Transformers , EDG , Switch Boards PCC, MCC, PMCC, LDB & ELDB’s
Review of Electrical Drawings ( Schematic, Single-Line ), Protection Relays.

Electrical Specialist

   Nov 2013
— Apr 2015

* Plans, Repairs and Over Haul of Electrical Equipments and System
* Co-ordinates and Follow up New Electrical Equipment Installation and Modifications
* Analyses, Performance for Electrical Services and Produce Report to Supervisor
* Involved in Plant Commissioning Activities RFI Mechanical Completion Walk downs of Electrical Equipments Installations
* Witnessing of Pre-Commissioning , Commissioning and Plant Start-up Activities
* Involved in Testing Activities High Voltage Test , Stability-test , C.B Contact Resistance Test, Insulation Resistance Test of C.T, V.T, Cables & Circuit Breaker
* Attended Training Schedule of Confined Space Entry, Working at Height, PBO, LSR, Safety Rules , LOTO
* Witnessing of Functional Test Switch Boards PCC, MCC , Modules, Switch Gears
* Carried out Maintenance of MV / LV Switch Gears, Transformers, Motors, UPS, Battery Chargers, LV Generators
* Weekly Inspection of Substations, Transformers, Switch Yard, LV Generator Rooms
* Analyses Root Cause of Electrical Faults and Trouble Shooting of Electrical Equipments
* Conducting daily Tool Box talk and Attending Weekly Safety Meetings

Qatar Shell GTL - QNFS ( QATAR )
Senior Electrical Technician

   May 2011
— Sep 2013

* Involved in Plant Commissioning and Start-up Activities RFI, Walk down and Ex-Integrity
* Attending RFI MC Walk down with Contractors and Reviewing Documentation
* Attending Motor BUMP Test , SOLO RUN Test and Recording Parameters
* Witnessing of LUN for UPS , Batteries, Lighting and Electrical Power Circuits
* Preparing Punch list of Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Activities
* Carrying Out Task as Assigned by Supervisor in Safe manner
* Carried Out ISO/DE-ISO of LV Equipment’s
* Carried out Preventive Maintenance of LV Generators
* Carried out Preventive Maintenance of VFDs
Weekly Inspection of Substations
* Maintenance of AC / DC UPS System
* Knowledge of Electrical Relay and its Electrical Code
* Read and Understand of Electrical Schematic and Single-line Diagrams
* Familiar with Classified Zone Areas, Gas Hazards, Intrinsic Safety and EX-Integrity
* Maintenance of Electrical Heat Tracing

Electrical Supervisor

   Mar 2010
— Jun 2010

Supervising and Monitoring Electrical Activities
* Execute and Assigning Man Powers for Client
* Preparation for Testing Electrical Equipment HV/LV Motors, HV/LV Transformers
* Conducting the Inspection with QC Personnel for Modification Work
* Involved in Turn-key Shutdown of Plant Substations
* Tested and Updated of Ground Resistance of Earth Pits in Substation
* Provide Adequate Lighting in Confined Space Entry for Mechanical Party.

Chennai Petroleum Corporation LTD. ( INDIA)
Senior Electrical Technician

   Apr 2002
— Jun 2007

* Operation and maintenance of 6.6kV, 440v VCB, ACB Switch Gears
* Weekly Checks of LV Generator, Battery banks for it’s Smooth Operation
* Maintenance of Battery Chargers, Battery Banks
* Maintenance of Power and Distribution Transformers ( 110KV/7.7KV, 33.3MVA) ( 6.6KV/415V, 2MVA )
* Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of HV/ LV Motors.
* Overhauling and Repairs of LV Motors
* Operation & Maintenance of MV/LV Switch Gears ( PCC,MCC,LDB,ELDB,EPMCC Panels )
* Participating Contractors Commissioning Activities of Switch Gears, Motors, LDB, ELDB
* Read and Understand of SLD’s and Schematic Drawings
* Tested and Improved of Earth Value and it’s Earth Pit
* Handling of Electrical Equipments Insulation Tester, Tong-tester, AVO-meter
* Authorized Electrical License Holder from State Government

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