QA/QC Engineer at ahlcon RMC Pvt Ltd.

Last Updated: 11th July 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom



Age Range
18 to 24

Qualification Level

English, Hindi, Urdu


Coordinate all site inspections with the site subcontractors. Preparing RFI (Request For Inspection) for all civil activities like Excavation, Backfilling, FDT (Field Density Test), Lean concrete , Reinforce concrete, Curing, Moisture test, Surface preparation, Concrete coating , DFT(Dry Film Thickness) .
• Surveillance inspection of all civil ongoing activities at project site.
• Coordinating with construction engineers and PMT (Project Management Team) & Project Inspection Department (PID) for inspection of each activity for client approval.
• Witnessing of the testing of compressive strength of concrete at the 3rd party laboratory.
• Witnessing of Field testing like Compaction test FDT (Field Density Test) and Dry film thickness (DFT).
• Coordinate with Consultant regarding the site activities as per standard.
• Inspection of concrete finishing and building finishing according to standard and specification.
• Inspection of all formwork and Reinforcement steel work as per standard.
• Liaise with the contractor’s field staff and Third party laboratory to ensure that all required testing has been performed as per standard.
• Deep ability to read and interpret building plans, specifications and building codes; make mathematical computations rapidly and accurately.
• Great ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Demonstrated ability to inspect various types of residential, commercial and industrial building.
• Inspection of roads and utility diversions, earthworks, waterproofing, concreting & asphalt work.
• Reporting the all related activities to QA/QC manger.
• Reviewing all quality related activities & preparing all quality related reports on site.
• Preparing Weekly report of project related to project Quality Management.


ahlcon RMC PvtLtd
QA/QC engineer

   Jun 2018
— Current

ahlcon RMC PvtLtd
QA/QC engineer

   Jun 2018
— Current

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