Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 4th October 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Turkish, Urdu


Enthusiasm, hardworking and ability to wok, if these are some of the attribute you are looking for in an employee than I believe that I will be able to meet your requirement. I completed my four year in the Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Eastern Mediterranean University (Turkey) and have theoretical skills in HV/MV/LV & EHV Electrical systems, Protection (relays) and Distribution.


Eastern Mediterranean University
Bachelor of Science: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

   Feb 2013
— Jan 2017


Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
Trainee Engineer

   Jun 2016
— Aug 2016

Worked as Internee in Tarbela Power Station. During training remained attached with Electrical Maintenance Engineering (Protection)-I, II, Operation Engineering-I, II, Switch yard Electrical-I, II, Protection & Instrumentation-1, SCADA Sections; training include Study and Practical work in the following fields:-

1) Detail study of Electrical System of Tarbela Power Station.

2) Detail study of Turbine and Governor System.

3) Detail study of Protection and Instrumentation System.

4) Detailed study/observation of electrical equipment and its related accessories.

5) SCADA System of Tarbela Power Station (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

Experience & Responsibilities

•Routine inspection of switch yard equipment’s. i.e. Air Blast & SF6 Gas Circuit breakers, Transformers & Lightning arresters.
•Visual inspection of C.T’s, P.T’s, Isolators & Bushings.
•Routine inspection of oil level of C.T’s, P.T’s, Power Transformers and Transformers.
•Routine inspection of Air pressure & SF6 Gas pressure of Breakers.
•Assigned Task of identifying all the equipment’s in switch yard.
•Have the command in Testing and Commissioning of Power station, including testing of protective devices and Transformers.
•Have the command on testing different types of relays like differential, over current and over voltage.
•Observed different types of tests like Megger, TTR, TF oil test , Short/Open circuit test, Magnetic current test , Heat run test , Phase sequence test , rpm test.
•Have the command to read and understand power station control and protection drawings.