Drilling Supervisor

Last Updated: 24th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English


Responsible for all drilling and other well operations at the rig site. Understands objectives of the well construction operation and takes actions required to accomplish the objective. Responsible for all rig operations and reporting and protects the health and safety of employees, contractors, and the general public from harm resulting from operations. Protects the environment from damage resulting from operations. Coordinates work of product services lines and subcontractors including rig contractor to meet engineered well design.
Supervises day-to-day field operations at the rig site. Responsible for move-in and rig up of drilling rigs. Directs drilling processes such as drilling, circulating, running casing, cementing, well logging, and formation testing. Directs rig-down and move out of drilling equipment. Manages field drilling operations to accomplish specified drilling objectives within agreed-on time and cost objectives.


Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering
Petroleum Engineering

   Sep 2003
— Jul 2008


Belayim Petroleum Company (PETROBEL)
Drilling and Completion Supervisor

   Sep 2008
— Current

 Direct & control all activities related to drilling & workover operations carried out by service companies &
 Follow up HSE Regulations & company policy.
 Initiate emergency drills & exercises on weekly basis on the rig.
 Direct & supervise the implementation of drilling & workover program, propose & execute amendments
to approved programs according to changing operational parameters.
 Discuss proposed changes to approved programs with superintendent to improve drilling operation.
 Reporting daily drilling report.
 Monitor company materials & equipment supply & prepare a daily update of materials sheet.
 Prepare & update Time look ahead for every phase to allow for better service companies crews handling
& equipment needed call-off.
 Prepare a daily game plan ahead for the forthcoming operations.
 Conduct daily meeting with all key persons to outline daily objectives, safety issues, and precautions for
operations, materials needed, identifying possible hazards and mitigation plan for unscheduled events.
 Perform planned inspection & self-auditing on rig equipments to ensure equipments are properly
maintained, testing rigs & accepting same according to API standards.
 Hold Pre-spud safety meeting before spudding on new wells.
 Prepare Shallow Gas Kick mitigation plan.
 Check & test all well control equipment before spud.
 Analyzing offset wells data to enhance learning curve and avoid repeated problems.
 Check & revise Casing design, Casing setting depth & discuss same with drilling engineer.
 Design Hydraulics, determine Optimum Flow rates for each hole size.
 Apply all hole cleaning best practices while drilling.
 Design and Execute Cementing / Centralization Programs.
 Design a mitigation plan for possible drilling hazards like well control issues, stuck pipe, Loss of
Circulation, Well bore stability related factors.
 Optimize drilling parameters within operational limits achieving optimum hole cleaning without
jeopardizing rate of penetration (ROP) and direction plan. .
 Monitor Direction Plan and evaluate its integrity.
 Prepare a checklist for all jobs i.e. running casing, Fishing, Well head work… Etc.
 Design and Execute Cement Plug Programs for both verticals and Horizontal wells.
 Optimize Mud Rheology for optimum hole cleaning.
 Defining maximum over pull, critical buckling, critical rotary speed and Kick tolerance for each hole.
 Selecting optimum shale shaker screens for optimum cut out point.
 Monitor all hole cleaning factors (Torque and drag, Equivalent circulating density "ECD" trends, recovered
cutting versus drilled meters, amount, size and shape of cutting on shale shaker).
 Directs & supervise coring operation& help setting coring parameters to successfully obtain a core &
avoid core jamming.
 Check and approve service companies job tickets.