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United Kingdom


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25 to 34

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Arabic, English, Hindi


An E & I professional 10+ years in abroad & 3 Months in India total 11 years of experience as a E&I QC Engineer / Inspector in various industries like Oil & Gas, Petroleum refining, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Offshore Drilling Etc. with global EPC contractor.
I have covered most aspects of a project life cycle from Project ASAP through to testing, punch listing, processing and updating QC documentation. Ability to manage, handle and supervise a team of skilled workforce. Due to excellent professional skill, Decision power and confidence I have ability to minimize the problems, convince our clients, achieve targets and troubleshoot the faults. Developed many innovative system and procedure to improve the reliability of the plant instrumentation, electrical& Telecommunication system. Familiar with all international standards like BSI, IEC, NEC, ANSI, API, NEMA, EAC-RoK Etc.

AtEx Certified E&I Engineer of Core Competence-JTL-UK and having experience in installation, inspection, pre-commissioning & Commissioning, Completion/Certification/ Turnover jobs of Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecom as involved in various projects. AtEx (Ex-01, Ex-02, Ex-03, Ex-04) installation inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment's in hazardous atmosphere (EEHA) - UK Based Training (Certificate Number: 17Ex014 and Valid up to 22th June 2023)


Applus+ Velosi
(Ex) QA/QC Engineer E&I

   Nov 2019
— Mar 2020

 Maintain effectively requirements of Quality Assurance Policy, Manual, Procedures, Quality Management System (QMS) and ITP for plant and monitoring its proper implementation and raising development requirements.
 Review Contractors' Quality Assurance Policy, Manual, Procedures and ITP for PWA Plants and monitoring its proper implementation and effective maintaining via contract requirements, with cooperation with Senior QA/QC Engineer.
 Responsible on establishment of required Quality Documents in PWA plant, with cooperation with Senior QA/QC Engineer.
 Monitoring & inspection of effected activities on production quality (productions are; maintenance services / TSE & Sludge) in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation fields, as per approved Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) or requisition basis in PWA Plant.
 Assessment for External Quality Audit and/or qualification of Manufacturer/Contractors/Vendors requisition basis.
 Periodically carry out Internal Quality Auditing the QMS at the all stages of PWA Plant.
 Marking any process variances compared to valid client/Asset Affairs Regulations, Standards, Procedures, Contractor Contract Terms, etc. and then raise Non Conformity.
 Report (NCR) and follow the case up to finalizing corrective/correction action in PWA plant.
 Cooperate for final resolution of Technical Query (TQ)/Concession Requests (CR) related to any Non conformities. (NCR) in STW plant with Senior QA/QC Engineer.
 Authorize to review test certificates for purchased or supplied materials in PWA Plant (MTC) and Authorized for releasing quality Certification: (Lab reports, and etc.)
 Adoption of standard Quality management techniques so that samples collected are properly identified, preserved and analyzed.

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