mechanical engineer ( operation and maintenance)

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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French, German


Highly experienced, energetic and results oriented Engineer with wide experience in the field of erection, commissioning and maintenance of major mechanical equipment with various multinational companies at several heavy industries projects.
*Team building and leadership.
*Power Plants maintenance Static Equipment (boiler & Heat-exchanger & Valves).
*Power plants erection and commissioning.
*Machinery malfunctions trouble_ shooting and fault rectification.
*Rotating machinery alignment and commissioning Follow up.


Suez Canal University
mechanical power engineer

   Sep 1996
— May 2001

Suez Canal University , Faculty of Engineering ,
Awarded the B.SC in Mechanical Power Engineering.


East Delta Electricity Production company, Abu-Sultan Thermal Power Plant:
mechanical engineer ( turbine engineer)

   Oct 2012
— Current

As mechanical engineer Reporting to the mechanical maintenance manager, in charge of the maintenance of all sorts of static Equipment and also rotating machines ranging from small sized valves to steam and gas turbines for Abu-Sultan Power Plant (4X150 MW).

Key contribution and missions

 Performing the annual and routine maintenance Program of boiler ( 1000 ton/h & 126bar &510 C) pressure parts
 Performing the annual and routine maintenance Program of Auxiliary boiler (20 bar)
 Maintenance of the valves at the plant Natural gas pressure reduction station (including pressure regulating valve, Slam Shutoff valves, Safety valves, control valves)
 Execution of partial turbine overhaul (150 MW) at Abu-Sultan Power Plant (including bearing pads replacement and Alignment check){GE}.
 Performing overhaul for circulating water pump.
 Performing overhaul for high and low pressure mazout Pumps
 Replacement of the bearings and alignment of condensate extraction pump.
 Replacement of the mechanical seal of the feed water pump (4 MW, 6 stage){Byron Jackson and KSB}.
 Replacement of the drive motor and gearbox of the feed water pump and performing alignment (4 MW, 6 stage).
 Replacement of the motor bearings for cooling water pumps and performing alignment.
 Execution of the repair of all types of valves available at the plant (gate, globe, Check, butterfly and ball valves), including sizes ranging from 0.25” to 24” {Dresser , Roforg , Cops Vulcan,)
 Execution of annual overhaul for burners, and welding of expansion joints during the annual outage of the plant
 Repair and maintenance of the two Desalination units at the plant (60m3/h) {Weir-entrope}
 Maintenance, overhaul and troubleshooting of the eight reciprocating air compressors at the plant one stage and two stages. (Joy)
 Test, repair and inspection of the safety valves
 Performing Lubrication and greasing chart for all equipment
 Performing off line vibration monitoring for rotating equipment
 Performing thermo-graph capture for all valves (passing check)
 Performing overhaul for circulating water pump filtration system (band screen {Bracket Green} )
 Offer analysis for spare parts purchase order
 Perform Non Destructive test For welding (Penetration test, Magnetic test)

operation Engineer

   Sep 2006
— Oct 2012

* Start-up, Shut down & Safe Operation for Main Boiler
(Foster Wheeler) 1200 t/h, natural gas & heavy fuel oil fired and
Its axillaries.
* Start-up, Shut down & Safe Operation for Main Turbine
(Toshiba) And its auxiliaries.
* Start-up, Shut down & Safe Operation for the auxiliaries
Including :Gas Turbine 15 MW black start TUMA TURBOMACH.

Desalination unit 2*58 t/h multi effect system WEIR ENTROPIE.
Water Treatment 2 mixed bed 50 t/h METITO.
Auxiliary Boiler 50 t/h, 16 bar DEUTCHE BABCOCK.

* Start up and shut down de-localized equipment-
Perform periodical test- Operate the unit in disturbed situation
(Incident or accident)- Participate to the fire- fighting team- Perform locking and outage activity (Locking, Normalize, Requalification of systems and Commissioning).
Activities under SCE supervision.
Actions to be carried out on site; Collect data, Analyze equipment behavior, Check line-up and availability of stand by equipments.
Analyze periodical data collected on logbook and periodical test-
Perform necessary checks before equipment start up for detected defect, issue an accurate and argued MP2i Work Request have an accurate use of MP2i to manage work request with maintenance
Record and write all necessary information (logbook, TOI, WR…)
Participate to the briefing and de-briefing
Perform shift change-over to insure continuity of operation activities
Contribute and take into account feed- back experience
Be involved in outage (preparation and realization)
Support maintenance for expertise and defect following
Collect metering data (electrical, gas, fuel)… monthly, daily.
OJT (on job training in field,simulator and training center)for new engineers.

* East Delta Electricity Production company, Abu-Sultan Thermal Power Plant
mechanical engineer

   Jan 2002
— Sep 2006

as an operation and maintenance engineer on Field and DCS at the control room of the plant.
My mission is keeping equipments working in correct mode and find the troubles and solve it and implement safety rules.

* I work on many systems
- Pumps and fans from different kinds.
- High Speed Generators and high and low voltage transformers.
- Steam turbines and boilers.
- Oil storage tanks and transfer systems with tracing lines and Steam heaters.
- Gas pressure reduction systems with different pressures.
- Electrical switchgear with different voltages and types.
- Many fire- fighting systems.
- Emergency gas turbine unit 9 Mw.
- Emergency diesel unit 0.5 Mw.
-Light maintenance.

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