Quantity Surveyor

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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


Quantification in Details
Civil/Structural/Architectural Work Responsibility
o Calculation for the Quantities of sub-structures & super structures.
A. In Sub-structures –
1. Calculation of Earth work Excavation & Back fill.
2. Calculation of Termite control, Polythene sheets, Shuttering area.
3. Calculation of concrete for PCC bed, RCC, Tie-beams, Neck columns.
4. Calculation of retaining wall
5. Calculation of Sumps (rectangular, circular & Septic tank)

B. In Superstructure –
1. Calculation of concrete for Floor columns, Drop beams & Roof slab.
2. Calculation of Brick work, Plastering & Paint.
3. Calculation of Flooring, False ceiling & Wall skirting.
C. Reinforcement Calculations.
1. Calculation of Reinforcement Footings, Neck columns, Tie beams, Plinth Beams, Slab under Floor Tiles, Retaining Wall, Circular Sump & Septic tank.
2. Calculation of columns, Drop Beams, Roof Slab & dog leg stair case.
3. Abstraction of Reinforcement & preparing Bill of quantities.
Drawings – (Using AutoCAD)
1. Guiding AutoCAD operators for Preparing shop drawings for Architectural & Structural ( Plans, Elevations, Sections & Detailing)
2. Planning and distributing CAD work to the CAD technicians.
3. Coordinating th
e CAD team to meet the requirements.
4. Checking the standard & consistency of the drawings, ensures that all CAD design and drafting work in office is completed on time and to set of client’s requirements.

Road Works:
1, General Excavation means excavating from NGL (Natural Ground Level to Bottom of SOG (slab on grade Level) also in some cases if the NGL is below the SOG than we have to make General Fill & also we have to calculate Overburden.
2, Road Embankments (Subgrade, Aggregate base course, Prime coat, bituminous base course, bituminous concrete wearing course.)
2. Detail Excavation means from bottom of SOG to Bottom of Pit Level (bottom of Pads).
3. Calculate Backfill from bottom of Pit to bottom SOG Level.

Mechanical Works:
Storm Water: a) Excavation for Storm Connections.
b) Calculation Storm Pipes & Manholes.
d) Swales & Granular, Grouted Riprap
Sewerage: Excavation, Pipes, Manholes.
Irrigation: Excavation, Pipes, Manholes.
Potable: Excavation, Pipes, Manholes.
Electrical Street Lighting, Power, Telecom.

Contract Administration:
: Preparing schedule of quantities / BOQ for various project elements / project
: Preparing Interim Payment Certificate (IPC)
: Preparing Invoices
: Co-ordinate the overall project.
: Monitor the claims that it should be submitted on time and as per the site progress.
: Carry our detailed study of tender documents
: Analyze of productivity

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