Senior Cost / Estimating / Project Controls Engineer

Last Updated: 29th December 2020 (about 1 year ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

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Arabic, English, French


Senior Cost & Estimating Engineer with 16 years of experience in cost engineering and cost
estimating, within Oil & Gas and renewable energy industries. Professionally accredited by
AACE International in cost control principles and techniques: budgeting, cost forecasting,
VOWD phasing, risk simulation, order of magnitude estimating, detailed estimating and
variance analysis. Skilled cost estimator, with a proven track record of achievements in
preparing estimates, challenging claims, and validating change proposals. Good data
science skills enabling efficient data pre-processing and development of regression models,
machine learning tools and Monte Carlo simulations. Strong experience in using cost
management software: EcoSys, Cleopatra, ACCE, PIMS and SAP. Oracle Certified
Specialist in planning and scheduling using Primavera P6 EPPM. Flexible with excellent
interpersonal, organizational, presentation, and writing skills.


Senior Estimating Engineer

   Feb 2018
— Aug 2019

Delivered cost estimating services to a California based startup company, specialized
in harnessing sunshine to produce steam instead of burning natural gas.
 Pioneered Cleopatra as the primary software for cost estimating, achieving an 80%-
time reduction and 100% replacement of Excel sheets.
 Developed a Class III estimate for Bakersfield project ($323m), by checking the input
data, preparing and costing material take-offs to meet the required accuracy level.
 Prepared a conceptual estimate for OXY project ($265m), based only on 2% project
definition level and using parametric models to produce a high-quality estimate.
 Completed a detailed estimate for a brownfield solar energy storage project ($8.2m), by
understanding the new technology and validating the input data with the R&D team.
 Delivered a bid estimate for a hot water project in Chile ($20m) by integrating: vendor
quotes, MTOs quantities & cost, schedule, and local market conditions.
 Designed and implemented GlassPoint’s first cost database from historical data
achieving 90%-time optimization in preparing estimates.
 Developed the budget for OXY FEED project ($4m) by liaising with Engineering and
Finance teams to determine budget hours, third-party costs, and billable rates.
 Normalized actual cost performance data to set norms for future projects, develop
metrics and benchmark information, achieving the creation of GlassPoint’s KPIs.
 Designed several cost breakdown structures (WBS, CBS, RBS), to aid efficient cost
estimating, budgeting, and cost control during projects.
 Budgeted $24m for an operating & maintenance program, by defining preventive and
major maintenance schedules with required spare parts and labor costs.
 Prepared a claim package for Mekenu cyclone damages ($9m), by evaluating
material damages, additional construction works, and the extension of time impact.
 Created the change management procedure for identifying, resolving, reporting, and
administering changes to enable successful management of the work effort.

Senior Cost Engineer

   Aug 2016
— Feb 2018

• Lead cost control for a mega 1.2 billion EPC project executed by Tecnicas Reunidas delivering budgeting, variance analysis, and cost forecasting.
• Developed a cost database that integrated cost and schedule figures to improve data integrity and cut by 90% the number of pre-existing Excel files.
• Implemented a customizable cost reporting system based on the Project Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), achieving 80% time-saving in cost report preparation.
• Developed a cost performance management system to track VOWD against baseline budget, to forecast final cost and highlight early budget variances.
• Estimated 59 change orders with a total value of 46 million USD, by analyzing BOQs, equipment specifications and drawings, achieving an average 50% cost reduction.
• Analysed procurement workflow and developed a tool that automated price checking, increasing the number of processed shipments from a weekly average of 10 to 50.
• Use Primavera P6 as the primary software to update and monitor the progress of construction activities and extract data to maintain cost database.
• Analyse schedule and cost trends by an efficient cooperation with the planning team to maintain project baseline and develop staffing requirements.
• Performed Quantitative Risk Analysis of project risks using Monte Carlo to produce a more accurate contingency amount with a confidence level of 90%.
• Liaise with the Finance team to prepare budgets, cost phasing, accruals and cash flow forecasts.
• Validate vendor invoices by approving progress measurement against physical works, and post approved invoices in SAP.

In Salah Gas (British Petroleum / Statoil)
Cost Control Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Aug 2016

• Delivered cost control for a mega 2.7 billion USD project awarded to Petrofac, to build a new gas plant, a Brownfield plant extension and 300 Km of pipelines.
• Ensure regular cost monitoring and forecasting, through earned value management techniques, to highlight variances from the baseline.
• Led a team of six auditors during the estimation of a 561 million USD Standby claim, achieving 50% reduction of the original amount.
• Presented audit results to the company's executive management along with settlement strategies and obtained approval to start negotiations with the contractor.
• Provided cost support during negotiations with Petrofac to settle a Standby claim achieving a cost reduction from 561 to 235 million USD.
• Designed an Excel audit tool during the claim assessment automating the verification of hundreds of documents, reducing the required time from 10 days to two hours.
• Assessed a loss of productivity claim due to site access restrictions, using statistical analysis to achieve 33% cost reduction.

Cost Estimating Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Sep 2017

• Reviewed a major 114 M.USD claim for In Amenas project awarded to KBR and JGC joint venture, supporting the company to win the case in the arbitration court.
• Implemented a pipeline estimating Excel tool linked to a cost database, achieving a 60% time reduction in preparing Trunk lines and Export lines cost estimates.
• Reviewed a cost estimate for the El-Merk project (three billion USD), by evaluating the “Basis Of Estimate” (BOE) document, design, cost, planning, and risk basis.
• Validated a cost estimate for the Gassi Touil LNG project (one billion USD), using cost metrics, benchmark ratios from past projects and quick check estimates.
• Prepared a conceptual cost estimate, for the second boosting phase of the Hassi R`Mel field (300 million USD), using factors method (Hand).
• Maintained a cost database using historical data, after data collection and normalization for time and location.
• Reviewed contingencies, duties, payroll tax, escalation, and currency exchange rate allowances included in the estimates.

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