Mechanical Engineer experienced in Erection,Commissioning & Start-up of Power Plant.

Last Updated: 23rd December 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


 Experienced in Structural Fabrication, Structural blasting & Painting.
 Experienced in Equipment Installation & Inspection.
 Experienced in Major Rotating Equipment’s Installation & Alignment.
 Experienced in Post installation (P & I Diagram / GA drawing) checks for Mechanical Completion certification.
 Experienced in reviewing & approving Construction Completion including Punch Closure documentation for Commissioning Take Over.
 Proficient & familiar with Commissioning PTW classification & proper implementation of LOTO procedures.
 Experienced in Emergency Diesel Generator System Commissioning including Engine Room/ LCP Compartment CO2 Concentration Test, Generator Cooling Water System flushing, Start-up & Engine Load Test.
 Experienced in LO/HO/SO flushing, pre-start-up functional checks & system Start-up.
 Experienced in Compressed Air System Pre-Comm. & Start-up Testing. (Air/ Water Cooled Rotary Screw Compressors & Air Dryer system).
 Experienced in Cooling Water System (Pump/Water Cooled Heat exchangers/Fin Fans/Strainers) flushing & system Start-up.
 Experienced in Feed Water system, Condensate line, HRSG & Boiler Commissioning including Chemical Cleaning, Nitrogen Blanketing, Steam Blowing.
 Experienced in Boiler Auxiliaries Commissioning including,
i. Fuel Oil System LDO/HFO Storage & Distribution System including High Pressure Screw Pumps & Heat Exchangers.
ii. Draft System including Primary/Forced/Induced Draft Fans, Air Pre-Heater & Auxiliaries.
iii. Feed Water storage & Distribution including Make-up Water Pump, BFP, Booster Pump, BCP & Aux. System.
 Experienced in TIAC Commissioning including Cooling Tower Fans/Cooling water Pumps/Chiller unit/Chilled Water Pumps.
 Experienced in Commissioning of Saline/Waste Water Treatment Plant including Chlorination, Dual Media, Cartridge, UF, RO, CEDI, Neutralization System.
 Experienced in GT/Generator/LO/Gas Compartment low pressure CO2 System Commissioning including Concentration Test.
 Experienced in Commissioning of FM200 System including Room Integrity Test for PEECC/LEC Compartments.
 Experienced in Fire Fighting System Commissioning including Hydrant/Deluge/Spray water/Hose Reel System.
 Experienced in Condensate System Commissioning including LP /HP Heaters Surface Condenser, Condenser Vacuum Pump, Condensate Extraction Pump.
 Experienced in Condenser Circulating Water System Commissioning including Cooling Tower Fans & Circulating Water Pump & Auxiliaries.
 Experienced in GT Start-up Testing including Rolling/Cranking / False Firing/Purging Timer/First Firing/FSNL/Sync. till Reliability Run.
 Experienced in Steam Turbine Rolling with Turning Gear/ Initial Steam Admit/Sync. till Reliability Run.

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