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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, Hindi, Kazakhstan, Urdu


Regular surveillance / monitoring inspection of construction activity as per project inspection and test plans.
Two verify that construction activity complies with the company approved QC, ITP and Specification is followed.
Project inspection unit for project inspection and stage wise activities for witness hold point Co- ordination and corresponding with the client.
Involved in construction request for inspection (R.F.I.) and progress reporting carry out inspection work with company / client representative.
Issued NCR whenever specification/standard are flouted by the construction personnel


Bhagalpur University
Diploma engineering in instrumentation

   Jul 1990
— Jul 1993


GS Engineering

   Apr 2018
— Current

Installation of control panel marshalling panels and termination continuity and Megger test.
Insulation Resistance and Winding Resistance Testing of LV, MV motors.
Inspection of Ground Rod and Grounding cable, as per Engineering Specification.
Preparation of Electrical Inspection Reports. Test and CP system Pre-Commissioning Activities.
Inspection of Heat Tracing panel Installation, PT, RTD Junction Box Installation and Heat tracing cable laying and meggaring.
 Witness for Pre-commissioning of motor Solo Run activities.
 Prepare the Motor Solo Run Test Package.
 Witness of Motor Solo Run Test.
 Provide enough feedback to QA/QC Manager on the day to day quality issues.
To supervise and carry out effective implementation of work schedule to clear punch list.
 Electrical cable tray installation.
 LV, MV Cable installation.
 LV, MV and HV switchgear installation.
 Motor Control Center (MCC) installation.
 Single phase and three phase wiring and Interior & Exterior lighting fixture installation.
 Maintenance of HV & MV Distribution Transformers, like visual checking of transformer oil level, oil temperature, winding temperature & breather silica gel. If any abnormalities, rectify that.
 Testing the transformer oil Di electric strength by BDV test, if lesser value oil filtration will be carried out.
 Measuring of grounding values of the Earth pits with schedule and record the readings in the concerned register log. Applying petroleum jelly over the contact surface of the earth plate.
 Inspection for the Installation and commissioning of UPS and Battery chargers (AC & DC) along with the Client as per approved Procedure.
 Inspection for installation of Instrument junction boxes, Motor operated valves pressure & temperature transmitters, gauges and F & G system.
 Inspection for laying and testing of Fiber Optic Cable and Telecommunication system.
 Responsible for resolving quality related issues in site, as per the approved Procedures.
 Implementation of quality plan for this project, which include inspection, testing and proper documentation and ensure that all works complied with client/contractor issued (IFC) drawing, applicable standards and specification.
 Implementing coverage of proper installation, wiring and cable laying, cladding, termination, witnessing of insulation resistance test and hi pot test.
 Ensure that all related inspection and testing activities with regards to Environment, Health & Safety procedures and maintenance rules are respected.
 Monitor the performance of construction to ensure the respect of work standards and project specifications.

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