Sr. / Instrumentation Commissioning Engineer / Supervisor.

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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


 Fully involvement and proper followup and coordination in Construction, maintenance, pre-commissioning & commissioning works.
 To verify and comment on the engineering documents submitted and insure that they comply with all technical requirements.
 Follow up with other engineering discipline for required inputs to the project.
 Planning and executing with client, project team member to complete the given project at right schedule.
 Following quality procedures and corrective for client inspection comment.
 Instrument Individual Calibration loop simulation, trouble shooting, fault finding, functional rest, and cause affect test & replacement etc.
 Effective corrective maintenance at breakdown period in instrument system and replacement.
 Repairing and calibrating of smart instrument devices with HART compatibility electronics, pneumatic instruments. Experience in Control valves Overhauling, preventive maintenance and Calibration.
 Updating planning and completion of works, Carrying out periodic checks of trip loops and status confirmation alarm simulation and verification in DCS, as per the cause & effect diagram.
 Co-ordination with operation team & main client for works & job completion, preparing the equipments for maintenance and returning to safe devices.
 Functional testing of Fire and Gas Alarm System & process instruments.
 Ensure instrumentation works complied with project specifications, & procedures, method statements and quality assurance & control documentation.
 Calibration, Hook-Up and Installation of various instruments such as pressure, level transmitters, indicators, switches, RTD, Thermocouples, Gas detectors, Heat detectors, Smoke detectors, Flame detectors, Sounder & Alarms etc.
 Witnessing/involve for installation of IPF, Choke, ESD, ESDV/MOV/PCV/FCV/LCP, valve, Panels etc.
 Understands and promotes the company’s health, safety & environmental policy and objectives; performs work in accordance with the company’s established rules, regulations and approved procedures; intervenes to stop unsafe acts and practices; and is accountable for the well-being and safety of own self and others, including all contracted labor force.
 Plans, directs and actively participates in the ongoing training and development of own self and subordinates (if applicable) with special emphasis on Company employee. This includes assessing employees training and development needs, directing the preparation of structured development programs and monitoring progress
 Participates in multi-disciplinary task forces, working groups, project boards and quality improvement related programs. Ensures new implemented technologies are complying with international industry & safety standards.
 While working involved in preparation of drawings for control & automation, such as: Functional logic diagram, Cause & effect diagram, Cable block diagram, relay logic diagrams, DCS/FCS/FGS/IPS screen display, Trip & alarm setting, instrument cable termination details, (ICTD’s), Electrical/instrument interface ICTD’s, Instrument engineering Data sheet, Instrument location layouts, & instrument junction box location & trench layout.
 Task with establishing project site engineering & construction frameworks as team leader for instrumentation control system & quality, ensuring adherence to project schedules, and tracking closing correspondence follows.
 Experience in Instrumentation construction, Site engineering, Technical letters & RFI’s,FAT, ISAT,IFAT,PAT,AFC drawings review & approval, Loop checking, Functional test,Pre-commissioning,Commissioning & startup support.


IIMT Ahmedabad.
Master program in Instrumentation & Control from IIMT Ahmedabad.

   Dec 2012
— Dec 2013

B.Tech in Instrumentation

   May 2000
— Jul 2004


Dodsal Engineering and construction Pte. Limited (KOC) Kuwait (EPC)
Sr. Commissioning Engineer –Instrumentation

