Electrical Senior Expert

Last Updated: 21st November 2017 (over 5 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French


Ensure health and safety rules according to Group standards.
 Visibly promote a positive SHEQ culture and incorporate the current and future requirements for these into all activities.
 Provide SME input to AS&R strategies and tactics to improve plant and equipment performance.
 Continual improvement strategies and initiatives for electrical integrity / maintenance arising from best practice monitoring, annual AS&R Roadmap Assessments, assurance activities, investigations and work management processes - performance feedback, A&I and DE (Coordinating Authority).
 Monitor and review operational performance in electrical integrity / maintenance across Group-wide operations
 Socialise the standards/ guidelines and specifications for electrical integrity / maintenance. Improve and drive for integrated assessment processes (e.g. eSIMMS). Provide SME input into the design of assets to ensure optimal maintainability
 Build operational competence for electrical integrity / maintenance by:
 Providing high level advice, support and coaching
 Developing and making available best practice processes, templates etc. aligned to AAOM
 Development and delivery of training
 Support the AS&R Heads of Commodity establish appropriate QA/QC requirements for outsourced work in electrical integrity / maintenance to manage the risk of unreliability
 Support reviews coordinated by the AS&R Head of Commodity (e.g. Assurance, ORM, Projects, SIB etc.) to ensure risk is mitigated and control measures are identified, planned and scheduled for interventions
 Support operations to investigate and close any gaps in electrical integrity / maintenance identified in reviews or the annual Roadmap assessment and to incorporate these into Asset Management Plans.
 Support gap analysis and identification/ validation of opportunities and development of plans to close gaps.
 Provide direct support to implement the plan as per an agreed schedule.
 Support resolution of highly complex critical /persistent electrical integrity / maintenance / reliability issues
 Support electrical integrity / maintenance value identification and knowledge sharing across the Group.
 Support development of integrated systems and training to effectively implement and sustain performance in electrical integrity / maintenance.
 Evaluate and advise on the skills status, skills development and resourcing at BU sites with respect to electrical integrity / maintenance.
 Support risk studies & significant projects.
 Provide technical evaluation & due diligence – projects, M&S, Investment Proposals etc.
 Technical support of cement plants of Lafarge in Africa & Middle East.
 Preparing training courses for electrical engineers and Technicians.
 Trainer of trainees in the plants of Lafarge in Africa & Middle East.
 Prepare and analysis the upgrade projects of cement plants of Lafarge in Africa & Middle East.
 Manage the projects of fire alarm and fire fighting in the cement plants in the region of Africa & Middle East.

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