   Jul 2017
— Current

 Experience in preparing the pre-commissioning, commissioning procedure and method statement for the DCS/ESD/SLSS/FGS, CMS/VMS/TMS, RTU/SCADA, CCTV/ACS/VOIP/SMS, POIS system.
 Involved in the site acceptance test for emergency shutdown system ,fire and gas system ,distributed control system and integrated protected control system ( IPCS )
 Experience in Emergency Shutdown Systems and Cause & Effect testing’s, Function Testing.
 Knowledge in International Instrumentation standards and codes,
 Responsible for performing calibration, Loop Check, Function Test, Cause and Effect test, preventive maintenance and repair etc.
 Devices working on include Det-tronics UV/IR Flame detectors Dragger Polytron.
 Toxic Gas and Combustible Gas detectors Heat Detectors ESMI smoke detectors. Knowsley Deluge system.
 Identify and manages discipline commissioning resource needs, tools, test equipment, plant, spares etc.
 Installation, testing, repairing and circuitry; removing, dismantling, cleaning, maintaining, and assembling instruments and replacing Defective component and calibrating of fire & gas Instruments like Flammable Gas Detectors, Hydrogen Gas detector, Oxygen Deficiency Detector, Toxic Gas Detector, CO2 Gas Detector, Rate Of Rise Heat Detector, Optical Smoke Detector, High Sensitivity Smoke Detector, Aspirator HVAC Duct Probe, Visual Alarm Beacon etc.
 Experience in Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Of DCS/ESD/SlSS/FGS, CMS/VMS/TMS, RTU/SCADA, CCTV/ACS/VOIP/SMS, POIS, (Siad Macchine Impianll S.P.A. - Italy) Air Compressor & Instrument Air Dryer Package, (Patterson Pumps Company - USA) Fire Water Pump Package & Jockey Pump Package, (Flare Industries LLC– USA) Flare Package.
 Experience in Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Of ( Detector Electronics Corp.-USA) Field Fire & Gas Detectors, (Autronica Fire & Security As – Norway) Building Fire & Gas Detectors,( Tyco Fire & Security – UAE) Clean Agent (Inergen) Gas Suppression System.
 Experience in Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Of (Process Group International - UAE) IGF Package, (IPEG Engineering Ltd - South Korea) Nutshell Filter Package & EW Sludge Separator Package, (Bently Neveda – USA) CMS/VMS/TMS.
 Experience In Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Of (PETRONAS Fze - U.A.E.) Chemical Injection Package, (Teledyne Analytical Instruments - U.S.A.) On Line Analyzer System Package, (Yokogawa - Bahrain) RTU / SCADA System, (Commtel Networks Fzc - UAE.) Telecom & Security Systems CCTV, ACS, IDS, PIDS, VOIP and SMS, and (Honeywell - Kuwait) POIS System.
 Involved in the function check of fire and gas system (F&G ) system ,emergency shutdown ( ESD) system and fire alarm control panel (FACP) in the well head as per the cause and effect ,safety narrative ,logic diagram, PID etc.
 Involved in the loop check and function check for the choke valve and Christmas tree valves from well head control panel (WHCP) in the wellheads.
 Involved in the site commissioning test for telecommunication system include fiber optic intelligence detection system (FOIDS) , access control system (ACS),public address general alarm (PAGA),Closed-circuit television (CCTV) etc.
 Commissioning, loop checking instrumentation of F&G System from the field to Honeywell DCS system in main control room including: smoke, heat, Flame UV detectors, gas combustible and toxic and IR Detectors, Manual call buttons, sprinkler system, deluge system,CO2 System, Inergen system, deluge system.
 Inspection and Witness of Field Instruments calibration. Loop check, Pre-com and commissioning. Functional checking field instrument to DCS & troubleshooting during normal and turn around period. Pre-commissioning & commissioning of various electronic and pneumatic instruments like, PT, FT, TT, PDT, I/P, converters, level trolls and pressure switches, level switches, fire and Gas, MOV’S,CV,LCV,FCV,IPF valve, Choke valve,ESDV,solenoids valves, on-off valves, safety valves, Chemical injection instruments, analyzer instruments, actuator and Controllers etc.

Al Turki Enterprises LLC, Oman (PDO)
Instrumentation Pre-comm. & commissioning Engineer

   Jan 2007
— Jun 2017

 Supervised all technician and commissioning engineer teams and monitored all related activity.
 Ensured compliance with all customer requests in coordination with relevant teams customers and management.
 Conducted factory and site acceptance tests in coordination with all relevant departments.
 Provided requested technical support during project operational phase.
 Collated and assessed all vendor and contractor documentation prior to payment submission.
 Conducted audits and reviews for Asset HSE programs.
 Resolved all customer technical queries.
 Ensured optimal design effectiveness in coordination with instrument commissioning contracting teams.
 Supervise control panels power up and loop checking. Witness FAT and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of DCS panels, Telecom panels, F&G panels, ESD panels,VMS/TMS/CMS panel and SCADA panels..
 Witnessing/involve for installation of IPF, Choke, ESD, ESDV/MOV/PCV/FCV/LCP, valve, and Panels etc.
 Maintained and updated all facility work records.
 Evaluated project timelines and recommended cost reduction strategies.
 Monitored commissioning activities and managed a team of technicians and commissioning engineers.
 Coordinated between commissioning activities and client, ensured all strategies were developed in accordance to their need.
 Familiar with hydraulic panel functional test & trouble shooting, pre-commissioning & commissioning of hydraulic panel.
 Developed commission programs, allocated necessary resources and oversaw their implementation.
 Trained team members on need of client, contract obligations and commissioning activity that were required to be followed.
 Provided necessary support for commissioning activities in operational phase of project.
 Evaluated contractor and vendor documentation and ensured that test procedures were carried in accordance to same.
 Worked in Asset HSE programs and performed various audits and reviews.
 Evaluated Instrument Commissioning design packages and ensured that commissioning issues were taken into account.
 Assisted in resolving all technical queries of customers.
 Coordinated with Instrument Commissioning contractors and ensured that designs were followed to optimal level.
 Maintained records of work carried in facility.
 Provided technical support to processes in facility.
 Experience in all type of instruments, involved in loop check, from field to control room, instruments like PT, PDT, FT, LT,TT, I/P Converters, Thermocouple , RTD.
 Control and S/D Valve, Level, Pressure, Temperature and Flow switches, Foundation Field bus based transmitters.
 Calibration, & pre-commissioning and commissioning of various instruments such as pressure, level transmitters, indicators, switches, RTD, Thermocouples, Gas detectors, Heat detectors, Smoke detectors, Flame detectors, Sounder, Beacon, IPF valve, choke valve, ESDV,MOV, PCV, FCV,& LCV etc.

Instrumentation Engineer

   Sep 2004
— Sep 2006

 To calibrate all process & oil field related instruments. Changing spear parts. Making calibration reports. Day-to-day activities reporting to instrument supervisor. With Rosemount hart-375. Honey hand held calibrator.
 Support engineering & construction team in up going projects. For that I am involved in punch listing, loop checking, pre-commissioning, commissioning activities. Attending meetings & to share the views regarding the points / suggestions.
 Calibration plant instruments such as gauges, transmitters, switches, meters (for level, pressure, flow, temperature etc.,) in accordance with PDO standard and specifications.
 Assisted the construction in Installation & testing all Pneumatic & electronics smart instruments.
 Involved in Instrument trouble shooting & fault finding, replacement, Repairing and calibrating of many digital and analog instruments.
 Updating planning and completion of works, Carrying out periodic checks of trip loops and status confirmation alarm simulation and verification in DCS, as per the cause & effect diagram.
 Check and review engineering drawings for project management design coordination and quality assurance.
 Coordinates with Company Operation to ensure all design and construction conforms to codes and client’s
 Standards or to agreed industrial standards and procedures prior to execution
 Preparation of Cause & Effect, Instrument Index, Control Points List, Instrument / Communication Cable List, Instrument Load Consumption, Instrument Layout, Loops & Hookup diagrams.
 Observes safety rules and regulations are and practice good housekeeping in all workshop activities. I gave assistance to the process commissioning team to prepare all the procedures for interlock and shut-down test together with the dedicated vendors.
 To visit remote operating stations. Repair / install / modify the process loop system according to the safe requirement of production & operation safe demand.
 To make House Keeping in workshops as well as infield instrumentation marshaling cabinet rooms / PLC rooms for their safe working practices. As well as when any daily job completed, same area House Keeping practices.
 Recommended ways to make program more cost effective and scheduled project timeline. Perform and carries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down Maintenance activities on instrumentation and control systems in assigned field, covering oil, gas, and water treating plants, gas turbine generators & controls, pumps/compressors & controls, vessels, tanks, valves & piping, wellhead controls, distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), SCADA and fire systems. This includes working on pressure, temperature, level, flow and other measuring and control devices/equipment, protection devices/systems such as vibration, over speed and others, control valves, metering banks, etc.
 Receives Maintenance work orders and repair work requests, determines priorities in conjunction with supervisor, identifies and orders required materials, spares and equipment, liaises with counterparts in Operations to release desired equipment and plant and execute work on site and/or in workshop. Ensures availability of adequate level of consumable material and spares.
 Troubleshoots various process/systems/equipment operational problems and consults with supervisor and colleagues as required. Assist and participate in complex Maintenance and repair activities carried out by specialists as required. Participates in shutdown and major overhaul activities by carrying out shutdown preparation, data collection and condition monitoring duties as assigned. Fully Implements and observes the Company’s HSE policies and procedures.
 provide engineering support, supervision of Construction Contractors and monitoring the quality of job execution. Inspect delivered instrument and order new equipment’s.
 Maintains good housekeeping conditions in workshop and work sites.
 Liaises with petroleum, reservoir and production engineers within the Asset Teams, Operations and Project Teams to increase the value of the asset through increased production and increased hydrocarbon recovery. These could include optimizing injection and production profiles, Smart Well Completions, optimizing artificial lift and well performance, system modeling, production network optimization, measurement and well testing improvements, data/information visualization requirements with the Collaborative Work Environment.
 Identifies and proposes projects that can improve HSE on producing fields.
 Coordinates data gathering, where required, to support business justifications. Trouble-shoots data management problems.
 Witnessing/involve for installation of IPF, Choke, ESD, ESDV/MOV/PCV/FCV/LCP, valve, and Panels etc.

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